Friday, July 26, 2013

"Alphas" Who Murder Children

I have pointed out before the Manosphere concept of "Alpha" makes very little sense. There are those who think it does, but they are the kind who memorize and imitate because they don't have the ability to analyze. This unfortunately includes almost everyone is the world.

Those who don't think as the True Believers do are invariably attacked as heretics and blasphemers poking holes into the True Believers' groovy little fantasy worlds. Their butthurt is immense, as always happens when people suffer the cognitive dissonance that comes when their religion is attacked. And religion is what give meaning, importance and community in their lives, even it is a house built on sand and will ultimately collapse.

For one thing, the concepts in our head are not reality; the merely "point to" reality. Philosophically, this is known as the problem of Concepts and their Referents. The map is not the terrain - and the better the maps are they better they work. Bad maps can lead you straight to Hell.

In other words, what does the concept "Alpha" refer to in reality?

The Manosphere concept of Alpha points to an almost clinical description of a narcissist, which is in no way a good thing. Mythologically, it points to the archetype of the Bad/Terrible Father.

I'll use the Star Wars films as an example.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell was the mentor of George Lucas, and many of Campbell's archetypes are used in the movies. Campbell was influenced by Carl Jung (I am oversimplifying here, because there are other mythologists that influenced both of them).

Darth Vader is the archetype of the Terrible Father. And what is one of the things he did (even as Anakin Skywalker)? He murdered children. This is one of the things the Terrible Father does, even if he pretends to be the Good Father. He murders children and is an oppressive and cruel man who denigrates and abuses men and women.

Think of George Bush, think of Barak Obama, think of any serial killer that wanders to and fro and up and down the world...all of them murderers of children, all of the politicians pretending to be Good Fathers and Patriarchs.

Another name for the Terrible Father is the Ogre. Many in the Manosphere delude themselves the Ogre is an Alpha, and they use the psychological defenses of projection, denial and rationalize to prove this to themselves. (I have been told - and I kid you not - the two brothers who murdered people, including children, in the Boston bombing were "Alphas." I have been told such things more than once.)

Standing in opposition to the Ogre is the Good Father - the Patriarch. This would be Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Mythologically they generally are Kings.

For every good in the world, there is a bad. The "Good Father" wouldn't be called "good" if there wasn't the Terrible Father standing in opposition to him.

The Good Father is the authority figure representing law and order. He is masculine and confident, a teacher and mentor of the young, a provider and a protector. And is not "provider and protector" a two-word description of a Patriarch?

Speaking of authority, a follower (let's say a disciple) has to willingly submit. If they are forced to submit, that is the force and fraud of the Terrible Father.

Luke Skywalker is the archetype of the Prince. The Prince is the youth and the seeker. He is the Hero on a Quest. Campbell wrote this about the Quest: "A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man."

The Prince is the budding patriarch and king, unless he gets distracted and lost.

If he gets distracted and lost, he turns into the Wanderer.

The Wanderer is different from the Prince because he could be him but is not. He shuns the commitment and responsibility of the journey; therefore, he does not realize his full potential and cannot become the prince until he does so. He is often the semi-evil but sometimes good-looking and charming villain.

In Star Wars Han Solo was the Wanderer - charming, good-looking, a killer and a smuggler. But when he got involved with a Princess, he changed, and got back on track. Logically, he would have become the King and Leia the Queen, and Luke would have become the new Patriarch of the Jedis.

The Wanderer, in the Manosphere, can be split into two aspects. One is the Cad, and the other is the "Men Going Their Own Way" types. Both are irresponsible and the Cad is certainly a liar and a villain, no matter how charming and charismatic he may be.

The more naive in the Manosphere confuse the true confidence of the Patriarch/Protector with the superficial charm and superficial confidence of the Coward/Cad, which is easily crushed in adversity.

Neither the Cad nor the MGTOW have grown up. The Cad, no matter how old he gets, is still immature and a Cad. One of the things he wanders to and from is women - from one to the other. The "Men Going Their Own Way" reject being a Patriarch (I understand why, considering what many women have turned into. More on that in a minute.)

We also have the archetype of the Warrior.

The Warrior is bold and daring. He is successful, ambitious, strong, brave, and relentless. Often the prince and the warrior are one and the same.

