Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Hildebeast is the Worst Candidate

I generally have never paid much attention to politics. I've never even voted because it does no good.

But now we have something I've never seen before but did expect someday - three antiestablishment candidates - Trump, Cruz and Sanders (not suprisingly, the late Sam Francis - who was recently quoted by the-finally-grew-a-brain Rush Limbaugh - predicted all of this).

But why are people still voting for a monster - the Hildebeast? She's a pathological liar, a drunk, and had a daughter (Chelsea) by Webb Hubbell. She'll be a continuation of Obama, who was a continuation of Bush. Things will not get better but worse. So why is she still around?

I guess that old saying is true - perception is everything.

It's clear the Founding Fathers were right - some people should not be allowed to vote. Women and leftists. Both ultimately destroy everything they touch.

They operate on their feels and think what they feel is right. And their feels are easily triggered, which is why they don't believe in free speech - mere words cause them actual physical pain. I've seen this for decades.

I expect the election to some down to a contest between Trump and the Hildebeast.

There are some interesting times coming. I expect nothing but viciousness in their attacks on each other.


Anonymous said...

I think there is a real possibility that Hillary Clinton can become President if she gets the democratic nomination.

Many women are herd-like and will vote for her just because she is a woman. And there is also the novelty factor - her being the first female to run for and become President - people want to be a part of making history. We live in a culture and society that worships the superficial and mindless.

Like many here it seems, I hope Clinton does not become President.

Bob Wallace said...

I know a lot of women - including young women - who despise the Hildebeast.

ray said...

Women may say they don't like Hillary, but it was women who put her proxy, Obama, into power twice. And it's women who control economic and political America. It's Hillarious watching all these male pundits bloviate endlessly about political tactics and strategies and blah blah, when their nation was absconded many decades ago. Apparently they still think they are In Charge, and that their naïve political nonsense is still relevant.

Hillie is 'still around' for the same reason Comrade O was elected twice -- because she appeals to a very broad, and very powerful, demographic bloc of American people.(Not to mention the elite.)

Females, 'minorities', homos, LBQTZetc. . . plus the secret sauce of the gynarchy, the influence of parents with daughters. It's an extremely broad demographic and Hillary very much represents and furthers these interests. They are modern America, simple as that; once women were franchised politics was mooted, delayed release. Those who profit by her try to distance themselves from her personally, b/c she's a monstrous hag. But they love to gobble up the entitlements, powers, and privileges that she and the Left provide. Talk about a Witch with a Candy House.

Earl Thomas said...

The group that surprises me is the 'anti-Trump' conservatives saying they'd vote for her over him. It's like they have such 'feels' about Trump they completely forget what a dumpster fire Hillary was just as recently as a few months ago (emails).