Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Garden of Eden and the Delusions of the Manosphere

I have mentioned more than once there are grifters in the Manosophere and they are much more popular than they should be. Two of the biggest frauds and liars are "Roissy" and "Roosh." I've been around long enough to know liars and con men when I see them.

Both lie about all the women they have laid (especially the greasy, unattractive half-white half-wit "Roosh). "Roissy" babbles about all the white, black, Asian and married women he's supposedly had. In reality both would be beaten, fired and sometimes killed (I've seen all three).

I've met some PUAs and all of them have wrecked their lives to the point they cannot fix them. All of them were cowards and I'm sure as can be "Roosh" and "Roissy" are cowards.

I've written about the story of the Garden of Eden several times but I have not mentioned how to relates to sex.

Adam and Eve are both naked and unashamed. But when they eat of the fruit they become self-conscious and what is the first thing they do? Cover up their genitals.

And what do genitals signify? Sex.

And what does sex lead to? Women suffering pregnancy and men spending their lives working.

We've got around the pregnancies and the hard work through science and advanced technology, but we haven't got around the problems with sex. And the problems with it are right there at the beginning of the Bible, which is a respository of great wisdom.

Of the first problems humans suffered had to do with sex. Look at the story of Sodom and Gomorrah or of Lot, a buffoon who tried to give his virgin daugher to the men who wanted to rape the men in his house. Look at the story of David and Bathesheba or how one of David's many sons raped his own half-sister and ended up getting killed for it (Amnon raping Tamar).

If we didn't have such problems with sex people could wander around naked without being embarrassed. But they can't and it's right at the beginning of the Bible.

There are some weird things around today (there always has been) such as Bruce Jenner pretending he is a women (do a DNA test on him and it'll show he's still a man) He's not a women but a neuter. All transexuals are. That's just one of the many problems sexual differentiation leads to.

The story of the Garden of Eden is also about how "evil" came into the world through scapegoating - and the first one to fall was the woman. And she did it because of envy and the desire to possess the powers of God.

And what did Carl Jung write about women's greatest flaw. Thinking she is always right. Wanting to possess the powers of God. He also wrote she would never be happy until she gave up that belief.

And what is the basis of Leftism (which is femine)? Envy. And since feminism is leftist and wants to possess the powers of God, many women want to scapegoat men and blame all their problems on them. That's exactly what feminism is.

The Manosphere is a direct reaction to the envy and hubris of feminism. And what to the most popular writers tell men to do? Have sex with as many women are possible. Har har har! Buffoons!

All of this is intimately tied to sex. If we budded like amoeba we wouldn't have any of this problems. But we don't so we do.

When certain men (again the liars and con men) give you advice how to spend your life laying women, they are giving you horrible advice.

Just read the Old Testament sometimes and you'll where that bad advice leads.


Glen Filthie said...

I would add Vox Day to that list.

They sell poison and venom to the broken hearted and it sells like hot cakes. Men that have been hurt by feral women are most vulnerable to their sales pitch. Had your heart torn out and stomped on by a woman you loved who turned out to be a bitch? 'It isn't your fault,' they whisper. 'You did nothing wrong, you're just a good man amidst a sea of sexually and mentally degenerate women...' and they soothe the souls of the broken hearted by channelling the anger and hurt of their customers - right into their own wallets. For a mere few bucks you can buy a book that absolves you of any failure with women. Back in the 1930's a sawed off one-balled fascist maggot accrued enough and power that way - that he was able to go on and burn down half of Europe. People that are hurting are easy to manipulate and control.

I regret to say I may add Captain Capitalism to that list too. His work of late is decidedly inferior. I hope he picks up his socks - I would hate to see him go the way of the others.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. More griping from the over 60 crowd who will NEVER grasp how much gender relations have changed due to the internet and smartphones.

Put yourself in the shoes of today's young men, if you can. Do you have any idea what it is like dating modern women in this type of tech climate?

Let me put it in terms you may understand: The entire nature of dating and gender relations have been turned on it's head in 10 very short years. Dating today is NOTHING like it was even 20 years ago.

BTW, I would have never even glimpsed at your site had it not been from a manosphere link. Just think about that.

Bob Wallace said...

"Ah yes. More griping from the over 60 crowd who will NEVER grasp how much gender relations have changed due to the internet and smartphones."

I'm not over 60 and the relationships between men and women never change. When you get more experience you might understand that. All the good and bad has been available for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest lie in the PUA community is the "Abundance Mentality" when there is a real scarcity of attractive women and there always has been. Throughout history, roughly 40 percent of all men have been forced to go without pair bonding and reproduction. There isn't someone for everyone. Then there is these stupid religious people who think God will bring them the right one. I just tell them to keep praying... lolzozozoll

Bob Wallace said...

Yeah, I know. Keep women as "spinning plates," har har. I heard that crap is high school from
guys who never even kissed a girl.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a real scarcity of beautiful women, check out these porn stars without makeup:

While some of them may look okay without it (plain jane), most of them look completely busted. Every time I am out somewhere be it work or the grocery store, and I see women with makeup on, I can only think about what kind of face she is hiding behind the mask.