The bad aspect of the Warrior is the Dictator. That is what Darth Vader turned into. The Dictator is aggressive and blinded by his own ambition and ego. His emotions are severely repressed and neglected - which is why Vader said the good in him was gone, even though it wasn't. The Dictator is bureaucratic and and machine-like, which is why Vader is more machine than man.

There is also the archetype of the Priest. The Priest is wise and knowledgeable and able to commune with the gods and spirits. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda fit that archetype, along with those of the Warrior and the Patriarch. This is why they had such a profound effect on people.

The opposite of the Priest is the Black Magician. This one fits the Emperor. The Black Magician at first appears to use his power for good, but is revealed to be evil and a trickster. Which is exactly what the Emperor was - an Evil Trickster.

Now we move to the Mother archetypes.

There is the Terrible Mother archetype. This one did not exist in Star Wars, but the Terrible Mother exists today as feminism. The Terrible Mother wants to possess and smother, devour and destroy. She is angry, jealous and envious, enslaving her husband, lovers, and children.

The Good Mother is protective and maternal, and loves and nurtures her children. This is what many men today look for, but often cannot find. Why?

Because many woman have turned into...

.... Huntresses.

The Huntress may be successful in her career but this is due to the fact that she hounds and despises men. Sound familiar?

The opposite of the Huntress is the Amazon, who is the successful career woman who is perfectly able to compete with men.

We also have the Princess, which is what Princess Leia was (she was also the archetype of the Damsel in Distress). The Princess is an eternally youthful child-woman and a flirt. She has the power to attract people - and people are attracted to her. She is the one who turns into the Good Mother, or the Queen.

The opposite of the Princess is The Fatal Siren. The Siren is the bad girl. She is not at all interested in marriage, home, or family. She has quite another agenda; she is a home wrecker and is many men's erotic fantasy. Her mission is to steal the Prince away from the Princess.

Then we have the Priestess, which unfortunately does not exist in Star Wars. The Priestess is filled with intuition and instinct. She can speak to and interpret the will of the gods and spirits. She interprets signs and omens and is at peace within herself.

The opposite of the Priestess is the Witch. The Witch (or Sorceress) is in touch with the gods or spirits, but she is trapped in her own world using her power for evil. She symbolizes the negative aspects of womanhood.

The problem with feminism is that it creates women who are Huntresses, Witches, Sirens and Terrible Mothers, ones who hound and despise men, who are not interested in marriage, home and family, and who want to possess and smother, devour and destroy, because she is angry and jealous/envious and want to enslave her husband, lovers, and children.

Very few are the Princess turning into the Good Mothers.

There is nothing in the Manosphere that hasn't been noticed in the past, by far better thinkers than the ones today. Better than that, there has been has hundreds if not thousands of years of experience to determine what works and what does not. This is why all these archetypes have survived, which the concepts of Alpha to Omega and the Dark Triad will not. Those are the concepts of the rigid hierarchies and bureaucracies of the machine-like Dictator.

With those incipient hierarchies of the Manosphere, this means there will be leaders who pretend to be pro-liberty (as the Emperor pretended to be) but ultimately are only interested in power and domination and control - this why they support the narcissistic concepts of the Alpha and the Dark Triad, without understanding in the slightest what these concepts are in reality as opposed to their masturbatory fantasies.

Only the case of the leaders - who pretend to be Priest-Kings but are the opposite - they try to use propaganda, because they cannot use force. But they can use fraud and lies, even though they don't know they are fraud and lies. They think it's the truth.

Some in the Manosphere, in their ignorance and arrogance (a short definition of Hubris) think the non-existent "Alpha" defines both the Good Father and the Bad Father. It doesn't, because those concepts oppose each other. You can't be Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader at the same time. That's why the word "Alpha" is worthless, just as the words "sexism" and "racism" are worthless.

When people have a private language and bizarre concepts, that is a sign of a religious cult. And a cult, by definition, is not about freedom. It's about telling you what to think.


Anonymous said...

But what was Han Solo?

patriarchal landmine said...

han solo was a mgtow

Unknown said...

Han Solo fit the Wanderer - a rogue and a scoundrel, who changed at the end when he became involved. He was a MGTOW before the term was invented.

But he changed when he became involved a Princess. You see the power of these mythological concepts?

Anonymous said...

I think you hit on why so many Americans of both genders embraced radical feminism. There were a large number of terrible fathers, which led many to regard family itself as a bad thing. Even now, many older people have only bitter memories of their fathers. The negative changes of recent years didn't happen for no reason.