Monday, March 28, 2016

All Politicians Have Sex, Money and Drug Problems

I had a friend, 86 years old (and who was on a B-17 bomber crew in Europe in WWII), who spent his career as a political consultant. It was he who told me many years ago that all politicians have sex, money and drug problems. He said he's met one honest politician in his life. Yes - one!

In the recent past both John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were serial adulterers. Johnson was notorious for renting whores of every race.

I sometimes tell people if you want to disprove the theory of evolution look at the the degradation of Presidents from George Washington to Barark Obama. Or Barry Soetero. Or whatever his real name is.

Currently I use both of the corrupt Clintons as an example (for the matter, think about how big of trouble the Democrats are in - a Jew socialist who never had an steady job until he was 40 versus a drunken carpet-muncher and pathological liar who rode on her rapist husband's coat tails to fame and fortune).

"Sex, Money and Drugs." Sounds like a Warren Zevon song, doesn't it? Too bad he never wrote it and put it on the same CD as "Lawyers, Guns and Money."

The Founding Fathers considered politics to be the highest calling, a career for honest, patriotic men who wanted to serve their country and be statesmen. Think of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Still, they knew their history and the perils involved - the de-evolution of the statesmen into those despicable, greedy, power-mad creatures known as politicians - whose claims of wanting to bring people together always turns them into enemies of each other.

Recently the creepy-looking Ted Cruz, who looks like a cross between Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, tried to fuck over Donald Trump, and got fucked over in return. One of Trump's aides exposed the fact that the hypocritical Cruz has had at least five extramaritial affairs (what is wrong with these women, to crawl in bed with Cruz?).

I'll bet that Trump knows just about everything about every lowlife politician out there. For God's sake he's got eight billion dollars! Imagine his intelligence network! I'd hire the best private investigators and detectives available - and triple their salaries. Pocket change to Trump!

I'll bet he knows the name of every dyke pussy that the Hildebeast has licked, every woman that Bill Clinton has raped, how much meth and man ass the half-breed homo who pretends to be our President has snorted.

There is an old saying, "Behind every great fortune there is a great crime." I'm sure Trump didn't turn his father's 250 million dollars into eight billion dollars by being a nice guy who didn't deal with a lot of organized crime wiseguys (and it cracks me up that the fraud "Roissy" thinks Trump reads his adolescent site and thinks Trump should hire him, I suppose to learn how to be an "alpha." To which I laugh: BWAHAHA!!!)

I'll bet Trump's going to wait until the election gets going, and then allofasudden some really bad things are going to come out about the Hildebeast. That monster needs to be destroyed.

The reason J. Edgar Hoover stayed as head of the FBI for so long is because he had files on every politician - sex, drugs and money! And they knew it, which is why they left him alone and never tried to force him out.

I don't even particularly like Donald Trump. But that doesn't matter at all, because I understand him. There is something about him that says "raised on the wrong side of the tracks," which he wasn't, but which I was (it's why I know so much of the Manosphere is a joke, full of naifs). Trump's father bore a resemblance to some '50s semi-thug with a DA (duck's ass haircut, for the ignorant).

You'd think I'd be cynical, but I'm not. I am a bit of a Stoic, though. The whole world is a tragicomedy, and I accept all of it, for good and bad. And mostly, I just smile at it.

I hope Trump has significant files on every dirtbag in Congress (which is basically all of them). I know I would. And I would do the dirty on everyone who crossed me, and let them know ahead of time not to fuck with me.

I figure most politicians are narcissists or psychopaths, which means they demonstrate what is called the Toxic Trio of denial, self-delusion and blame. All you have to do is look at the hysterical treatment of Trump by the Republican party. Their attitude is "It's his fault! We have to stop him!" instead of asking, "What terrible things have we done to the people of the United States to drive them away from us and toward Trump?"

But then, the first defense of all groups (and all people for that matter) is to find someone to blame their problems on. To use them as a scapegoat. And that is why the Republican party (and the Democratic party, too) needs to be destroyed. Both are refusing to admit what they have done to the United States and have no intention fixing the problems.

This has been a fun campaign so far. The most fun in politics I have ever seen. And when Trump becomes President, he's going to be even more fun.

If only Warren Zevon was still around. I do miss him.


Anonymous said...

2016 - 86 = 1930

1945 - 1930 - 15 years old at end of war.....not bomber crew.

Anonymous said...

"Imagine his intelligence network! I'd hire the best private investigators and detectives available - and triple their salaries."

He doesn't need to spend money- he knows these people personally:

Why pay a private investigator when you can just listen to the gossip at the country club you both share?

Glen Filthie said...

Trump is making some very, very powerful enemies. People that seriously opposed the Clintons have wound up dead.

The lone crazy, acting alone with absolutely no outside assistance whatsoever (you fuggin racist, sexist, bigoted, neocon hitler cuckservative, you) - is being groomed to assisinate Trump as we speak. Mark my words.

Earl Thomas said...

I don't doubt Trump has all the dirt on the rest of these people...especially the likes of Cruz, Rubio, and Bush. The odd part is the Rubio camp supposedly had this on Cruz too but chose to sit on it. All it takes is one whistle blower.

And the Clinton's have a rap sheet that could be a novel. If it wasn't for their intimidation factor and network, they'd both be in prison.

Bob Wallace said...

Born 1925. Now figure how old he was in '44 and '45. Now figure what year it when I met him when he was 86.

Make a fool of yourself much? Sound like a lifelong problem.

Calling an 86-year-old a liar.

Earl Thomas said...

Hillary ‘had several abortions’, kept Chelsea for political appearances: Bill’s former lover

She also mentions about Hillary being a lesbian.

Bob Wallace said...

Hillary's a dyke and Chelsea's father is Webb Hubbell.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Why do you think so many of these sorts of people get to the top? Because they're controllable: they step out of line and the truth will be revealed and will bring them down.

The people in control know damn well that you don't put someone in a position of power if you can't keep them in line, most specifically by having dirt on them.

A squeaky clean man is a free man. Even Cruz is struggling to say he's always been faithful to his wife.