Saturday, February 25, 2017

There are Only Two Parties

"The two parties which divide the state, the party of Conservatism and that of Innovation, are very old, and have disputed the possession of the world ever since it was made." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is the Establishment Party and the Anti-Establishment Party. The names don’t matter.

During the undeclared Vietnam War the Democrats were pretty much the Anti-Establishment Party, even though the war was started by John F. Kennedy and escalated by Lyndon Johnson, both Democrats. It was ended by Richard Nixon. But because Nixon was a Republican (even though a liberal Republican) the Democrats tried to blame the war on him (and the Establishment Media helped). Thus, for a while, they became the Anti-Establishment Party.

But not anymore. Now the Democrats are definitely the Establishment Party. So, for that matter, are the Republicans (we don’t have two parties; we have a left wing and a right wing of the same party). The Democrat Party is doing is its damndest to destroy the United States and the Republicans are half-heartedly trying to stop them.

Then enter Trump. Turns out he’s anti-Establishment as hell and has been shaking up the Establishment. And the Establishment is very upset about that.

People have told me he’s really part of Establishment (sometimes called “the Deep State”) and once he became President his true colors would show. I said nope, just wait and see. Turns out I was right. Now we’re in for a hell of a ride and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Anyone who destroyed every Establishment Republican sent against him (including putting an end to the Deep State Bush Crime Family) and then destroyed Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton, is not part of the Establishment – no matter how wealthy he is.

The easiest way to tell if someone is anti-Establishment is that the entire Establishment is arrayed against him. That’s what’s happening to Trump. The Democrats, some Republicans (think the senile war criminal John McCain) and the Establishment Media (the Mainstream Media) are all against him. But the vast majority of people are for him.

The Establishment will field every lie and distortion against Trump to try and destroy him, in order to maintain their money and power. Everyone else be damned.

It’s been the history of the world without exception – the Establishment versus the anti-Establishment. It’s always led to death and destruction and societal collapse.

Fortunately the United States has so far been able to avoid those anti-Establishment revolutions. The closest was the War of the Rebellion, which the ignorant call “the Civil War.” Of course it was about money and power - but not slavery (Lincoln didn’t give a damn about slavery but told the South, “You still have to pay taxes and tariffs to the North”).

The United States has bloodless coups, which we are having right now.

The day might come when the Democrats get their act together. So far it doesn’t look like it.

Trump is actually a third party. He said he’s really a Democrat but ran as a Republican. It is obvious most Americans are utterly disgusted with both parties.

Personally I want to see both parties dead, dead, dead. It’s why I describe myself as a liberal conservative radical – and there is no such party as that. If there was I suspect most people would vote for it.

The only time Establishment parties change is then they feel anti-Establishment fire at their asses. Otherwise they would never change. Which means ultimately we’d end up with 1984 or Brave New World.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Legalizing Marijuana

Most of us smoked marijuana in high school on the weekends. It was harmless and after we got out of high school we quit. We pretty much used it because high school was sort of a prison and boring as hell.

Alcohol was a different story. I’ve known more than one person who died of alcoholism. Several, actually. The United States did make alcohol illegal at one time and all we got was organized crime and a lot of violence and murder.

When marijuana was make illegal the biggest opponents were doctors because marijuana (“hemp”) has many medicinal properties. It was a pain-killer, a muscle relaxant and increased appetite. And I’m sure many other things. It used to be given to women in labor.

The last time I smoked it was about 15 years ago when I slipped on a wet sidewalk and landed on my hip. I was okay until I tried to go to sleep that night. My hip started aching so bad I couldn’t fall asleep.

I had a friend who still smoked it so I called him and explained my situation. I drove over and we smoked about a pea’s worth. The pain went away and my muscles relaxed enough so when I got back home I was able to fall asleep. The next day I was fine.

I was in enough pain to go to the hospital but all they would have given me is a shot – and that one shot would have cost me $300.

People today whine marijuana is more potent today than in the past. So what? It’s not addictive and it’s not a gateway to anything stronger. To believe otherwise are the delusions of the ignorant.

One time when I was standing in a convenience store the clerk said he’d rather deal with a thousand high people than one drunk. I knew what he meant. I’ve never seen a person violent on marijuana but I’ve seen more than one fight in a bar – they just erupt out of nowhere.

