Saturday, March 26, 2016

Well, Which Is It? Black-Run America or Zionist Occupied Government?

"Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead." - Old saying.

Is it Black-Run America, or Zionist Occupied Government?

And if it is one or the other, why is Trump going to be the next President when both are horrified by him?

Because he's Israeli-Occupied Territory! And "controlled opposition," too! And part of the Illuminati/Mason/British bankers cabal! And controlled by the Clintons because he's a plant!

I call them "Conspironuts" - the same people who are still trying to prove that Lyndon Johnson and/or George Bush and/or Castro or the CIA - and God knows who else - conspired to kill the incompetent John F. Kennedy 55 years ago. And will not give it up.

It's the same people who think 9-11 was a "false flag" (their favorite word) pulled off by Jews, or the Bush family - and then all the conspirators just vanished without a trace. And after 15 years without a scrap of evidence they still won't give it up. All they can do is chant, over and over, "It's been proven! It's been proven!"

People have believed in impossible conspiracies for thousands of years. There is a comment in Isaiah in the Old Testament - "Say not, this is a conspiracy."

I sometimes wonder why people believe in this childishness. To convince themselves how smart they are to figure these things out? To find someone to blame their problems on?

And what sort of sad world do these people live in, when they think everything is a conspiracy? Ones that go back hundreds of years into the past?

It reminds me of one of the best satires ever - The President's Analyst in which James Coburn's character goes temporarily crazy because people really are out to get him! Worst of all, there really is a worldwide conspiracy - by the telephone company, of all things - to take over the world. Shades of "Pinky and the Brain"!

One conspiracy I heard for a long time is that the moon landings were a hoax shot on a stage. Some Conspironut accused Buzz Aldrin to his face of being in on the hoax - and rightfully got punched by the astronaut, who had risked his life going to the moon and back.

One of the most demented was when the homosexual pederast Jim Garrison, who apparently had a crush on John Kennedy, charged a bunch of innocent men with his murder - and the jury in a flash found them not-guilty. That's what happens when Conspironuts gain political power.

I have a friend of mine, who is about 86 years old (and was on a B-17 bomber crew in Europe in WII) who spent his life as political consultant. He told me every politician he has known, except for one honest man, had sex, money and drug problems. Think of both Clintons.

You know what? Let's say all these conspiracies are true, and all of them were proved. It wouldn't mean a goddamn thing, and nothing would change.

Of course, the conspironuts would find something else to obsess over with their confused brains. They always do.


sth_txs said...

I have to disagree with you here Bob to a point.

Around WWII and shortly after a number of agencies were created like NSA and CIA that have become part of the deep state apparatus. I guess it can never be conclusively who killed Kennedy but it is clear Oswald was there for window dressing.

9/11 has a number of weird coincidences about it that could make view at as an inside job and those alleged hijackers certainly were facilitated or purposely ignored.

I do think some of these wars have to do with power for some one and not us little peons. I do think IMF and UN are there to facilitate the bullying of smaller countries over the decades along with the US military. You might look up 'Economic Hitmen' by John Perkins.

Some one plans some of this and we have no idea who is running the ship. Voting certainly does not make a difference as you have pointed out on your blog here over time.

Nov. 3, 2007 - General Wesley Clark Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, CA. @2:25 mark (referring to internal document)
"It says we're going to attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in 5 years. We're gonna start with Iraq, and then we're going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran".

Glen Filthie said...

I love the ones where the eeeeeeeeevil jooooooos run the world.

As if those schmendricks could get along well enough to do it! HAR HAR HAR!

Cecil Henry said...

Anyone with a basic knowledge of affairs, having read a bit, would know that the Jewish issue is a part of the issue.

The scoffing is laughably foolish. Wake up.

