Monday, March 21, 2016

Half the People in this Country Have IQs of 100 or Less

There are what? 300 million people in this country? That means about 150 million people have IQs of 100 or less. It used to be there were plenty of high-paying jobs for these people. Not anymore!

Now they are working minimum-wage jobs. I've seen it many times, including people in their 60s working in warehouses because they can't afford to retire and 35-year-olds who can't find anything else. Generally these people have voted Democrat, but for the last 40 years the Democrat party has been crapping all over this country. So have the Republicans.

The mean IQ is even lower, once you take into account the mean IQ of 89 for Mexicans, about 70 for African immigrants, and about 90 for Muslim immigrants, who have brought nothing but rape and murder (has everyone forgotten the over 3000 Americans murdered in one day by Muslims on 9-11?).

White women (and children, for that matter), are being raped left and right in Europe by inbred, low-IQ Muslim immigrants), which is why Europeans are beating and burning out immigrants, which is a prelude to the genocide of Muslims (people have been telling me Europeans have turned into pussies, the naivete of which makes me laugh).

Now a lot of these people, except for most immigrants, are voting for Trump. The Republican party, instead of wondering what they have done so terribly wrong that is driving people to Trump, are blaming everything on Trump, as if he's using some kind of Jedi Mind Tricks on those disgusting inbred Neanderthals in Flyover Land - who should just flop over and die.

I've again starting watching Sunday morning political programs, after having been driven away decades ago by the stupidity and ignorance of the Chattering Classes/Talking Heads - who are paid 100 times what they're worth. Which is pretty much nothing, except for their entertainment value. Sometimes, stupid can be funny, like the guy I read about who swallowed a fish to entertain his drunken friends and choked to death on it when it got stuck in his throat.

The Chattering Classes/Talking Heads are still clueless, blaming Trump's rise on "lower-class white men." Insulting them. And they are the 107-IQ people who built this country - not Mexicans, not Asians, not Arabs. White men.

It takes a lot of people with IQs of 107 to get a civilization going. God knows how many studies I've seen about that. And that is why America is America and not Africa, not the Middle East.

By the way, both of my parents were high school dropouts but later got their GEDs. I suspect their IQs were about 107 (I realized at 12 I was smarter than both my parents). My father was a general contractor who built houses for people (which is why I can build a house, which I learned starting at 12) and my mother was the night admitting ER clerk at the local hospital.

They were both solidly middle class. By the way, my late father once told me that if he tried to do today what he achieved when younger, "I couldn't do it." That's because both parties have nearly destroyed the working-class economy. So what are these people supposed to do now? Oh, I've already said it - they're supposed to die. To be replaced by their inferiors, from countries which for all practical purposes don't have cultures?

Trump isn't the cause. He is a symptom of what is wrong with both parties, which they refuse to admit. Instead they are trying to stop Trump, trying to overturn what the majority of people want, claiming Trump will be a catastrophe. As if both parties haven't been for 40 years?

Wages stopped going up in January of 1974. You can blame that 100% on the government. (If they had continued rising as they had in the '50s, it be about $100,000 a year).

None of these people are going to be retrained for high-paying jobs which for them are not there. They've been exported to the Third World.

I've mentioned before I come from a middle class town that in 1974 had 50,000 people. Now it has 30,000 and there are a hundred empty middle class homes. The steel mill, which is the main employer in the city, is on the verge of going under.

Everyone there used to vote Democrat. Now all I hear is talk of voting for Trump.

None of those 100-IQ people are stupid. They're not intellectuals, but they know that shit is not ice cream, which is what both parties have been telling them.

What we will end up with is whites on top, Mexicans in the middle and blacks on the bottom - and good luck trying to change the genetics of that! And none of them will vote for the good of the country, but instead the good of their religion, race or ethnic group, at the expense of the country.

It's got to the point it's us versus them. And that is why I want both treasonous parties utterly destroyed.