The reason it is so easy to get marijuana in a prison is because the officials know it keeps the prisoners calm. It’s why you can’t get alcohol or cocaine in.

Marijuana is a state’s right issue, not a federal one. It’s none of the federal government’s business.

One good thing that Obama did was ignore federal “law” and let the state’s decide. It’s about the only good thing he did.

Want to wipe out all smuggling of marijuana? Make it completely legal. Smuggling would collapse completely.

Nobody is forcing anyone to use marijuana or booze or heroin or anything else. If it was all legal smuggling would collapse completely.

Funny and tragic how many people die from legal prescriptions – thousands every year. Funny and tragic that murder/suicide is associated with anti-depressants – hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid by manufacturers.

People who still oppose the legalization of it don’t know what they are talking about in the slightest. None of them have even tried it.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

“The Deep State”

”Without contraries there is no progression.” - William Blake

I’ve been hearing talk recently of “the Deep State.” The talk these days is about the people Obama appointed.

It’s more than that. The Deep State is a combination of unelected government bureaucrats, politicians, the Mainstream Media and the very wealthy people that fund and otherwise support politicians. The Deep State has been around for a long time – thousands of years (it’s why people believe in such non-existent entities such as the Illuminati and the Masons and think they run everything). It’s not just Democratic politicians but also Republican ones.

Politicians come and go but the Deep State survives them.

Trump isn’t part of the Deep State. You’d think he might be because he’s so wealthy. But if he was part of the Deep State he wouldn’t be so viciously attacked – which is going to continue non-stop for the next eight years.

I’ve had people tell me Trump is part of the Deep State and once he was elected President he’d turn into a typical politician. But he hasn’t. He’s the exact opposite.

If he was part of the Deep State he’d be starting wars or escalating the ones the U.S. is in, be for open borders and raising taxes and increasing regulations. But he wants to do the exact opposite. Has been doing it.

The last terrible President we had who was part of the Deep State was Dubya Shrub – a member of the very wealthy Bush Crime Family (who started four wars).

I live in Flyover Land – the Heartland. There are probably people here who are part of the Deep State – both Republicans and Democrats. There are very wealthy people here but I have no idea who they fund or what they believe – they keep these things hidden.

Those in the Deep State see those who are not members of it as people to be exploited. People to be shoveled around like wet concrete. They think they are smarter and more moral than the rest of us – we are just Flyover Land huckleberries.

This has been the history of the world – the Deep State exploiting everyone until they rise up – and then we have revolution, meaning death and destruction and societal collapse.

Unfortunately Americans don’t have revolutions. We have coups, which is happening right now.

The Deep State knows it is under attack. Hence the vicious attacks on Trump, which are not going to stop for the next eight years.

The “Deep State” doesn’t really exist. It’s just a word to describe all the people who try to exploit everyone else by using the government. But is a good word and will be around for a long time.

The people in the Deep State cannot think outside the box. That’s why they never saw what is coming. They never do.

There are really two “parties” – the establishment and those against the establishment. The static and the dynamic.

There is an eternal fight between those two groups. And Trump is far too dynamic – and troublesome - to be a member of the static Deep State. He’s actually a bit of a flawed hero.

Any member of the Deep State is terribly flawed but none of them are heroic in the slightest.

"It is movement and rest." - Jesus, Gospel of Thomas

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump is Having the Time of His Life

I don’t believe a word the Mainstream Media says. I haven’t for decades.

Sheesh. The MSM will never give up lying and distorting about Trump for the next eight years he is in office. I’m sure he knows this. I’m sure he enjoys it.

Now I’m hearing stories that Trump’s behavior is the result of syphilis when younger. Will the MSM ever stop making up things? Of course not, the way they were claiming he had prostitutes urinate on a bed in Russia.

Leftists lie all the time and have no honor. I wonder what the next outrageous lie will be? It’s coming, that’s for sure. Will the MSM ever run out of these lies? Apparently not. Are there are bunch of people sitting around a table coming up with them? I guess they couldn’t make it as comedy writers so they went into politics.

I heard a guy on the radio say he expects Trump to resign because he’s done so much in life he really doesn’t want to be President. The fool’s just projecting his own desperate fantasies.

Personally I think Trump is having the time of his life. Even Bill Clinton said he had a great time being President. Why should Trump be any different?

