Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polygamous Societies Bring Crime, Violence and Poverty

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”- Guatama Buddha

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" - Proverbs 23:7

I've had people tell me polygamy is coming to the U.S. and sooner or later will be made legal. Supposedly women are "hypergamous" and want "Alphas" and hate "Betas" and would rather share an "Alpha" than even touch a "Beta." And because of this, the top 20% of men (or whatever percentage) would get all the women, leaving nothing for the dopes. To that, too: nope. Additionally,supposedly all women are involuntarily attracted to the richest, best-looking men. Again, nope.

Only the young and inexperienced believe life is that simple.

Many people lack critical and analytic ability and since they lack them, they are reduced to imitating other people's ideas, for good or bad. Those ideas get inside their heads and then they can't get them out. They really believe they're true. As you think, so you become.

I realized long ago (like when I was 21) polygamous societies would be catastrophes and could only be enforced by the power of the State, because they are not natural. People have an instinct for monogamy (some races more than others, apparently - the successful ones are monogamous).

When you look at polygamous societies - say Africa or the Islamic Middle East - where polygamy is institutionalized - would you want to live there? Of course not. Even many of the inhabitants don't want to live there - that's why half the world wants to move to the U.S.

Researcher have found that polygamous marriage in a culture leads to higher levels of crime, violence, poverty, and gender inequality. It's because the intrasexual competition for wives. Monogamy creates far fewer social problems than polygamy.

Concerning studies of monogamous and polygamous cultures: "Our goal was to understand why monogamous marriage has become standard in most developed nations in recent centuries, when most recorded cultures have practiced polygyny," says UBC Prof. Joseph Henrich, a cultural anthropologist, referring to the form of polygamy that permits multiple wives, which continues to be practiced in some parts of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

"The emergence of monogamous marriage is also puzzling for some as the very people who most benefit from polygyny -- wealthy, powerful men -- were best positioned to reject it," says Henrich, lead author of the study that was recently published in the journal "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society." "Our findings suggest that that institutionalized monogamous marriage provides greater net benefits for society at large by reducing social problems that are inherent in polygynous societies."

The most comprehensive studies have found significantly higher levels of rape, kidnapping, murder, assault, robbery and fraud in polygynous cultures. These crimes are caused primarily by pools of unmarried men, which result when other men take multiple wives. These studies have also found monogamous marriage also results in significant improvements in child welfare, including lower rates of child neglect, abuse, accidental death, homicide and intra-household conflict.

To me these things are just common sense. Yet apparently for some, it's not. For some, it's thinking outside the box to understand these things.

Here's something else that comes from thinking outside the box: polyandry is one woman with more than one man. That, in many cases, is what we have today. Many women marry the State (one "man") and then marry an actual, corporeal man (and sometimes engage in serial monogamy). This happens because of the interference of the State, just as polygamy only happens because of the interference of the State in society.

So even if women want "Alphas" (who are cuckolds but can't seem to figure it out) they still marry the State through Affirmative Action ("White Men Need Not Apply") and various forms of welfare. So polygamy is not coming - we already have a form of polyandry that is enshrined in law. Many cannot see this because they have the wrong ideas in their heads and cannot get around them.

We can see the effects of polyandry - deluded single mothers who believe they can make it on their own, their children who turn into "failure to launch" adults, the destruction of I need to go on? The problems are obvious and everyone know what they are. They are about the same as exist in polygamous cultures. And again, both polygamy and polyandry only exist when the State interferes in society and the relationships between men and women. And the results, of course, are catastrophes.

Perhaps what we really have is a depressing combination of monogamy, polygamy and polyandry...the future is going to be interesting indeed.


Cugel said...

You can add homosexual behavior to that list of social ills caused by polygyny. All the Koranic strictures in the book don't stop it in places like Afghanistan.

Unknown said...

I swear, I was watching some video from an attack helicopter in either Afghanistan or Iraq and these three guys were taking turns screwing a sheep. I guess we could add that, too.

Anonymous said...

There have been a growing number of stories of life in polygamous Mormon communities. They feature a lot of public righteousness and private rot. Those who escape have stories to tell that are incredible for American citizens.

Unknown said...

What happened in one polygamous Mormon community is that 16-year-old boys were kicked out and cast adrift because they would have been competition for young women.

Glen Filthie said...

That is why they end up screwing goats I guess, Bob.

These same cultures that go for polygamy are also big into female infanticide. China is in that boat right now: because males are more valuable to the traditional family unit the females are either aborted or left out to die of exposure. It is estimated that in another decade there won't be enough females to go around... and when that comes about I suppose mass faggotry and animal husbandry will take a huge upswing in China.

At least the arabs hang gays, pedos and pervs...

Unknown said...

I forgot about the female infanticide. Yeah, China is big on that one.

Anonymous said...

@Bob Wallace

What do you think of this guy's proposition?

Unknown said...

I'll have to think about that one a long time.

Unknown said...

Bob, your exposé about polygamy is brilliant, showing this practice for what it is...a very bad strategy for society building and maintenance, however, you have to be deluded (greatly) to ignore the fact that women ALWAYS prefer to share a successful man rather than stay with average Joe. I understand that your have your disagreements with pick up artist and the like but your society is one fucked up example of what happens after Christianity and its moral trappings are gone: men and women (more so women), start acting on their impulses and it's not pretty.

Polygamy is more natural than monogamy because monogamy REQUIRES civilization to be maintained (and religious and cultural mores) however polygamy is just the rule of the fittest/handsomest/strongest/wealthiest men. Of course this state of nature is not pretty and all the catastrophes that have befallen to the societies that practice it are just a proof that instincts are not always better and that there was a reason they had to be restrained.

Unknown said...

It's restrained by civilization...because in a state of nature, "omegas" will slaughter "alphas." Google Charles Guiteau, for one; Seung-Hui Cho for another.

Not all women choose the fittest/strongest/handsomest/wealthiest men. They choose what they like. I've seen ones who like slender men, chubby men, smart men, funny men, and "unusual"-looking men.

I fit the funny, smart, unusual-looking ones, and if polygamy was legal...I could have had perhaps 12 wives, starting at 16.

Héctor said...

Ok Bob, not all women almost all (>80%) desireable women go for a man who is in her eyes (and in her social circle eyes) either the fittest/strongest/handsomest/wealthiest men and this combinations do not exclude the edgy outsider/outlaw that causes displeasures in her social circle.