Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Little Old Lady I Dropped and Who Tumbled Screaming Down the Stairs

It didn't happen that way. But that's what was going through my mind as I carried her up the stairs in my arms.

When I drove a taxi the local welfare hospital would call taxis to transport people home since an ambulance probably cost about $500, whereas we cost about $20.

I had gotten a call to go the ER, but had no idea what was waiting for me. I never did.

The ER was around back and when I pulled in what I found was waiting for me, outside in her wheelchair, was a little old white-haired lady who looked to be 85 years old and weighing 85 pounds.

Turns out she has fallen down in her apartment and fortunately only bruised her hip. A broken hip at that age is pretty much a death sentence, since the bones very often don't heal and the person ends up confined to bed until they kick the bucket, which happens fast. I've seen it, since I worked in a nursing home for a year when I was 19 and 20 years old.

My mother, who smoked since she was 14 and had the hollow bones of a bird, once fell down and shattered her hip at age 63. The surgeon said it was the worst break he had ever seen. And damn if two years later she didn't fall down again and break the same hip. The surgeon told her not to break that hip again or she would be in a wheelchair permanently. She limped the rest of her life (more like staggered), slept upright in a recliner and was on painkillers until the day she died. But at least modern surgery saved her. One hundred years ago she would have been bedridden for a few months before she was gone.

I asked the little old lady if she could get into the back seat. She said, "I'll try" and then I quickly found out she couldn't stand up. She lifted herself up maybe an inch from her wheelchair before "ARGGHHHH!!!" came out of her mouth. So I tried to help her out of her chair and she still moaned and groaned and cried in agony.


I went into the ER, grabbed a nurse and explained the situation to her. The woman needed an ambulance. She got a frozen smile on her face, patted me on the arm and then said, "You're a big strong man and I'm sure you can handle it."

I walked out. I think I had a look of disgust on my face. I was on my own. But then, that was what driving a cab was about. I was always on my own.

I told the little old lady I could pick her up and put her in the back seat but it was gonna hurt. She said yes, go ahead.

So I picked her up while she screamed in agony and deposited her while she screamed in agony in the back seat of my taxi, then folded up her wheelchair and put it in my trunk.

I had no idea what I was in for in about 15 minutes.

I could tell from the address she lived on the South Side. When I got there I found she lived on the second floor of an old, four-apartment brick building. What the hell? Who put her in this place? At her age she was confined to her apartment. Did people bring her everything she needed? It wasn't like she was going shopping.

By the way, there was no elevator. These old buildings, built around the turn of the 20th Century, never had elevators.

Fortunately the other little old people who lived there - including a man - came swarming out of the building to help. They took her keys out of her purse and went upstairs to open her door.

There was no way in the world she was going to make it up those stairs. There were three flights even though she was on the second floor.

"I don't know how I'm going to get you upstairs," I told her.

"I can get on your back," she told me, which wasn't going to happen in a million years. I could imagine her losing her grip and tumble screaming down the stairs, to come to rest with a bunch of broken bones or else dead. "Dispatch, uh, I've got a problem here."

"I can carry you upstairs in my arms," I suggested, and she immediately agreed. I suspected this could open up the cab company to a major lawsuit if I dropped the old doll. I even called in and was told, "Do what you think is best."

So I did.

I hauled her screaming out of my cab and deposited her screaming in her wheelchair, wheeled her up to the door of the building, then picked her up in my arms. She stopped screaming.

The whole thing was just surreal.

The little old people opened the door and I carried her inside.

Guess what? It was a furnace inside the building. The little old lady wrapped her hands around my neck (which I figured had last happened to her about 25 years ago) and I started carrying her up the stairs.

It got hotter the more we climbed. I estimated it over 100 degrees in there. I had to stop to rest on the second landing, with the little old lady still in my arms and still clinging to my neck.

I once had a girlfriend who weighed 85 pounds but everything was in proportion. This little old lady, on the other hand, was a beach ball with spaghetti for arms and legs. Imagine carrying an 85-pound beach ball up those stairs. It was a lot harder than I anticipated.

