Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Nature Hath Given Women So Much Power the Law Wisely Gives Them Little"

"I think of a man and take away reason and accountability." - an observation on women from As Good As It Gets

Samuel Johnson wrote that comment about women and the law several hundred years ago. It's just an more modern observation made thousands of years ago by the Greeks (Pandora) and the Hebrews (Eve): when women get out of their proper sphere (mostly children and home) they fuck up everything. Women bring evil into the world and men's problem is that they let them do it.

The problem, really, is the law gives women too much power (women don't believe that, though: they still think they are "oppressed").

Changing four laws would take care of a lot of our problems.

One: women should not be allowed to vote. Men have noticed for thousands of years that women are ruled by their feelings and don't even know it. Since they are ruled by their feelings, aren't rational, and ultimately are scared of everything, they want the law to impose fascism/socialism/Nerf World on everything. Which makes it a really bizarre world.

And, of coure, you need to look no further than the monstrous Hildebeast and Nancy Pelosi to see what Godawful politicians they make.

Two: get rid of no-fault divorce. Women instigate about 70% of divorces and a lot of times they are unhappy they did so. I've seen the results: anger, hate and a desire to wreak vengeance on men ("Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" even if they did the scorning).

Three: in a divorce the children a ways go to the father or to an adoptive couple. Women are incapable to raising children by themselves - even though they are convinced they can - so should never be allowed to raise children by themselves.

Four: men should always be hired over women I've lost track of the times I've seen marginally -competent or incompetent minorities hired over men. In other words, no more Affirmative Action, which means "white men need not apply."

I'll give just one example out of the many I know: one man I know, who wanted to be a law professor, was told by the Dean he should no chance whatsoever because he was white. Don't even try, he was told.

Those four things used to be the law of the land many years. Until the '50s, until leftists started to overthrow them in the '60s.

Of course, these laws will come back, especially if our society collapses (which ain't going to happen totally, but in some ways in it's in collapse or has collapsed - see marriage for an example).

Four laws! Four simple laws.

People respond to laws. We've just about lost an entire generation of women, who have turned back into children. It's going to take an entire generation to turn them back into adults.

"If you couldn't fuck them there would a bounty on them." a friend of mine.

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