Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Hogamous, Higamous"

"Hogamous, Higamous, Man is Polygamous, Higamous, Hogamous, Woman is Monagamous."

I first head this quote attributed to William James when I was a teenager, but it apparently it was written by Claire MacMurray in the article "Thankgiving Nightmare, the November 1939 "Cleveland Plain Dealer." It was about a dream had by a fictional Mrs. Amos Pinchot.

"She dreamed one night that she had written a poem so beautiful, so wise, so close to the ultimate truth of life that she was immediately acclaimed by all the peoples on the earth as the greatest poet and philosopher of all the ages. Still half asleep as the dream ended, she stumbled out of bed and scribbled the poem down, realizing that she must take no risk of forgetting such deathless lines. She awoke in the morning with the feeling that something wonderful was about to happen—oh, yes! Her poem.

"She clutched the precious paper and, tense with excitement, read the words she had written. Here they are:

"Hogamus Higamus

"Men are Polygamous

"Higamus Hogamus

Women Monogamous"

Yes, it is funny but when I read it (maybe 19) even then I doubted it was true, based on my time in high school (which was a most uncivilized place, though not nearly as bad as middle school).

Since then what I found is that once women (not all women of course but enough to cause trouble) got out from under the authority of mature men, some of them became wildly promiscuous.

They didn't go after "Alphas" but any guy they found attractive. It didn't have to do with LAMP (Athleticism, Money, Power, and Status). It didn't have anything to do with Evo-Psych.

It had only to do with any guy they found attractive. It was also to do with what Billy Joel wrote in "Only the Good Die Young": "...sooner or later it comes down to fate/I might as well be the one."

In college an older friend of mine told me two things: "Once a woman sets her sights on you, you can't get rid of her" and also, "Don't fuck anyone crazier than you are." Good advice on both counts, I have found.

With some 40 or so years of feminism, along with birth control and abortion (invented by men) the true, feral nature of many women had exposed itself...and it ain't, at times, such a pretty thing.

I consider civilization to be a hothouse flower, a fragile thin skin on top of a lot of not-so-good human nature. And when that flower starts to shrivel, we see the true animal nature of people.

We, obviously, we are starting to see right now.

I have said before men civilize women, not the other way around, since men essentially invented everything...including civilization.

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Hans Havermann said...

I'm curious why you call Mrs. Amos Pinchot "fictional".