Sunday, July 21, 2013

In a Nutshell

"...for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” - (I John 4:1)

Here are my conclusions, presented in as a short a form as I as I find possible.

The accepted definition of an Alpha is an almost clinical description of a narcissist/psychopath. Whoever came up with it is projecting his own desires to be worshiped - and be god-like.

The word "alpha" came from the study of wolves and means the parent couple that bred. The pack usually consisted of that couple and their offspring. Transfer that to humans and you get a patriarch and his family.

The commonly-accepted definition of an Alpha (narcissist/psychopath) has traditionally been known as a cad (I like the word "knave" myself), who is a man who lies to woman and tries to manipulate them so he can have sex with as many as possible.

The most well-known bloggers who truly believe in Alphas to Omegas and in the "social-sexual hierarchy" do not have children and families. One well-known blogger is married (or so he says), has no children, has left the United States for Italy, but seems to think he is qualified to speak on relationships in the U.S.

The reason this definition arose is because feminism is about abusing and degrading men and little else. This definition allows men to get away from women, become immune to their abuse, and degrade them so they can no longer be a threat to a man's self-esteem.

Those who are patriarchal try to live their lives according to the Four Cardinal Virtues of Courage (perseverance, fortitude), Justice (giving each his due), Prudence (choosing the best path among many) and Self-Control (not being impulsive). To be more precise, they try to follow all Seven Virtues, with the last three being, Faith, Hope, and Charity (or Love).

To achieve a patriarchal culture it is necessary to women to go along with it. It is in their best interest to do so, because women destroy everything in which they are involved, if too many women are involved.

Alphas/Cads/Narcissists lead their lives the opposite of the patriarchal: they exhibit the Seven Cardinal Sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. They lack courage, justice, prudence and self-control.

The Alpha/Narcissist/Cad fears he is cowardly and wimpy, is extraordinary sensitive to criticism (because it damages his weak, fragile self) and fears terribly being humiliated, so he disguises it with braggadocio. (I'll quote James Gilligan, who made the comment, "The most dangerous men on earth are those who are afraid they are wimps.”)

It is patriarchy that advances society and gives men and women the best possible life.

It is the Alpha/Narcissist/Cad who destroys and makes society go backward.

There are those who confuse true confidence in yourself (fortitude and perseverance) with the superficial, manipulative, false charm and false confidence of the conscienceless, loveless Alpha/Narcissist/Cad.

The Greeks believed you achieved eudaimonia (flourishing/well-being) in life through arete, or excellence. You get that excellence through the application of the Seven Cardinal Virtues ("virtue" means "the powers of man"). You do not get it through living a life based on the Seven Cardinal Sins (and "sin" means "missing the mark").

Of course it not either a Cad or a Patriarch. It is a continuum. The more toward the Dark Side, the more everything goes backward. The more toward the Light Side, the better everything gets.


Anonymous said...

In a nutshell, you are 110% correct.

Didact said...

Bob, I must disagree here. Almost completely.

Minor point first- Vox Day is married and has at least one, and possibly three, children. He is quite thoroughly qualified to comment on the ALpha-Omega dichotomy, not least because, as he himself says, he is neither but is instead a Sigma.

Several of the best-known commentators on this subject are not only married, but are happily raising children. Ian Ironwood, Dalrock, Athol Kay, and Susan Walsh all have families.

Furthermore, your assertion that Alpha/Narcissist/Cad types are inimical towards civilisation just doesn't hold water when looking at the historical record. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Emperor Constantine, Genghis Khan Chin Shi Huangdi, the Emperor Meiji- all of these men were narcissists, cads, and undisputed Alpha males. All of them created empires forged in blood and iron. All of them left great civilisations behind them. And all of them are remembered as great men for precisely these reasons.

I do not believe that Alpha maleness is incompatible with patriarchical values. It is entirely possible to have strong, authoritative male figures who lead society and who also exhibit narcissistic tendencies, as long as they also exhibit strong leadership qualities and work to enrich themselves and those they care about. This, after all, is the entire founding basis for a free market economy, an economic system that works best when men of great ability are left alone to do what they do best in the absence of intervention motivated by greed or envy. In this, I think we agree- feminism is nothing short of greed and envy writ large.

Unknown said...

Day is an envious narcissist whose obsession with John Szazi is because Scalzi is far more successful than Day will ever be, which is why Day devalues him so much and wishes to destroy him. He apparently has no understanding whatsoever of what narcissism and psychopathy really are. For all matter, all narcissists are motivated by greed and envy.

He is also clearly a short man who lifts weights because he has the Little Man Complex.

As for the men you mentioned...unbelievable. The number of people murdered by Khan today would translate to over five hundred million. He left nothing behind him but death and destruction. The same applies to most of the rest.

Narcissists suffer from fragmented selves. People who are whole do not. And as I mentioned, true confidence is not the same as the false confidence (which immediately collapses when confronted) of the narcissist.

The vast majority of politicians today are narcissists and perhaps psychopaths. It's clear what they have done to the U.S.

Men who follow the cult beliefs of Day, Roissy, Roosh, Krauser are looking to poison their souls. In the long run they will find that out.

Vae Victus said...

Vox has 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls. He is taller than 5'9".
And Vox created this whole "alpha-beta-gamma-delta-omega-sigma" thing based on his experiences.

Other those facts, I agree with you. Vox is a narcissist and an asshole. Notice how he carved out his own little category, Sigma. Just for himself, the precious little snowflake. And his wife and his followers are narcissists also.

Ian Ironwood has a family. Yeah, but he works in porn. That's a healthy environment to raise a family in. And his youngest son is gonna knock some girl up by the time he is 15 because "he's an Alpha".

Susan Walsh is a former slut who is telling college sluts how to avoid being considered as slutty as their slutty peers. She's a train wreck.

marlon said...

"He is taller than 5'9"."

Hmmm... 5'9.5".maybe?