Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Women Who Have No Respect for Themselves

"The less fortunate girls who grow up without a father figure in their lives often go into the adult world with a specific set of psychological wounds that can create some serious struggles in their lives: depression, promiscuity, failed relationships, addiction."

That quote above? I was one time involved with a woman like that - for about two weeks. On the surface they are funny and charming. What they are disguising are those four disturbed traits listed.

I'll say one thing about depression before I go any further: sometimes it doesn't mean feeling bad. It can mean feeling little or nothing. I was told that by a therapist I was interviewing when I was a newspaper reporter.

Now onward.

One of the delusions in some parts of the Manosphere is that "chicks dig jerks" and if you exhibit the Dark Triad they'll automatically, irresistibly be attracted to you.


I was raised in a pretty awful area (murders, rapes, suicides, fatal drug overdoses, a serial killer), and have met several of the kinds of women who get attached to "bad boys." I have never been impressed by them. Not once.

I also know what the Dark Triad means in real life and not theory, and it is something you want nothing to do with and instead should run away from as fast as you can. They are the conscienceless, the manipulators, the con-men, the liars, the thieves, the rapists, the murderers - those with fragmented, sometimes disintegrated, selves.

The closest researchers can describe these people is that they have many selves, and none of them are connected to the others. This is why they can murder and mutilate, then sit down to dinner and act totally normal ("He seemed like such a normal guy...I had no idea he was a rapist and a serial killer!")

The idea of many disconnected selves is not a new one: "So Jesus asked him, 'What is your name!' The man answered, 'My name is Mob - there are so many of us!'" (Sometimes "Legion" is used instead of "Mob" - and a Roman legion was 6000 men.)

When I first read as a teenager that episode about Jesus and the disturbed man I had no idea what it meant. I do now.

What these "I dig losers" women have in common is that they have no respect for themselves, and they are attracted to men who have no respect for themselves, either.

Like attracts like.

Most of the women I have met who are like this are drug addicts, whores, groupies, ex-cons.

I'll use one example I know very well. (How many examples am I supposed to use? Ten? I can do that.)

This woman does not want to work. She thinks she should be supported. She uses marijuana every day, and has for decades. She is a mooch, and a parasite - a vampire. She even mooches off her children, who she thinks should support her.

Every man she gets involved with is bottom of the barrel - drug addicts, ex-cons, welfare bums, thieves. Emotionally unstable bums. One is consistently getting arrested by the police, who told him, "We are going to arrest you until you leave the city and never come back."

These guys are not "Alphas." They are the true Omegas.

One theory is that women think their love can fix these men. I haven't seen that. I'm not saying it doesn't exist. I just haven't seen it.

I have seen rationalizations that these men possess talent, and if they used it they could make a good living. Perhaps. But they don't. In fact, they never do.

Every woman I've meet like this has come from a broken or dysfunctional family. It's got to the point with this particular woman she can no longer recognize a decent man when she meets one.

Some, perhaps most, of these women are drama queens. They find these guys exciting because they are always in trouble. It's their own private soap opera. That's a cheap form of excitement, and only shows these women are immature and emotionally shallow. It's as if they have little or no feelings and are trying to make themselves feel alive.

I've also never seen one with a high IQ. Their IQs have always been average or below-average.

When a woman's attraction to these Omegas is extreme, then it becomes a mental/emotional disorder known as Hybristophilia: "a paraphilia of the predatory type in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage,cheating, lying, known infidelities or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery."

The word "Hybristophilia" is derived a Greek word meaning "to commit an outrage against someone" and is related to the word "hubris," one meaning of which is to humiliate someone in public, which the Greeks considered so obscene they banned it from their theater.

I will say one thing more: the more marriages break up or fail to form, the more women like this will be created, because they have no decent, admirable fathers to look up to. They will end up short on normal feelings, which they try to achieve through drugs and drama. They have little insight into themselves or others. Let's say they lack emotional intelligence

As for those leftist men and women who think children can be raised by a mother without a father, they're lunatics.

It is, after all, far, far easier to sink than fly.


Anonymous said...

My experience with these women has been exactly as you describe. Plenty of girls out there with sexy exteriors and hollow cores. You bang enough of them and PUAs will call you "Alpha" when the truth is you'd have to be half-crazy already to consider letting them hang around past the first bang. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Came here to ask you a question which I think dovetails somewhat off what you wrote here:

A lot of PUAs with a poor understanding of evolutionary psychology seem to think that women are attracted to Dark Triad Alphas because their mating style offers some sort of evolutionary advantage. What's always left out of the discussion is the fact that for most of our history, women had little of the cultural, legal, and physical protections they enjoy now. Seems to me it's just as likely that women in the past were subjected to an overwhelming amount of sexual violence from dark triad sociopaths (NB Genghis Khan). If anything, dark triad is an terrible accident of our genetic history; hardly something we should aspire to. Curious as to what you think. It seems just as plausible an explanation as most of the other evolutionary pseudoscience currently being bandied about.

Anonymous said...

Another aspect of the evo psych explanation of women and dating that's troubling: if it weren't truly an evolutionary thing, wouldn't we see the same effect across all cultures? Yet, everything that I've read suggests that a preference for Dark Triad personality traits (if it even exists) is largely confined to Western culture. In fact, the biggest proponents of those pushing the dark triad thing are also the first to recommend relocating to Asia or Latin America to avoid this bias in women. This looks like a gaping hole in the evo psych discussion of game that so far no one has bothered to address.

patriarchal landmine said...

"I also know what the Dark Triad means in real life and not theory, and it is something you want nothing to do with and instead should run away from as fast as you can."

it bears repeating. PUAs aren't just playing russian roulette, they are jugging polish roulettes one after the other. (that or they're lying about their "conquests.")

Unknown said...

I think they are lying about their conquests, just like some guys in high school.

I have my doubts about evo-pysch, because there are multiple explanations for the same thing.

One mentioned Genghis Khan. He was as far as known the worst murderer, rapist and thief in history. The ultimate Dark Triad Bad Boy.

Women are going to be irresistibly drawn who a man who murdered his own brother over a fish, who made pyramids of thousands of skulls, carried off the women, murdered the men and enslaved the children? That's an evolutionary advantage? In what way?

I think the Dark Triad is explained by our inherent narcissism, and those who first studied it extensively in the 20th century were Heinz Kohut and Otto Kernberg.

Those in the Manosphere who support the Dark Triad have never heard of these men. I personally was introduced to these concepts by Richard Restak's "The Self Seekers," and was it an eye-opener.

The title of his book says it all: these Dark Triad types seek a self because they don't one - theirs is fragmented, sometimes completely disintegrated. Having met some of them, I have found them to be charming on top...and completely empty on the inside. A mask with nothing behind it.