And I'm cheering it on.


Anonymous said...

They way IQ is measured is flawed in my opinion.

Northwest, white European males in particular should probably be measured with the highest "real" IQ's - Aren't creativity, abstract thinking and imagination important factors (Although it's probably hard, if not impossible, to measure these factors, but still)? White males in my opinion seem to dominate these areas.

Apparently, if one is capable of memorizing lots of facts and maybe doing some math and soduko puzzles contributes to the majority factors of having a high IQ as it is currently being measured. Asians seem to be good at memorizing and copying others, and maybe making some incremental improvements on existing technology, but not necessarily in being really creative and innovative, at least compared to what Europeans and accomplished.

China is indicated as being the one of the highest IQ populations, but did the majority of elements of modern and technologically advanced civilization originate from China? No, it was Europe for the most part. Of course Chinese civilization did contribute some things, but it was Europeans for the most part that created modern civilization.

Anonymous said...

I think we should group Arabs and Jews together in one full-Bell-Curve-distribution category: the Semites. They work together against Europeans in good cop/ bad cop fashion, for example the "migrant" crisis. This grouping would make at least as much sense as classifying whites and Africans as "Americans." That's another example: Arabs and Jews teamed to make the slave trade. Which had terrible effects on everyone else involved in it.

Bob Wallace said...

"White males in my opinion seem to dominate these areas."

They do, and it's been studied extensively.

Anonymous said...

I do remember a Stefan Molyneaux episode on Youtube recently where he was talking to a expert who made a big study of IQ's around the world. One interesting fact that the dumbest people on the planet were Sub Saharan Africans. Why? Who knows. They made all kinds of adjustments for cultural bias in testing etc. etc and these folks (who are lovely individuals) came out dumb.

But the big takeaway was that when a county or nation has an aggregate IQ of less than 97, the county ALWAYS is poor and never ever can pick up any traction on industrial progress. This issue of IQ is conveniently ignored when discussing third world prospects, but some research indicates that aggregate IQ is a powerful influence on the wealth and progress of nations.

Anonymous said...

This issue of IQ is conveniently ignored when discussing third world prospects,

Biologist James Watson got fired for talking out loud about this:

Anonymous said...

I've started reading this book: "The German Genius" by Peter Watson, published in 2010. It's a rather thick book, both in page count - it's nearly a thousand pages, and in breadth and depth of coverage of the subject matter which I think the author, an Englishman in fact, does a fairly good job in giving the casual reader an intelligent, understandable, fair and accurate perspective on the immense and formidable intellectual contributions that the Germanic people have attained to give us the modern technological and scientific world and civilization that we live in today. I highly recommend it for those who have an interest in intellectual achievement and history.

Here is an interesting quote from the front of the book, of which there are many, which is telling:

The Allies won [the Second World War] because our German scientists were better than their German scientists. - Sir Ian Jacobs, Military Secretary to Winston Churchill.

Bob Wallace said...

The Germans were kicking everyone's asses in WWII - there was just too many of us.

Anonymous said...

I think that there is probably no other ethnic group and their descendants that have contributed more to our modern technological world and civilization than the Germans - I can't think of any other group that even comes close. Of course they have had their bumps through history (1920's hyperinflation, WW2 and the Nazi's, etc.), but they are human too, and flawed and imperfect, just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"Now they are working minimum-wage jobs ... ".

Severely unemployed for 4 years, $130k to $15k + food stamps:

This is the future of America, even for the highly educated.

Anonymous said...

This is the future of America, even for the highly educated and those people with IQ's above 100.

Anonymous said...

"The Germans were kicking everyone's asses in WWII - there was just too many of us."

And also the two-front war thingy - taking on both the US and Britain in the West, and Russia in the East, was most probably not the best strategy for Germany, even if they were the shiznit when it came to military prowess and technology.

Anonymous said...

What Killed the Middle Class?: