Monday, January 13, 2014

"No Woman is Unable to Find a Man"

My, how things have changed. My father, who never got above 5'6" and 135 pounds, was very popular with women. He even told me he had a Little Black Book. I have never seen one in my life. Of course, he was very good-looking and looked a bit like Sean Connery. Still...he was 5'6". He was born a while the early '30s.

My sister worked for one of my father's friends, who I didn't think was a good-looking guy, but she told me when he got married the women left behind cried at his wedding.

It ain't like that anymore. Why? I'm not sure. But I met an awful lot of guys in college who just sat in their rooms, alone, on the weekends. Because there was nobody for them. And they could act like "Alphas" all they wanted and it didn't do a damn bit of good. Because of what I've seen, I've decided it's women who have the problem...not men.

(By the way, I've been "cocky-funny" since I was 12. 20% of women love me...the other 80% ignore me, or are indifferent to me, or try to do me in. The stories I could tell.)

I do know this: revenge is coming. Rejected, alone, not respected, not appreciated, seen as a "creep" and not allowed to be a protector or a provider and when you try it is thrown in your face...revenge is coming. It's a train a long time arriving, but arrive it will.

When people are disrespected, insulted, ostracized and humiliated, you can bet the bank they'll get revenge, which is an attempt to replace shame with pride.

This article was written by the author of the Black Pill blog.

"When I talk about how no woman wants me there will be a chorus who say, 'There are women who have the same problem.' Yet they can never produce an example of a 32-year-old involuntary virgin woman, much less one who has had men do to her what women have done to me. Many men like myself can’t get a woman to piss on us if we were on fire. However, no woman is in that situation. Every woman is able to find a man and does unless she chooses to be alone. And now I have proof.

"At "In Mala Fide" I found out Donna Simpson, an insane cunt who wants to weigh over 1000 pounds. She currently weighs somewhere between 600 and 700 pounds. You would think that such a morbidly obese woman would have a lot of trouble finding a man. Nope. She is married and has two kids. Her current marriage is to her second husband. Consider how many decent, hard working, smart, at least average if not better than average looking men can’t get a woman. Yet this woman is able to find men, at least two of them and reproduce. On top of that she has a website where men pay money to see pictures of her. Anytime someone tells you that women have as hard of a time in finding men as 80% of men have in finding women, THEY ARE LIARS. Donna Simpson proves these liars are all full of shit.

"Knowing that no matter what a woman can find multiple men interested in her, that explains the extreme and criminal behavior of women towards me and other inexperienced men. Women believe that men are able to be superpromiscuous because they can be. That’s not true for at least 80% of men. In other words because of female projection women don’t really see 80% of men out there. Those of us in that 80% of men are not really human in women’s minds. Thus it’s easy for women to think we should be purged as those of us who have had experience with the sexual harassment industry, the false rape industry etc. We haven’t done anything but exist. I found this on another blog which explains it well (quoted below).

"[Chuck: Exactly. As I wrote, a man that was once considered a 'loser' is also now a 'creep'. A loser is a guy that just exists by himself - doesn't harm a soul. Women now call those same guy's creeps because *merely existing as a socially awkward guy is considered a direct attack*. I believe that it is the same phenomenon as with second-hand smoke or the domestic violence campaign where 'mental abuse' conducted at the hands of a man is nothing more than him simply disagreeing with her. No longer are men only harmful if they touch a woman unprovoked; they are also harmful by their mere existence.]

"This is another example of how no woman is unable to find a man and how it leads to the dehumanization of those who are hated by women."


Cul-De-Sac Hero said...

The first time someone tried to tell me that rape was about power and not sex, I protested.
"But, it has to be about power," I was told. "They could get sex at any time just by going out to a bar."
Women, even ugly ones, can just get sex. Getting sex is a passive action on their part. Let it be known that you desire sex and sooner or later, some man will step forward and offer it. But, the man has to step forward. He must be pro-active AND risk rejection. I think rapists are too unstable to get the guts to ask and/or too fragile to risk the damage to their ego caused by rejection.
This woman simply didn't understand that men don't have the option of just getting sex passively like women do. Men have to be judged on their character.

Anonymous said...

If our very existence is to be considered an attack, lets get our moneys worth.