Condescending comments do not address reality, or make you more sophisticated.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Its the jews. Its always them. Black Run America is the newest mask they are wearing. It used to be the Freemasons. Before that Big Trading Firms like the Dutch and British East India Companies. Its run through legalized counterfeiting rings known as Central Banks that print fake money, buy up everything, throw everyone out of work, cause revolution and the international hobos pack their carpet bags and seek a new host for their parasitic existence based on Satanism, Insanity and Hate.
I'm pretty sure everyone knows now. Hitler wrote the definitive book on it called Mein Kampf. It details their MO Modus Operandi by telling of the depravity and insanity of the Weimar Republic set up by the Juden in Germany after World War I. Their plan is to have three World Wars, and supposedly conquer the World. Cause everybody wants to rule the World, at least the stupid. Its hard work and kind of thankless in reality trust me. America today is Weimar 2.0. Learn to love Fascism, its coming back and this time its here to stay.

Bob Wallace said...

Communism, Nazism and fascism are European diseases, not American ones.

Anonymous said...

False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact:

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Anti-Trump rallies look like Fascism to me, with both sides being against him. In any truly free and Democratic country he'd be allowed to run without impedance.
Those protesting him have every right to peaceful protest, but their tactics are far more like intimidation than protest.
Thank god they can't stand over people at the voting booths... yet...

Jamie NZ said...

Conspiracy to commit murder - You're being crazy, don't you know old Bob Wallace says there is no such thing as a conspiracy....Ever

Sam J. said...

I left a long post of actual videos and pictures of 9-11 that shows the government case is a lie. I wonder if it didn't go through or you just deleted it. I'll post it again and if you delete I'll assume that you either won't look at facts or don't care and I've leave you to your non-conspiracy view.

I used to think like you on conspiracies until a friend challenged me on 9-11, in which I believed the government story. He told me that the buildings were blown up and my response was exactly like yours. So I decided to prove him wrong. I could not. The more I looked the worse it got.
They said the North tower fell on it causing massive damage. There was some damage but not enough to bring the building down “symmetrically”. Meaning all four sides fell at roughly the same rate. Even though it had damage to only one side and some sides seemed to have little to no damage. So a building with no damage or very little to some sides and no fire engulfing the building fell the same speed as a rock dropped next to it in the air, with nothing supporting the rock, for roughly 108 feet. This is impossible. Not improbable, impossible. No matter how big the fires there is resistance to the building falling from the concrete, from columns that haven’t been melted by fire and by the columns themselves. Have you ever seen molten steel? Do you imagine that even molten steel has no resistance to being moved or crushed? (Not that I’m saying the steel was molten, it wasn’t. I’m just comparing the most absurd example.) Building #7 could have had it's floors magically suspended in air with only bags of marshmellows separating them and it would have still fallen slower than it did.

The Spoofers (as opposed to Truthers) keep lying about the fires or lack thereof. Look for yourself and see the fires or lack thereof. Here’s a video of reporters going into building #7 AFTER the North tower supposedly fell on it and destroyed it sufficiently enough for it to collapse completely. Look at :54 you see the #7 for the building on the door.

Now you’ve seen video of the inside where there is NO massive damage to make all four sides of the building fall. You want pictures of the back? Here’s a picture of the South side of building #7, facing the North tower, after it had fallen. There is no huge gaping hole. There is no massive fire going all the way up the building. So you can’t say it’s the other side and we have plenty of video and pictures of the North side of building #7 pictures with no damage at all.

Here’ another NIST FOIA released video taken between one and two hours before building #7 fell. There’s around three floors on fire.

(Watch the reporter pan up at 2:54. You can clearly see the whole building is not on fire. This side shown is the North side of building #7. Later you can see the fires mostly around three or four floors only and in isolated spots.)
If the fires were hot enough to melt steel then why isn’t the glass in the windows melted? Glass melts at an extremely lower temperature that steel. Ever put a metal can and a glass bottle in a campfire? The glass bottle melts but the steel can will still be intact. These fires were no hotter than a campfire. One last video of all sides from 23 angles also showing the miraculous collapse.

Fireman retired so now he can talk. He was right next to the damn building. Says,”…there was an explosion and the building came down…”

For more info look at a site by some engineers that lay out the evidence.

There's lots more. The whole story is bullshit.