Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Could Trump Not Be Predicted?

I've pointed out before that the late Sam Francis predicted the rise of a Trump-like nationalist/populist figure. How could Trump not be predicted? I guess the historically and economically ignorant were too busy predicting catastrophes - Trump is Hitler! America is Germany! Oh no!!!! Catastrophe!!!

There is something about some people that always wants to see catastrophes. Why some are like this I do not know. Are they full of that much hate and desire for destruction? Sounds Satanic to me.

All the neocon traitors said they'll stampede over to the Hildebeast to support her. Who cares! Good riddance! Most of them belong in prison for what they've done to this country. They're all Israeli-occupied territory anyway.

Others too predicted the rise of such a figure, but Francis was the best-known.

When anyone predicts catastrophes, I quit listening. All have been wrong.

Tom Wolfe, he of The Bonfire of the Vanities (who is an example of Ezra Pound's observation "The artist is the antenna of the human race") has been a hell of a lot better predicting things than a buffoon of an economist such as Paul Krugman, who for all practical purpose is always wrong.

Wolfe said the United States has the stability of a couch. He's right. And now we are in the process of overthowing the current order without violence. A few punches thrown by childish leftists in Chicago? With no broken noses? Har har! Some catastrophes!

We are not Europeans and attempts to pretend Nazism or fascism or other European diseases apply to us are ridiculous.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, whom I've mentioned God knows how many times (and who was Austrian) said he put the average American far above the average European. I do, too.

The dumbest person I know is a Ukrainian Jew who emigrated here at 14. He thinks he knows everything about this country but knows nothing. And he's....European! And Europe is "nations of eternal war."

After listening to that left-wing clown I understand why Europe had so many wars. And he would just love to suck the Hildebeast's dick - he thinks she's some kind of goddess who will bring Utopia to the United States.

This country went through the War between the States, in which the 620,000 killed translates today to about five million killed. And yet we survived and grew.

My father was a little kid during the Great Depression and told me if you had some money or a job it wasn't that hard (the problem was finding a job). He lived on a farm in the Midwest and remembers apples costing a nickel (prices always drop during a depression).

And the U.S. survived that and then grew.

Even if Trump loses (which I very much doubt) he's the result of a sea-change among American voters. There will be another like him.

The rest of the politicians (all of whom are cowards and can be easily pushed around by voters) will ultimately vote to save their jobs and as such will do what the voters want - no more Third World trash destroying my country! No more outsourcing good jobs! No more wars for 15 years and things only getting worse in the Mideast! No more of the U.S. being ranked 13th in the world for happiness!

People are not voting for Trump. They're voting against the establishment - against the traitors.


Anonymous said...

"We are not Europeans and attempts to pretend Nazism or fascism or other European diseases apply to us are ridiculous."

Maybe for now, but the mass immigration of third-world people into America is bound to change the character of American society, and its' susceptibility to these "diseases," in the future. How can it not?

Bob Wallace said...

That immigration is going to stop soon enough. Look at what happening in Europe with their Third World trash - beaten and burned out. I predicted it, as did many other people.