Finally I made it to her apartment door, which the other little old people had opened.

When I walked into her apartment, with her in my arms, the air was ice-cold. She had a window unit going full-blast, and thank God for it because I was pouring sweat and blinded by the salt in it.

I deposited the old dame on her bed, still being swarmed by three little old people, rested a bit while I cooled down and caught my breath, then dragged her wheelchair upstairs.

I still had that unreal feeling, thinking, did I really do this?

I don't remember too much about the apartment but I think it was a studio. She didn't need anything more than that. I don't remember how much it cost at that time but I'm sure not much.

I never asked where she got her money from but I suspect she got Social Security but nothing else. Otherwise, she'd be in a better place. But whoever owned the place had the sense to fill it with old people so they could help each other. I suspect that poor guy who helped us had his hands full with three little old ladies fluttering around like little old birds.

I wondered how she was going to survive in her apartment. Food, bathroom, etc. I figured she'd be okay once her hip healed, but how long would that take? I didn't ask. It's not like I could do anything about it. It was up to her little old friends, I guessed.

I told everyone since I had done my good deed for the day I was going to leave.

The hospital gave us old-time IBM punch-cards to turn in to the cab company to get paid. The ride came to about $15 but I charged them another $15 for my time and effort and wrote an explanation on the back.

The hospital paid and I never heard a word about it. After all, I had saved them about $500 since the little old lady really needed an ambulance. And why wasn't she in a place with one storey or if more than one, elevators?

That wasn't the most bizarre thing I ever did driving a taxi, but it might have been the most dangerous one. I mean, my God, what if I had dropped her? Thump, bounce, shriek, bounce, shriek, bounce, shriek, bounce...then no more bounces and shrieks, just one last thump, then silence.

And you know what? Even if I had dropped the old lady and offed her, the taxi company would have paid the lawsuit and I would not have been fired.

Killing a little old lady by accident? No big deal. Just an everyday part of driving a taxi.

Friday, July 3, 2015

What Real "Rape Culture" Looks Like

I'm not sure how this non-existent "rape culture" meme got started in the United States. I know the concept is ultimately leftist, and leftism is based on envy. So it appears to be an attempt to bring men - specifically white men - down because of that envy. Of course, being directed at white men, there is not a word about the horrendous rape statistics among black men.

But there is no Rape Culture in the United States. There has been some version of Rape Culture in the past, though, but not in the U.S. And in some parts of the world, even today.

Again, I turn to the Bible, which is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand human nature.

Let's take the Book of Samuel, which was apparently written by someone in King David's court, because he certainly had intimate knowledge of the goings-on in it. He had the dirt on everyone. (In fact scholars refer to him as the Court Historian.)

Under real Rape Culture, the law does not punish the rapist - if he is politically connected. Isn't that the way it always is? One law for the average person and another law for the rich and politically connected?

The rape described in Samuel is an unusual one for even that time - a man raping his half-sister. Sex with one's sister, or half-sister, or brother, is strictly forbidden in the Old Testament - not that such a thing matters to the rich and connected.

The rapist was one of King David's many children. Amnon, who raped his half-sister, Tamar.

Amnon, somehow, decided he was in love with Tamar. He pretended he was sick and asked his father, David (who is mentioned more than a thousand times in the Bible) to send Tamar to nurse him back to health. King David orders Tamar to visit Anmon in his room.

There Amnon rapes her. Then he does something that on the surface is very odd - he flips from "love" (actually lust, since he cannot tell the difference between love and lust) within seconds of raping her, to hate. He literally kicks her out of his bed, telling his servants, "Get this thing away from me!"


It's pretty obvious what is going on here. Amnon first idealizes Tamar, then after he is done with her, he devalues her. These days this is know as narcissism, which the Greeks called Hubris and the Bible, Pride.

In narcissism one first idealizes, then devalues, sometimes within seconds. And that is what happened with Amnon. Narcissists don't feel guilt, but they are excruciatingly sensitive to being shamed and humiliated. Logically, then, Rape Culture would exist under shame cultures, not guilt ones. And the West is a guilt culture. The culture during Tamar's rape was a shame culture - just as the Middle East is today. Which is why women are murdered for bringing "shame" onto the family.