The MSM is also saying Trump has no support and therefore no mandate. Of course once you take out all the immigrants (how many are illegals?) on the West Coast Trump probably won by two million votes. That sounds like a mandate to me.

Trump did more in one week than Obama did in eight years.

I wonder what the Democrats are going to do when the next election rolls around and they lose a lot more seats? Do they have any idea what desperate shape they are in? The Democrats have turned themselves into a coastal party What are they going to do when they lose so many seats they can’t do achieve anything? Are they going to reducing to sticking pins in a voodoo doll of Trump?

I guess they think if they can mobilize all these immigrants they can overwhelm native-born Americans. Good luck with that. It’s not going to happen - ever.

Why do leftists hate the United States so much? Their hatred was even noticed by George Washington, although he didn’t call them leftists. He called them democrats.

My experience has been that leftists are full of hate and envy. Are they born that way? I don’t know.

But I do know that history is full of examples of the right having to sooner or later knock the heads of leftists – which is starting.

I suspect that leftists are eaten up with envy and hatred of Trump because he appears to be having a good time. He seems to be relishing a good fight.

They can’t stand anyone being happy. I guess they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The MSM Didn’t Make Trump and They Can’t Unmake Him

I’ve mentioned before I have a degree in Journalism. Actually it’s a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism.

I’ll again repeat I wish I hadn’t got it. I left the field decades ago.

The three newspapers I worked for are now out of business. I had only one good boss. The rest were bad to the point of incompetence. Most reporters are leftists and I’ve never been able to figure out why.

Being leftists they of course hate Trump and want him gone.

What almost none of them realize is that the MSM didn’t make Trump and they can’t unmake him. No matter what they do they are helpless. No matter what they say they aren’t going to change anyone’s mind.

Apparently the MSM still thinks it’s 1974 when it helped get rid of Nixon – and it’s the only victory it’s had since that year.

I no longer read or buy newspapers and for decades I had ceased watching the news. The only reason I started watching again was to watch them froth at the mouth about Trump. It was amusing.

But now it’s gotten boring and I’ve stopped again. I quit watching the Sunday morning political programs. All of them are the same thing – having hissy fits about Trump.

I recently saw Chuck Todd on TV start fellating the senile John McCain and I thought, “That’s it” and I turned the program off. I’ll never watch it again.

I get all my news off of the internet and have for years. I do read Bing news every day but that’s free. It’s still distorting and lying about Trump.

The MSM isn’t going to go out of business but for a long time newspapers were dropping like flies. That seems to have stopped.

Newspapers are supported by advertising. How in the hell can newspapers on the internet can stay in business when they have no advertising is beyond me. Who’s supporting them – George Soros?

Very few people trust the MSM anymore. Even they know that. And they are finally realizing they can’t ignore or insult Flyover Land anymore. They were stunned by how influential the people who live there are – they’re the ones who put Trump in office.

The younger people I know today don’t read newspapers or watch TV news anymore. Most of the ones I know get their news from YouTube. They don’t even read blogs.

All this makes me wonder where the MSM is going to be in 20 years. Will it still be the same? Because of the internet I very much doubt it.

For a long time the MSM was claiming those on the internet weren’t “real” journalists. That’s stopped because the internet is so influential – too much competition for the MSM.

And only with competition will you get the truth. That’s what the free market in opinion does – in the long run the truth will win out.

Monday, February 20, 2017

If the Election was Redone Trump Would Win Even Bigger

The close-to-worthless Mainstream Media, which is going to be attacking and telling lies about Trump every day for the next eight years, would like to see him resign or impeached or assassinated. They’ll tell every lie they can to achieve this. It’s not going to work because the MSM is powerless and that’s driving them crazy.

Recently I’ve been hearing about the nonexistent “chaos” in the Trump administration.

I’ve also been hearing from the MSM that if the election was held now Hillary Clinton would crush him. Just how deluded is the MSM?

It’s funny because Hillary’s political career is over, just the way the Bush Crime Family’s political aspirations are over – there will never be another Clinton or Bush in political office ever again. And thank God for that.

Webb Hubbell’s daughter Chelsea? “Low-energy” Jeb! Don’t make me laugh.

The exact opposite would happen. Trump would crush Clinton even worse than he did the first time. And whoever runs against him in four years will be crushed, too.

