Saturday, January 11, 2014

If 80% of Men are Unattractive to Women...

Vilfredo Pareto was the man who formulated the 80/20 Law. Twenty percent of cleaning will clean 80% of a room. Twenty percent of pea plants will produce 80% of peas. Things like that. And studies, over and over, have proven this law to hold.

I've read many times that most women think 80% of men are unattractive. If Pareto's Law holds, then this is true.

It makes me wonder if that is why marriage rates are going down. Right now slightly more than 50% of people are married. This means a precipitous drop in the number of children being born, which means the End of Society As We Know It.

I'm sure there are other things, such as the evaporation of high-paying blue-collar jobs since they are being off-shored, Affirmative Action keeping men out of decent jobs while letting in marginally competent (sometimes incompetent) women, but I wonder if women have too high of expectations toward men (did I really just write that nonsense?)

When I was in college, for the last year-and-a-half, I lived in a studio apartment attached to a houseful of girls. It was an eye-opener. There were 11 girls.

Two of the girls were really attractive and friendly to men. They were in fact the only two who really liked me. Most of the rest were attractive enough, and a couple were not very attractive at all.

One of the women verged on being beautiful and once mentioned to me seven guys had asked her out one weekend. The other had been an Ugly Ducking at 12 who bloomed into a very good-looking girl at 13. She told me she had no use for "handsome" men and preferred "unusual-looking" ones.

Except for the two very attractive ones, who were friendly to men, the rest weren't, not particularly. They seemed to have the attitude men were supposed to approach them out of the blue, while they showed no encouragement/interest at all. And all of them were starting to show hostility toward men.

Contrary to the delusions of the Manosphere, it wasn't the attractive women who were mean. It was the pudgy, thick-featured ones who thought they should get the most attractive guys - and couldn't.

I got the impression, even then, that most girls thought most of the men weren't good-looking enough for them, or funny enough, or interesting enough (two of the women became enraged at me and began to hate me because they thought I was those things but wasn't interested in them). Even though the women were none of those things.

(It probably took six times of women hating me for not being interested in them before I realized what the problem was. The women never figured it out. They rarely do.)

There were of course some guys who were popular with women. It had nothing to do with this "Alpha" nonsense so fervently and desperately believed in by those who are hopeless with women, who try to convince themselves they are "Alphas" when they are anything but. In every case, the very popular guys were very good-looking. That was it.

Even then, I could see problems arising in the future. Women with too high of expectations toward men, who didn't understand how to show interest/encourage men, who didn't think the men were good-looking enough, or funny enough, or interesting enough, while the small minority of good-looking guys had no problems with finding women.

There were some girls with "Girl Game." I remember one who seemed to be a natural, and my God did she clean up. I was one of them. She was of course attractive, but she hit on guys she thought were attractive, flirted with them, and she just mowed them down.

It this continues to hold, with most women thinking 80% of men aren't good enough for them, then the problems we have are only going to get worse.

We're going to end up with more hostile spinster with cats, gobbling down psychiatric medication, hostile to men and blaming all their problems on them And more lonely men, disrespected, unappreciated, and ignored by women, wondering what exactly went wrong, either blaming it on themselves - or on women.


Parker Bensen said...

I have noticed this phenomenon quite frequently also, and it is quite befuddling. "Plain Janes", uncharismatic women who place remarkably high tickets on themselves.

When I was younger and more susceptible to the word of pop psychology scribblings, I theorized that they were in fact lesbians who had not yet come to terms with the fact, and that perhaps lesbianism was much more prevalent than was once thought. How little I knew I was dumbly parroting a pet doctrine of the radfem movement.

The most reasonable deduction I can make is that the blame for "unamourous" women lies with the breakdown of the traditional family and the lack of role models. They never really witness a loving, pair-bonding parental relationship between a masculine man and a feminine woman where they learn how a healthy romantic partnership functions. What they most likely witness are emasculated and withdrawn fathers being barked at by masculinized butch women with chopped off hair, bodies like bikers and attitudes to match.

Zvika Plantagenet said...

It takes more than "good looking", you pathetic imbecile. It's more important to be funny enough and interesting enough. I know a few short fat ugly guys who women love. By chance, just purely coincidentally, they're confident and outcome independent. Only one of the three (the shortest and fattest) is particularly funny. I'm taller and better looking than any of these guys, but when the shortest and fattest is in the room, I'm second fiddle, unless I say something funnier than him - it happens, I'm not always "on" like he is, but when I am I'm good. He throws me straight lines, he's a good guy. Likes everybody. Fanatically faithful to his wife, who treats him like shit because of it.

Women care much more about behavior than looks. He needs to set some boundaries with her. She's a sweetie at heart, just needs her husband to put her in her place sometimes. Like you, he's too dumb to listen. Unlike you, he's actually an ace with women -- except when he's invested, which is when it counts. Funny to see tall good looking women throw themselves at an ugly little fat guy who's SHOCKED when he realizes what's up, every damn time. I love that dude.

