Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Analysis of the Dog Shooting

First of all, I am not a fan of the police. As far as I'm concerned, we don't need 99% of them. I'd rather see the citizens armed. I think crime would drop about 90%.

Detectives are a different story, though.

I also agree with Joseph Wambaugh in his The Choirboys: the best police officers are working-class, with compassion and a sense of humor. These days, some of them are short of those qualities, and appear to be more psychopathic than anything else. This includes some psychopathic murderous thugs.

I am also not a believer in, well, it should be like this, and it should be like that. That's living in a fantasy-world. You start with reality and then try to change it.

Now let's look at the video.

The guy with the Rottweiler is 52 years old and should know better. He shows up with the dog on a light leash and no muzzle. His car is blaring music. He's inserting himself in a police situation that is none of his business.

By the way, I am a great fan of taping the police in all circumstances. Only cockroaches and the evil hide from the light.

I believe he is provoking the police by asking why there are no black cops there.

He puts his dog in his car but fails to roll up the windows. The dog jumps out and lunges at the police.

The problem is not so much the police shot the dog, but that the dog did not die instantly. He flops on his back and flails his legs until he bleeds out.

That's what upset people - a pathetic, innocent dog flailing helplessly until he dies.

Now let's at who made the most mistakes.

The dog owner: five mistakes. Light leash, no muzzle, loud music, provoking the police, not rolling up the window.

The police: shooting the dog instead of a Tazer or mace.

That's five mistakes to one. As far as I'm concerned, some degenerate ghetto trash got his innocent dog killed.

In a better world the cops would have shot the owner and let the dog live.

By the way, I once got bit by a pit bull. It was a completely unprovoked attack.


Chris Mallory said...

The police made the most important mistake in allowing themselves to be provoked. If they had minded THEIR own business none of this would have happened. Their approaching of this man was unprofessional and unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

"you start with reality and then you change it."
This phrase bothers me, i don't know if you meant that based on reality,you make changes or that you try to change reality. If it's the latter, i believe you have a dangerous mentality.

Unknown said...

I start with the belief the police are stupid. That's the reality. You can't really change that. So you can the laws to take the police's power away - disarm them and arm the citizens.

And yes, the police shouldn't have allowed him to provoke them. But after I was bit I was very hesitant around any large dog for a long time. Being bit like that is not a picnic. When you react instantly, sometimes you shoot the dog instead of macing it.