I know people who were anti-Trump. Not rabidly like the crazies but they usually preferred Ted Cruz or another Republican. Sometimes even a Democrat as long it wasn’t Hillary.

Now allofasudden they’re Trump fans. Why? Because he’s doing what he said he’d do – he’s done more in his first week in office than Obama did in eight years. How many politicians do that? But then Trump was never a politician – and even though he’s President he still doesn’t act like a politician. And that damned refreshing.

These people were hesitant at first about Trump. Some considered him sort of a clown – a reality-show star. Not anymore!

I have no idea who the Democrats are going to run in four years. It doesn’t matter. They’ve got no one who is viable. Clinton again? Bernie Sanders? Both were jokes the first time around.

The Democrats have turned themselves into a coastal party – and neither coast counts in an election. Only Flyover Land – the Heartland – counts.

I live in Flyover Land. That’s why I knew Trump was going to win. I predicted it as a landslide (I was thinking 40 states instead of 30, which is what is was).

I was raised in a Democratic city. Even a Democratic county. Being a Democrat was close to a religion when I was growing up.

I was in my hometown before the election and all I was hearing was “Trump, Trump, Trump.” My hometown and the county went for Trump and in a big way.

A solidly Democratic city and county – since forever! – went solidly Republican. What does that say?

The MSM is never going to develop any sense, not when they’re interviewing – and taking seriously – buffoons like Van Jones and Nancy Pelosi and John McCain.

If it had any sense they’d be interviewing people from the Heartland and asking them what the Democrats can do to become a real party again.

That’s not going to happen, though.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Human Sacrifice as a Fertility Rite

"One is misled not by what he does not know but by what he believes he knows." – Rousseau

All human sacrifice is a fertility rite. All you have to do is read the Old Testament – think Moloch, in which infants were rolled into the fire-filled stone belly of the idol.

This means all war is human sacrifice and therefore a fertility rite.

This connection is not original with me.

As Mircea Eliade wrote, "Since 'our world' is a cosmos, any attack from without threatens to turn it into chaos. And as 'our world' was founded by imitating the paradigmatic work of the gods, the cosmogony, so the enemies who attack it are assimilated to the enemies of the gods, the demons, and especially to the archdemon, the primordial dragon conquered by the gods at the beginning of time. An attack on 'our world' is equivalent to an act of revenge by the mythical dragon, who rebels against the work of the gods, the cosmos, and struggles to annihilate it. 'Our' enemies belong to the powers of chaos. Any destruction of a city is equivalent to retrogression to chaos. Any victory over the attackers reiterates the paradigmatic victory of the gods over the dragon (that is, over chaos)."

And who these days (in fact for the whole 20th Century) are the first to be sacrificed? Soldiers – and the “collateral damage” in other countries.

And who sacrifices them? Politicians. The vast majority of which are vermin.

In the past it was priests who conducted these sacrifices. Today, again, it’s politicians – who the stupid see, whether they know it or not, as priests defending against that mythical dragon.

Want to see a good movie about these meaningless sacrifices? Try Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto - with the hearts being ripped out of living people, to make sure the sun didn’t stop in the sky.

Notice that phrase “an act of revenge.” Much of the bad things in life are explained by “an act of revenge.”

I’ll use a modern example. The United States was attacked on 9-11 as an act of revenge. Osama bin Laden admitted this.

Then the United States (specifically the brain-damaged, uneducated, alcoholic, cokehead Dubya Shrub) attacked Iraq and Afghanistan as a act of revenge.

The ignorant and stupid can use all the excuses/rationalizations they want but it was about revenge.

What Eliade was writing about is the archetype of the horror story: good attacked by evil. The sacred "Homeland" (or “fatherland” or “motherland”) under assault by fanatical, insane, evil mass murderers who wish to destroy and conquer us. Heaven under attack by Satan. It's an old, apparently instinctive archetype, and many, many people fall for it. Always have, and always will.

When any country is attacked they always have to see their attackers as evil. As George Orwell wrote, “Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.”

Even the ancient Greeks noticed what human sacrifice was with their god Dionysus, who was not the god of partying and booze. He was the god of tearing people to shreds – and Dionysus was a fertility god.

There is something pretty damn wrong with the human race – call it Original Sin if you want. It still believes in Moloch – and still cheers him on.