Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hubris, Nemesis and Donald Trump

Thousands of years ago both the Greeks and the Hebrews noticed the same pattern. The Greeks called it Hubris, the god of arrogance, lack of restraint, and insolence, followed by Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance. The Hebrews wrote, "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." Later, foolish pride became one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Sound familiar? I've said before that both parties have been pissing on this country for 40 years and telling us it's raining lemonade. And they're desperately trying to stop Donald Trump because they think they are so intellectually and morally superior to us they think voters apparently should't even be allowed to vote. Just let them appoint our "leaders"!

Thomas Sowell mocked these people as "the Anointed."

Since these Anointed have been taking a decades-long piss on us, vengeance is coming. One way or another.

The full sequence the Greeks identified was Koros to Nemesis to Ate to Nemesis.

Koros means stability, but the stability of a weakling.

One of my friends, who is about 86 years old, spent his career as a political consultant. He told me he's only met one honest politician in his life. The rest had money and sex and drug problems.

The Clintons are a perfect example. Bill is a rapist and sexual predator, and Hillary is a drunken dyke. And they're grabbing at any cent that comes their way.

That's Koros.

Next is Hubris and I've already explained that.

Ate is a kind of madness that Hubris leads to. Say it means when you're completely blind, the way the pissers-on-us are completely blind and can't understand why Nemesis is coming their way.

Nemesis of course is vengeance. If some ways it's justice, too.

I knew something was coming. I just didn't know when. People can't be crushed like this without retribution.

The Greeks identified this sequence some 2500 years old.

Even if Trump loses (doubtfully) he's just the beginning. The full sequence will fulfill itself.

You can bet on that.

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