King David does nothing about Tamar's rape except rant and rave, then forget the whole thing. This doesn't say much about David, but then, he was an immensely flawed man, one who indulged almost all of his appetites.

This rape ruins Tamar's life. She hides for the rest of her life in the home of her full brother, Absalom (who later has his men-at-arms kill his half-brother Anmon, and I'm sure Anmon, a self-absorbed narcissist, was as shocked as could possibly be when several swords were stuck into him).

Today, on the other hand, an accusation of rape, even if completely untrue, can ruin a man's life. That's not "rape culture," when an innocent man has no rights when a psycho woman who lacks any sense of guilt decides to ruin his life for whatever demented reason she conjures.

I once asked my mother, who worked for decades in the night ER at the local hospital, how many women who came into the hospital claiming rape were lying. She told me 90%, but then, I come from an awful area, so her observations can't be generalized across the country.

But I've always remembered what she said.

I don't know how many false accusations exist. But I know it's a lot.

The Bible, which has been mined for literature for hundreds of years, has been used for movies and television extensively.

Years ago, when I saw the movie, The Last Picture Show, the one scene that stayed in my mind is when Clu Gallagher, who is playing a middle-aged man, has sex with a teenaged Cybil Shephard, on pool table, I believe. Afterward he can't wait to get rid of her, ignores her and won't even look at her. The look on his face verges on a cold hate. Now where did the writers get that scene from?

Gallagher's character clearly had no guilt and was only concerned with his feelings.

I once watched a deposition a woman made on tape for the police. She was claiming two men tried to rape her and then tried to cut her throat. I know one of the men and the idea he would do something like this is preposterous.

All of us watching were laughing. She was giving contradictory answers and often stopped to "think" (if you can call what she did thinking) trying to justify her accusations. I don't know how the cop kept a straight face.

I don't know how many rape accusations are false. Apparently it's a pretty big number.

I do know that all these false accusations will end up trivializing real rape. It'll get to the point, and real soon, where there will be a backlash. Remember the story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf? After a while no one believed him even when a real wolf showed up.

For that matter, there is not a word about all the men raped in prison. There are a lot of men that suffer this. Now that I think about, there are many instances of the attempted rape of men in the Bible. That's something you'll never hear about in church.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Bible is For Adults, Not Children

Even today I see "Children's Bibles," which is rather amusing, considering the Bible is for adults, not children. It's full of stories about sex, prostitution, adultery, homosexuality, polygamy, orgies, public orgies, drunkeness, divorce, murder, attempted murder, mass murder, war, genocide, human sacrifice, treason, trickery, torture, dismemberment, idolatry, sorcery, the slaughter of babies, backstabbing, incest, rape, gang-rapes until the woman is dead, child molestion, mutilation, theft and, worst of all, politics! If you want to understand the worst of human nature, there are few things more informative than the Bible.

I understand why throughout history the average person was not supposed to interpret the Bible. They don't have the brains or education to understand it. It's complex stuff. When you go that way you end up with Jimmy Swaggart and Elmer Gantry and all those crying televangelists begging for your money. And those are the good guys compared to what has happened in the past.

Right at the beginning, in Genesis, you get a story about how evil came into the world, when Eve is targeted by the serpent (a symbol of envy and hate), then after falls for the promise of being like God she cons the weak-willed Adam into eating of the fruit of the tree. Then Adam blames Eve and Eve blames the serpent. That scapegoating and denial of responsibility is what brings evil into the world and gets them booted straight out of the Garden of Eden.

(Incidentially, it wasn't even a serpent - it was a shining, talking, apparently upright serpent-like being called a nachash.)

Since people in general - and certainly groups of people, which are always brainless - think other people are the cause of their problems they have to get rid of them. And that has been the history of the world. That's what scapegoating is: it's not my fault. It's yours.

Immediately after Adam and Eve you get the first murder, when Cain brains Abel. Why? Because of his feelings of shame and humiliation and rejection - which is what causes almost all murders. It's an attempt to get rid of the person on whom you blame your problems.

