Friday, January 17, 2014

The Dumbest Smart Woman I Ever Met

I've met some pretty awful women (and some pretty awful guys, too).

Some I expected to be awful: fat, stupid, ugly, minimum-wage job, not-married/divorced, a kid or two, on welfare to supplement their nowhere job. They're losers, and people expect them to be losers.

But the worst one I ever met was intelligent and has an MA. But there were things about her that screamed STAY AWAY!!

One: psychiatric medication for bipolar disorder. Stay away from any woman on psychiatric medication. They're crazy even on it, and the stuff can apparently interfere with forming romantic attachments. Apparently one-quarter on women are on them. (What goes along with this is being in "long-term therapy.")

Two: blamed all her problems on men. This means she was hostile, even if she covers it up at first. More than once I have heard, "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world."

Three: never married. Not when 21, but, say, at 35. By that time most of their eggs have shriveled up and it drives them crazy.

Four: thought men were supposed to support her career. She had no career. She had a make-work job she got through Affirmative Action.

Five: was involved with a younger man for six years (he was five years younger). That makes her a cougar or a MILF. (I knew one who was about 75 and wore a mini-skirt, which are from 1966.)

Six: Had a count of 20+

Seven: owned a cat. One is okay. More than one is not. Big dogs are not okay, either, which they have to protect them from imaginary rapists.

Eight: had an abortion.

Nine: went from being a cheerleader in high school (itself a bad sign) to weighing 200 pounds.

Ten: talks about sex way too fast. Like with the first hour she meets you.

Women such as these don't know there is all that much wrong with them. They rationalize like crazy.

Believe it or not, I have empathy for women like this. Sadly, they never have any empathy for men.

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MarkoR said...

Been there, seen that.