Sunday, June 8, 2014

When It Comes to Women, Asians Don't Stand a Chance Against White Guys

NOWAG - No One Wants Asian Guys.

If Elliot Rodger had been my son I would have sent him to grow up in the Philippines. Being 5'6" is acceptable there, since most of the women are five-feet tall. He might have even been popular, being a half-breed (I had a Filipina tell me he would have been popular). Over there, almost all the entertainers are mixed white/Filipina. If I had a daughter, she could stay here, since she could marry a white guy. An Asian guy with a white woman? He'd have to sell his soul.

When it comes to women, Asian men don't stand a chance. White women don't want them. Asian women don't want them if they can get white guys. Rodger went nuts, one reason being his unpopularity with women.

Look at Seung-Hui Cho, the Korean shooter who murdered 32 people. Short, unattractive, a virgin, never even kissed a girl, no hope, with the Korean four-inch dick. He would had it much better in Korea.

"Multiculturalism" is a horror. We're going to see more of these rejected, humiliated losers going psycho. It's revenge. But to them, justice and self-defense.


The Anti-Gnostic said...

I'm reminded of the shooting of Sammy Yatim in Toronto last year. Yatim was a scrawny Syrian kid who gravitated to hip-hop culture and gets on a bus, exposing himself and wielding a knife. How else is this going to end? Some guido Toronto cop shoots him dead.

You know how the five-foot tall Aztecs deal with this? They don't! They have their whole Aztec community here, so they can sire their kids with some mamacita, have her apply for welfare, and everybody's happy as pigs in swill.

Yep, this will all end well.

James said...

The Tower of Babel story is another myth in your sense of the word, in that it shows a universal truth. When God changed their language, their culture, their physical being, the different people could not stand each other and moved apart, and did not cooperate with each other.

Modern Neuroscience also is showing that when a black person views a white person on the street, or vice versa, the amygdala processes great fear. Our brains are racissssss!

I just find it funny, that almost every race thinks they deserve White girls or White guys, and when they find the majority case is that the majority of whites fuck and marry whites, they cry racism. If multi-culturalism was so great, then other cultures would spend more time enjoying the great aspects of their own culture, rather than envying and trying to destroy aspects of white culture.

Fact is racism will never end, not from any culture. (What's funny is Chinese people, Indian people, Black people, etc. all have pulled me aside and told me their culture's derogatory word for people of other races. This mostly happens when they are drunk). These are the same people who call whites racist when sober. In fact I have a feeling multiculturalism breeds more racism, more contempt for different colored neighbors in this wonderful melting pot.

Anonymous said...

"In fact I have a feeling multiculturalism breeds more racism, more contempt for different colored neighbors in this wonderful melting pot."

That's a's only those that are in self denial that won't admit it to themselves.

Multiculturalism causes distrust and anti-cohesiveness in society.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "Asian micropenis", I was informed by a Korean girl, "Little dicks are cute." Makes sense, seeing as Asian women LOVE cute, little things. Toy breed dogs, kittens, hatchbacks, tangerines.

Ironically enough, this was post-coital banter. I will spare the Treehouse the explicit details, only to say that what she experienced that day, her future Korean husband will be unlikely to be able to give her.

But hey, that's why the Japs founded Hitachi.

Unknown said...

And that is why Asian women prefer white guys. Then there is the fact we're white. Women of other races ...couldn't get rid of them. Why? Because I had white skin. Improve their babies.

outsider said...

So is the reason that Asian guys dont get with black chicks that the latter dont want the former or vice versa. Of course their offspring migt resemble the Nav'i, or maybe form a happy compromise.

Unknown said...

No one wants black women or Asian men, and they don't want each other.

Ecgbert said...

I'm not making much of Elliot Rodger's race. He was exotically handsome. Being slight as many Oriental men are is only a small disadvantage. (Hell, learn karate, if just to boost confidence.) I know you don't like game (as in PUAs, and they aren't perfect) but I'm with Roissy on this one. Had he been mentally healthy, and willing to cooperate and learn, a smidge of game (social skills, assertiveness) would have overcome that problem, even in blond surfer California.

I don't know which came first, the bad family (broken home, dad who makes creepy movies, and stepmother who didn't want Elliot) or the mental illness (whether or not the bad family caused the illness, they sure didn't help), but those were his real problems, not being half-Chinese.