Then after that you get what is pretty much the first war, although completely one-sided, when Dinah's brothers slaughter an entire tribe after one of the princes of that tribe seduces Dinah - and apparently she wanted to be seduced.

Three stories right at the beginning! And they explain so much of human nature that anyone who ignores those stories is making a very big mistake.

Then you get the story of Lot. As a child the only thing I remembered was Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt, which always seemed to be a pretty severe punishment for looking back one time.

But there is a lot more to the story than that.

Lot is a buffoon and clearly a chronic, brain-damaged alcoholic - at one time he ends up naked and dead drunk in his tent. And since his children are grown when they find him in this state, he appears to be in late 40s or early 50s.

Most of the alcoholics I've known were dead by that age.

Before his children find him naked, dead-drunk and passed out cold, there is one of the most disturbing stories in the Bible.

Lot and his family, who live in Sodom (as in sodomy) receive two vistors that Lot is convinced are angels, whom he thinks are going to give him all kinds of goodies.

The men of Sodom appear outside Lot's house and demand the two men be sent out because they want to gang-rape them.

Lot, afraid of losing his angelic rewards, tells the men he will give them his two virgin daughters. Here we have a buffoon and a narcissisic, selfish old drunk, afraid of offending what he thinks are angels, telling the men they can gang-rape his two virgin daughters, if they will leave his visitors alone.

I've read various rationalizations about why Lot did this. He was protecting his visitors from molestation, and that offering your daughters to strangers was no big thing in those days.

I don't think so.

The culture in those days was shame-based, not guilt-based. Today it is still shame-based, which is why you hear so many stories about women being murdered for bringing "shame" on the family. How often does that happen in the West? Never.

Even Adam and Eve feel shame at being caught naked, not guilt. And Cain murders Abel out of shame and feelings of humiliation. He never showed the slightest bit of guilt and in fact was defiant.

Lot doesn't feel any guilt about offering his daughters to be gang-raped. But I'm sure he would have been unbearably shamed if those man had raped his visitors and he had been helpless to stop it.

Finally the potential rapists wander away.

Small children clearly feel shame before they feel guilt. That's why I think the story of the Garden of Eden makes more sense if you consider Adam and Eve about three years old.

None of these stories are about guilt. They're all about shame. The shame of Adam and Eve. The shame of Cain. The shame of Dinah's brothers. Lot's fear of being shamed.

Some shame, of course, is necessary. Guilt, too. But there is such a thing as too much.

In the West we are overwhelmingly a guilt-based culture. Other cultures are more shame-based, and that is why there is so much discussion of shame in Genesis.

These two kinds of cultures are never going to mix successfully, which is one reason, little-discussed, why multiculturalism will never work.

I was once standing in a grocery line behind some midget Asian guy. He had a shopping cart full of soda pop cans, and it was clear he was buying them on sale to sell to black people in his convenience store. The two check-out men were having trouble pricing all these cans (there were about 100 of them), when the midget pipes up and bitterly claims the men were treating him "like a criminal."

He was hallucating the whole thing. He thought they were trying to shame him. They were trying to help him. I stood there and watched the whole thing.

So I spoke up and suggested the midget was in the wrong country and he should not speak like that to those men, since they were only trying to help. I told him he was insulting me.

He looked at me and decided to shut up. He was what? 5'4"? Over seven inches shorter than me.

That's what happens in shame-based cultures. Often they hallucinate insults when they're not there and then they go into a rage.

Mixing two such cultures to going to cause nothing but problems. It's right there in the Bible, which is as anti-multicultural as can be. That's what much of the genocide is about - when incompatible cultures encounter one another.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Lost Old Man Losing His Memory

I'll explain why there will never be self-driving taxis and those who think software and computers and robots are going to take over the world are very confused.

Back when I owned a taxi I used to do what are called desegration routes. I took little black kids who had a school across the street to a white school out in the county. I usually had to get them there about 7:47 am and it was about a 20-minute ride. So I usually didn't get up until about 7.

