Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Attack of the Mommy Monster

I was at a gas station recently and was chatting with the clerk when she informed me it was now illegal to smoke in your car if there were children in it. I informed her that when I was a kid people smoked in the theater and at fast food restaurants. But not anymore, obviously.

My experience - and that of many others - is that enough women are of a socialist/fascist nature that it's obvious. And they're basically scared of everything that entails the slightest risk. They put "safety" above everything.

This means today we live in what in many ways a Mommy State.

We´re children to be scolded, smacked, ordered around. Wear your seat belt, lose weight, be nice to everyone, you can't buy a supersize soda because we made it illegal! It´s worse than annoying. It can drive you batty. It´s like being in kindergarten all your life, or being forced to sit at the kiddie table during Thanksgiving when you´re 35 years old.

I am also reminded of Bizarro World, where the cars have square wheels. Things there do go, but they don´t go very well. They don´t go very far, either, before they break down. There´s a lesson in that.

There´s truth to the theory about Mommy. I don´t think it goes far enough, though. Mommy is now insane. These days we´re supposed to not think bad thoughts. Orwell called this "thought crime." God forbid one of those thoughts slips out. You could end up in the pillory.

I know leftists/liberals who feel real, actual pain from words, to the point they want those words - those thoughts - illegal,

Now, we´ve got kids expelled from school for bringing nail clippers or aspirin. Little boys can´t draw pictures of tanks or airplanes. Point a finger and say "bang" and you might be arrested. A five-year-old boy giving a five-year-old girl a kiss on the cheek will end up in therapy for sexual harassment.

The loons at the airports confiscate cigarette lighters and Medal of Honors (got points on it, you know). I am comforted by the fact terrorists won´t hijack the plane by lighting up a Bic and threatening to hurl a Medal of Honor like a shuriken.

I've pointed out before the word "monster" comes from the same word as "demonstrate." It also means "a warning."

Monsters always attack the same thing. They attack good, wanting to conquer or destroy it. They attack people, and by extension, society. As the government grows and turns into a monster, it´s always people who get hurt. They´re lucky if they just start acting like children. If they´re less lucky they start to go nuts. It´s something that Czeslaw Milosz noticed in his book, The Captive Mind: totalitarianism drives people crazy.

Some go crazy, some lie to everyone, others withdraw into themselves. What they really are they keep hidden, on the inside (isn't that what "Political Correctness" really means?). They show a false face to everyone, never knowing whom they can trust. It´s always what happens when people are twisted by the politically-correct lies in their culture,

When you get monsters you always get people fighting against them. That's what they whole Manosphere is about: a reaction against monsters. Feminism, Which is leftist (actually leftism is a femine ideology).

Leftism (and therefore feminism) is a monster. Look at what it's created is its history. Nothing good, always bad.

Many people, if not most, as just as tired as can be of Political Correctness. It partly explains the rise of Trump, who is not Politically Correct. (By the way, Hillary Clinton is a monster. So what does that make the Politically-Incorrect Trump? A Hero? Some people think he is.)

We´re not going to have jackboots in America. We´ve got Mommy, meddling, suffocating, irritating, enraging, always petty, always here, always there, always everywhere.


Earl Thomas said...

Nanny state is more apt...it's like a mother, except she's not your actual mother. She's just a woman (or an effeminate male) with a motherly instinct trying to direct her will on people who aren't actually her children.

Anonymous said...

American society is turning into a matriarchy, which is not good.

Shaun F said...

That was a good piece. I believe you that totalitarianism drives people insane. Self-centered, fascists…narcissist - go figure. Insane people inevitably surrounded themselves with other insane people and they all behave in similar fashion which provides them with that collective self righteousness, and the belief they are “good”. They’re all feeding each other’s narcissism!

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