Everything Roissy says is true, and every experience you've had with women has confirmed it, but you're such a petty, jealous little bitch you pretend it ain't so.

Let me tell you something about men, since you aren't one: if you can't be a man about not coming in first, you're not a man at all, and everybody knows it.

Unknown said...

I'll tell you what I think of your idol Roissy. He was some "beta" schlub who had the love of his life leave him for some "Alpha bad boy" and he was devastated by it. That's why he's obsessed with convincing everyone he's an Alpha and getting revenge on women. I've seen it before, and if you want to see a famous example of it, read Casanova's memoirs. The love of his life left him for another man and he devoted his life to getting revenge on women...just like Roissy.

As for the fraud Vox Day, anyone who claims he is a Christian and supports the Satanic Dark Triad is no Christian at all.

Rum said...

Bob. Would you rather be lied to? Nevermind. We already know the answer.
There is nothing more corrosive of your ideology than the notion that real-life gina-tingles are not produced by virtue. Or that women are more turned on by evil than by Christian humility.
Lets be clear. If you started to understand this, you would be in a very uncomfortable place. That is, if you really wanted to 1. have sex with eager females 2. Be virtuous.
At the same time.
So, how to escape this dilemma?
Make up stories about Roissy.
Besides, R. is not anti-woman. His mission is to inspire men to give them more of what they most authentically want.

Retrenched said...

Saying that 80% of men are unattractive to ALL women is indeed an exaggeration, as is the common meme that 'alphas' get all the women while 'betas' get none whatsoever.

The fact remains, though, that most men are not attractive to most women most of the time the way that most women – pre-wall at least – are attractive to almost all straight men almost all of the time. Surveys show that women rate about 70-80% of men as being of below average attractiveness.

Men who aren't rich, famous or very handsome should expect a high failure rate when approaching bangably attractive women, as such women are going to get hit on by dozens, perhaps even hundreds of men a year, and they certainly can't date or sleep with all of them.

If this all sounds gloomy and doomy, remember that most 'successful' PUAs say they average around 10-20 approaches for every women they actually bed – which comes to about a 90-95% failure rate. But when Roosh gets rejected twelve times in a row and the 13th woman he hits on is a hot 23 year old who ends up spending the weekend at his apartment, do you think he gives a shit about his 92% failure rate? Probably not.

If you're an average man, most average women are never going to want you; however you'll almost certainly be able to find one of the outliers who do want you if you're willing to put in the work and take the risks.

Unknown said...

"Bob. Would you rather be lied to"

You might want to check Roissy's history from those who know him. They say he's a liar who goes from one long-term relationship to another.

This doesn't surprise me. I knew he was a liar and a fraud from the beginning. Ditto Vox Day and the greasy, unattractive Roosh....who I guarantee you has sex with fat girls and whores, just like every PUA I've met. Hot girls? Not the way he looks.

And yes, Roissy is anti-woman, contrary to his claims. All you have to do is watch his ridiculous attempts to post pictures of what he thinks are alphas (what he wants to be instead of the beta he is) society could survive based on what he believes.

And as for the word "virtue," it means "the powers of men," nothing more.

1234q1234q said...

From an objective stand point I found little wrong with your post. Thinking about it for women, only the 16 to 30 range are found attractive. Cut out the fatties, feminists, and the ugly in body or mind and you'll get about 20% or less.

Where you get the heat, is from those that base, or like to think that they base, their there life on a notch count. Saying that 80% of men are unattractive to woman is taken as a moral offense.

Those that read PUA sites are mostly not PUAs them selves. Reading that is an exercise in fantasy. With obesity where it is, most people are not fit. Being told that hurts, hence the attack.

Thinking back I have never seen interest, from a woman, in a guy less attractive then them. The only caveat to that is when they were after money/security.

Unknown said...

"Cut out the fatties, feminists, and the ugly in body or mind and you'll get about 20% or less."

That's what I have found, too. Only two of the 11 girls in that house were very attractive, and they liked me. The rest were attractive enough to get many guys, but sat there like bumps on a log, and so got almost no one.

The rest weren't so hot.

The problem is that some women - and there are enough of them to be noticeable - who think they should get a guy who is above their league. That's why I've had more than one woman start to hate me - because I wasn't interested in them. "Hell hath no fury like a women scorned."

They can get him to have sex with them, but that's it. Then they get outraged when they cannot get them to stay and so try to take it out on other, innocent men.

Anonymous said...

Bob, do you think the entertainment and fashion industries have something to do with this? You've probably seen the men who headline major films or appear on the covers of magazines. Unless one is a 21 y/o athlete or a Hollywood superstar with a good plastic surgeon, personal trainer, and personal chef, it's very hard to live up to those images. The average man doesn't have the money or time to look that way, but it could be that most women don't comprehend that.