One time I went to a 7-11 to get some pastries and milk and probably some of those cheap cigars I used to smoke. It was drizzling a bit.

As I got into my car I noticed an old man, with a small plastic bag in his hand, walking in the rain. I knew what was going on: he had walked to the convenience store to get something to eat and was walking home in the rain. He had to live maybe one or two blocks away

I pulled up next to him and told him I would give him a ride, no charge. He got into the car. They always got into the car.

I guess he was about 75. He told me, in a calm voice, that he remembered his address but could not remember how to get to his hourse, even though he had lived there 30 years. So he gave me his address and I took him home. He lived two blocks away.

No self-driving taxi, robot, is going to look at old man walking in the rain and realize he was in trouble. But a human could.

That was not the only time I did such things. Once I got some gas and the attendent pointed to an old lady on the street and said he believed she was in trouble. I told her I would take her home, no charge.

She told me her address and I realized she was walking in the opposite direction.

She lived about seven blocks away, and I took her home. She insisted on paying me and even let me in her house (this was very common). She gave me, if I remember correctly, a quarter, which amused me. Apparently she still thought it was 1935.

These things are why there will never be self-driving taxis. They can't put a wheelchair in the trunk and help an old lady with a bruised hip up three flights of stairs and carry groceries inside or tell when someone needs helps just by looking at them.

By the way, such things as this happened to me a hundred times.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Bullet Through the Head

I've mentioned I owned a taxi for five years and the only problems I had were a few guys running off without paying. But I was never shot, stabbed, beaten or robbed. How?

Situational awareness.

I knew one driver, in his late 60's, who picked up a shabbily-dressed black man in a very ritzy area. I would have driven right off with my doors locked (they were always locked) because a shabbily-dressed black man has no legitimate business in such a high-priced area.

But my friend did pick him up. The passenger immediately put a .38 pistol against my friend's head and pulled the trigger, then jumped out and ran (he was caught and got something like 30 years).

The bullet went straight through my friend's head, hit nothing, and came out his cheek. He drove himself to the hospital, walked into the ER, and collapsed.

When I asked him if he suffered any long-term damage, he said no, except he had a plastic eardrum. He also knew the exact amount worker's comp paid for his surgery: $142,634.73 (I just made that up but he knew to the penny what he surgery cost, and it was over $100,000).

Every driver I knew who was shot was shot by a black male. One elderly black driver I knew was shot in the back of the head point-blank by a 15-year-old black kid armed with a .22 pistol (he also got 30 years).

Since the visual part of the brain is in the back, the bullet hit him there (and he told me it was still lodged there since the surgeons weren't going to cut on his brain to remove it).

He said the only side effect he had was that his eyes watered, which they were doing when he told me this story in the taxi office.

His mistake? He picked up a 15-year-old black kid.

I had exceptional situational awareness. In other words, I was paranoid. It served me well for five years.

Such situational awareness/paranoia is always a characteristic of a nulticultural society - and driving a taxi is as multicultural as you can get.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Owned a Taxi for Five Years

I owned a taxi for five years, so I'm pretty much an expert on them. For a while I owned three and had two drivers. I also used to sell them.

Occasionally I'll get people who have no knowledge of the business telling me how to improve it. This always involves their misunderstanding of the free market.

Owning a taxi was just about the best job I ever had. I was an independent contractor and worked whatever hours and days I wanted. That meant I lot.

The biggest problem today is immigrants, who've collapsed wages. I would kick all of them straight out of the United States.

Owning a taxi used to be a middle-class job. Not anymore.

When I first started I met an older man named Al, who started driving in the '50s. He told me when he first started he thought, "Where has this job been all my life?" I knew what he meant. I had a blast.

The taxi companies, of course, were corrupt. All taxi companies are corrupt. It's the nature of the business. One owner I worked for avoided prison by ratting out his partner since they were the two biggest bookies in the city. His partner went to prison. He went free.

I get people telling me all taxis need to go completely free market. To a large degree, yes. But not totally. The free market is not some magic that works in all places and at all times.

