Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When the Dross in the Manosphere Gets Burned Away

The wisdom of history has concluded that men are the rational aspect and women are the emotional one. To be more precise, men are rational and the culture makers and women the more emotional and relational. You could say men are the Head and Work and women are the Heart and the Home. If this is "sexist," so be it.

Even Carl Jung commented that men created culture and women created relationships. Charles Murray, in his massive Human Accomplishment, found that in all of recorded history, men were responsible for creating over 99% of everything. This is why all societies have been patriarchal, and always will be.

The fact that all societies have been patriarchal and none have been matriarchal is not because of the "oppression" of women: it's because men and women have different brains. Of course, some women have created things, but they are statistically outliers.

To quote Freud, the two most important things in life are "love and work." For men, satisfying work is supposed to be about advancing themselves and advancing culture. It doesn't work that way all that much anymore.

Love is supposed to be having a satisfying relationship with those of the other sex. Today, there are some pretty big problems with that. Love and Work are having some major difficulties.

One of the more dubious claims in the Manosphere (among many dubious claims) is that it's the "Betas" and "Deltas" and "Gammas" who do the work that supports society. Betas are supposed to be particularly retarded, since they supposedly put women on pedestals and support and provide for them after the loveless whores hit the wall after they are done with "Alpha Fux." So they seek "Beta Bux" even though they supposedly hate Betas.

Being called a Beta or Delta or Gamma is actually an insult, no matter how many who claim it isn't, since they are pretty much considered clueless wimps. Why? Because Alphas are supposed to be at the top, which means everyone else is inferior. It's a class system with rigidly defined boundaries, no matter how many people claim otherwise.

That is one of the worst things that can exist.

I was once told intelligence is a Beta trait. What does this mean? Every Alpha (sic) and everyone else in the "social-sexual" (sic) hierarchy has no more brains than a sea squirt?

Now as to what "Alphas" do....it's basically nothing except be popular with women, but handsome, be rich, but otherwise be parasites on society. Sometimes they're supposed to be materially successful but that always means being rich.

This is what happens when people ignore about 3000 years worth of history and try to rebuild from the ground up. This is generally considered leftist, which always ends up destroying things.

In Indian philosophy (about 2000 years old) there are four classes: the Brahmin, who are the intellectuals; the Kshatriya, who are the warriors; the Vaisya, who are the merchants; and Shudra, who are the servants.

Those classes exist in the U.S. Some people are born to be intellectuals, some warriors, some merchants, and some, servants. But where are the Alphas and the rest of the social-sexual hierarchy? If you want to see some examples of these different types of people in Western literature, try The Canterbury Tales, in which the intellectual/philosopher "would gladly learn and gladly teach" and the merchant is only interested in making money. But the Alphas and Betas and Gammas and the rest? They aren't described. I wonder why? Perhaps they are bad descriptions of people?

You might also look at the Wife of Bath, who has ridden the Cock Carousel, who looks down on men and thinks they should be ruled by women. Sound familiar?

It is only in the Unites States that such a social-sexual hierarchy could arise and be taken seriously. And it exists only because of the semi-collapse of society. It is a reaction to the destruction of society wrought by feminism.

In Europe, for example, specifically Germany, professors are considered god-like and admirable, whereas in the U.S. they are considered needs/geeks/eggheads. Just as in the world soccer is the most popular sport, while American football is considered to be a bunch of armored moron-behemoths crashing into each other.

So there just might be societies in which the intellectual classes are the Alphas and some athletes are considered the mental and moral Omegas. In the U.S., obviously, it's the exact opposite, except that most athletes are considered dumbjocks. After all, famous athletes here have groupies...professors don't.

The Manosphere is full of dross, which is the waste scraped off and thrown away. And when it is, the old wisdom is what will be left. And what would that be?

Any man, no matter whether he is an intellectual, a merchant, a warrior or a servant, should be confident and competent. He should be the patriarch of his family. He and his job should be respected and appreciated, no matter what he does (as long as it's legal).

He should exhibit the Four Cardinal Virtues, which were described well over 2000 years ago, and are not religion but good practical wisdom for success in life. And where are they described in the Manosphere? They're not except for confidence, which is the cardinal virtue of courage, or fortitude.

The other three are prudence (essentially common sense), justice, and self-control (not being impulsive). For that matter, in the original definition of chivalry, courage and justice were two of the main characteristics.

Over and over, throughout history, that is how men are supposed to be: patriarchs who create, support and advance society, and men who are chivalrous in the original definition, and who exhibit the Four Cardinal Virtues.

Men created, maintain, and advance civilization. There is no reason for them to do any of these things unless women support them and stop attacking them, unless they have a family they can keep and not have taken away at a whim, unless they have power over their own lives, unless they receive respect and gratitude and love.

Because if they don't...that is where the concepts of Men Going Their Own Way and the "marriage strike" came from. The negatives far outweigh the benefits. And society and culture goes backwards.

These are not hard things to memorize, just as the Ten Commandments (more correctly translated as the Ten Words or Ten Utterances) are easy to memorize, even for the stupid.

Everyone seeks meaning, importance, community and both freedom and security at the same time. That's what the complex theology of the Manosphere is about. But ultimately it won't give that, not until the dross is burned away.


RmaxGenactivePUA said...

You mean the pussywhipped dross of guys like you & soyouwoulds?

You need to create a more masculine definition of masculinity, your definition of freedom & security reeks of you not pushing yourself to be macho or masculine

You've never slapped a woman or crushed women & children, your writing reeks of a man who hasn't pushed his masculinity for years

This is why your writing has no aim or focus

Unknown said...

You are exactly what I am noticed for years, the wimp who claims "I am an Alpha/Sigma (which you claim to cover up your cowardice/insecurity) and anyone who disagrees with me is a Beta/Omega/Mangina!"

Clearly you didn't read the article before, about Intellectual Omegas. You might want to do that.

Glen Filthie said...

Excellent presentation Bob.

It is my conviction that the more rancid content of the manosphere and the alpha males is a product of men that have been hurt by women.

Unknown said...

"men that have been hurt by women"

I think the first response just might be an example of that. Generally if a man hits women he wants revenge on them because he feels humiliated by them.

Chris Mallory said...

The first response wasn't a satire?

Unknown said...

Okay, Chris, you made me laugh.

Wyowanderer said...

"The first response wasn't a satire?"
I thought it was trolling...

LS said...


"Castes of the United States"


Whitehall said...

Glad you offered a richer explanation of man's role in life.


Dross is the ash left over AFTER you vaporize the good stuff in opium. Your metaphor is backwards. Dross doesn't burn.

Of course, I've never actually smoked opium....

Unknown said...

Dross is also the waste left over when metal is refined. It's on the top, scraped off and thrown away.