Enkidu said...

"Put yourself in the shoes of today's young men, if you can. Do you have any idea what it is like dating modern women in this type of tech climate?"

Well, I do- under-thirty, wed two years ago, met the missus online. The dating scene back in 2012 wasn't fundamentally different from how it was depicted in that old Ernie Borgnine movie "Marty", except the music was crappier, people dressed more shabbily, and there was a little more crass language.

All that technology has done is make it possible for people to do what they want to do easier and faster. Nowadays when Ralph and Joe want to "wind up with something", they can fire up their iPhones instead of going down to 72nd Street, but it's still the same kind of men meeting the same kind of women. The internet may bring Boston's old Combat Zone into the comfort of your living room, but the stuff on sale there hasn't changed. And the main difference between recreational sex then and recreational sex now is that there are more STDs going around, and penicillin doesn't work as well as it used to.

Bob Wallace said...

Human nature has not changed, which means men and women have not changed. That's why I find it funny when I told, "Things have changed." No, they haven't. There really is nothing new under the sun.

Glen Filthie said...

On this, the kids have ya beat, Bob.

The quality of the average north Amercan woman is in the toilet. The queens that were forged in the Depression and WW2 are nothing like the childish sluts that are the rule of today's modern women. We live in an economic bubble that allows these children to pretend they are empowered and strong and independent. When the Free Shit Army is defeated in the next economic collapse ... we will start seeing real women again.

Of course the usual weasel words apply: not all women are slutty cankle blossoms...but the exceptions ARE the exceptions.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the concept of "spinning plates," most men don't have the right mind/skill set to pull it off successfully without running into any major consequences . It takes a certain kind of man with a specific deviant psychological profile to do it. I'm talking really cold calculating Godfather/mafia like qualities.

"Living a double life is easy, it's the triple and quadruple lives where you start to run into trouble." - Lord of War

Anonymous said...

This man in particular was unable to spin plates without life ending consequences:

He was stupid enough to bring women back to his place, when he should have been going to their place or a hotel. Anyways, his stupidity serves as an example for everyone else.

Earl Thomas said...

Spinning plates is like sounds great in theory but falls flat on its face in practice. As does most of the maxims of the sphere...dark triad, game, abundence mentality, fake it til you make it. All these go back to one thing...deception, which is exactly what the serpent did to Eve. It can work for a brief time until it gets exposed.

Bob's right about these guys. I look at them as this...either they are liars about their conquests and are selling deception to naive men for profit, or they are telling the truth about their conquests and it put them in the poorhouse which is why they need to sell deception to naive men for profit.

Anonymous said...

Arguing against strawmen is not a sign of intellectual honesty. I think no one in the Manosphere thinks human nature has changed. What technology has done is to enable all kind of undesirable traits that hinder and effectively make impossible marriage as once was known altering the variables in the sexual and dating markets (women having hundreds of men at their fingertips on Tinder, an audience far beyond their wildest dreams just five years ago, women wanting to marry at 30 when most of them are jaded and even not capable of love, etc.). There have always been sluts and unscrupulous men, however the difference between now and then is that honorable men cannot even expect the scraps (a house, a good woman and prospects of a family.

@anonymous 1:23 PM: Most men died in war and fights (dueling). That's the reason. Modern times in the West are a historical aberration in terms of male mortality (not that it is bad).

Enkidu said...

"There have always been sluts and unscrupulous men, however the difference between now and then is that honorable men cannot even expect the scraps (a house, a good woman and prospects of a family."

Those sound like the words of someone having the same problem Johnny Lee sang about in 1980. Is the honorable man today looking for "scraps" left-over from the meat market, or is he looking for a "good woman"? Looking for the latter the same way you'd look for the former is like looking for a Persian rug with a metal detector.

I spent a fair chunk of the past half-decade in the dating pool. Of the last 10 or so women I dated, none was the dried-out husk of a slut, and only one of them was completely crazy (I stopped asking her out after belatedly realizing she was a raving feminist, and she drunk-texted me at midnight two years later wondering where I'd gone). They weren't all immaculate goddesses with the domestic skills of Hestia and the beauty of Aphrodite, but they were good-hearted girls and decent bride material. There are plenty of crazy sluts out there, sure, but you don't have to deal with them if you don't ask them out.

I once saw a comedian whose girlfriend, he said, had complained about his drinking. He parried by reminding her that they had first met at a bar while he was hammered. "Ladies, if you don't want a drunk, don't go shopping at the drunk store". The same advice goes for guys who are trying to avoid jaded, burned-out-sluts. The chaste, family-minded women out there are meeting chaste, family-minded men at social events organized by other people like themselves- "Birds of a Feather", and all that. The men who say they long for chaste, supportive wives but spend their time picking up strange women in singles bars are the male equivalent of those women who claim to want "nice, sensitive men" but only date selfish assholes.

Anonymous said...

@ Enkidu
Church is called Sunday Morning Night Club nowadays for a reason, brah.

Bob Wallace said...

" think no one in the Manosphere thinks human nature has changed"

They don't understand human nature. They only think they do.