In the city I worked there were airport taxi companies that were the only ones that could sit at the airport. Other taxis had to deadhead back to other places. It was very inefficient and wasted a lot of gas and time.

Finally lawsuits busted that open, so non-airport taxis can now sit at the airport. That's a good use of the free market.

Downtown at the big hotels was a different story. The taxis that sat there were called "dummies," because they had no radios and just sat in line at the hotels. This caused big problems.

Since the hotels generally had one to three places for taxis, other taxis would line up ten deep, taking metered parking places. On hot days the drivers would sit on sidewalks in chairs. There were fights and arguments. That's what a completely free market did.

Finally the cops, because of complaints from hotels and citizens, said, no more. Only taxis were allowed in the assigned places. One to three at every downtown hotel. So the others cruise and try to steap other taxi's rides (this is called "scooping").

The taxi business has been destroyed by immigrants. Again, it is no longer a middle-class job because of this, because of the collapse of wages. Just as bad, many immigrants are sexual perverts and harass the woman. I used to know a Russian who put a mirror in his car so he could look up women's dresses. And one Nigerian drove a woman around and wouldn't let her out of his car. Fortunately both got fired but should have never been hired in the first place. They shouldn't have been in the U.S. in the first place.

Busting taxi companies wide open is a good deal if you got rid of the immigrants.

The reason Uber and Lyft are doing so well is because those who call them know they are going to get an American driver and not some smelly psycho immigrant who can't speak English and gargles with garlic. (By the way, John Nash and his wife were killed in a wreck by an immigrant driver.)

I used to have a cellphone on me which was against the rules because you could get regular riders who would call you directly. Sometimes I cleared $100 a day just from them calling me.

If I had my way I would open up taxis completely to the free market - and it would work only because of advanced technology. Cell phones and computers. And I would kick every immigrant out of country.

I'm going to repeat the only way taxi companies can be busted wide open is because of advanced technology. Otherwise it would be just as it was in the past - corrupt companies using the government to pass laws to protect their turf and enrich the companies at the expense of the drivers.

This is what technology does - puts the inefficent, the stupid and the smelly out of business. It improves service.

it's the deluded who think open borders and immigrantion are free market. Wages go down and crime goes up. That's not "free market." That's the wealthy trying to enrich themelves at the expense of everyone else.

But there is always a way around these problems. There always will be.

Personally I'd love to see every large taxi company go out of business. They're only in business because of laws protecting them.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Monsters as Things to Come

The word "monster" is related to the word "demonstate." It means a warning of things to come.

To quote Wikipedia: "The root of 'monstrum' is 'monere'—which does not only mean to warn, but also to instruct, and forms the basis of the modern English demonstrate. Thus, the monster is also a sign or instruction. This benign interpretation was proposed by Saint Augustine, who did not see the monster as inherently evil, but as part of the natural design of the world, a kind-of deliberate category error."

I had know it for years, but really started thinking about it after Anders Breivik's rampage. What he did was a warning, not against Muslims (soon enough they will be swimming in terror back to their homelands) but against leftists destroying Norway. He took out the younger generation before they could grow up and finish destroying his country.

Now we have Dylann Roof, who shot a bunch of harmless black people instead of taking out gangbangers.

He is of course a monster - but what was he warning against? The coming race war, which has already arrived.

All monsters feel humiliated (watch Frankenstein sometime) and humiliation is often followed by revenge (Roof said something about all the white women being raped by blacks).

They are alienated, with no meaning or purpose or community to their lives. Lacking those things is one of the best ways to create a monster. Frankenstein, for example, is so popular because he is a benign monster who becomes alienated through rejection and humilation and so seeks revenge.

Just look at the first recorded murder - Cain humiliated by God's rejection of his sacrifice, so he blamed it on his brother and murdered him. Humiliation followed by revenge.

Breivik felt humiliated watching leftists destroying his country, so he took out the younger generation. Roof, too, obviously felt humiliated and helpless, so he took matters into his own hands.

Such monsters always feel justified in what they have done, because in their minds it's self-defense. They feel they are the ones who have been attacked.