Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Nature of Men and Women Does Not Change

"Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit." - Henry Rollins

I occasionally get comments about how I don't understand how women are today. About how they must have been different when I was growing up.

Guess what? I was around then. They weren't. So how could they know what they were like then? They can't.

I'm been dealing with women since I was 12 years old. And I have the things my father told me - and he was born in 1932 (he did things I never did).

I know what women were like when my father was growing up. I knew what they were like when I was 12. And I know what they are like now.

There is no difference between my father's generation and mine. There is no difference between then and now. There is no difference between women 3000 years ago and now. All you have to do is read some history.

Do these fools think I'm some sort of naif? It's they who are naive.

I'd had more than one woman jump in my bed naked. I had a 13-year-old virgin decide she wanted to lose her virginity to me when I was 17 (she told me she was 16, but quickly admitted she was 13.

Because of the area I was raised in, girls were having sex at 13, 14, 15. They would have sex with five guys in a row.

Because of what I experienced I know that women are the nearly uncontrollably lustful ones. Not men. Men are the stupid romantic ones.

Women are not ruled by their reason but their feelings - and they think their feelings are always right (that's why they shouldn't be allowed to vote). I refer to their brains as "dingbat girl brains."

Women's greatest sins are envy and wanting power over men. To destroy and rule them. That's what feminism is about. And feminism always destroys because of what it is based on.

Women have the babies and men created everything. Women cannot create and maintain societies. There are no matriarchies and never have been. When "patriarchy" is damaged society is damaged. (Don't tell me we have a matriarchy today. We don't. We have a damaged patriarchy.)

I know that successful relationship are based on associative mating. "Alpha fux and beta buxs" does not exist (once a slut always a slut). For that matter, "alphas" and "betas" don't exist either. These are the beliefs of men raised without fathers and by incompetent women (women cannot raise boys).

For that matter, men tend to be attracted to women who look like them and women to men who look like them (I've had half a dozen women who could have been sisters - and who looked like me - look at me and immediately go "Hmmm.")

If a woman had a good relationship with her father she seeks a man like him. The same applies to men and their mothers (I had a friend of mine tell me a few day ago the woman he has been involved with for ten years, "She reminds me of my mother".)

When women get away from the control of men they become libertines. And they will have sex with anyone they find halfway-attractive. I was one of them, which is why I know that the women-cannot-resist "alphas" nonsense is just that - nonsense.

"Alphas" don't get away with everything. I've seen PUAs beaten, fired and killed (I've seen people shot in front of me). The PUAs who survived screwed up their lives horribly, to the point they cannot fix them.

When women don't get married and have children they go nuts and blame it on men. They get filled with hostility and anger. The same happens to middle-aged divorced women.

Frauds and liars and con men like "Roosh" and "Roissy" give awful advice about men and women (there was a ridiculous book published when I was a teen - How to Pick up Women. It was as big of a joke as the "leaders" of the Manosphere.)

You only need to fuck up one time to lose your life.

Want to know some old wisdom about men and women? I said it before. Read the Old Testament, which is an orgy of genocide, rape, prostitution and adultery.

Read what the Greeks wrote. The Romans. Tolkien and Schopenhauer. Their views about men and women concur with each other.

There is a reason both the Greeks and Hebrews said women brought evil into the world (Pandora and Eve). And men were the ones who let them do it.

By the way, the Celtic goddess Morrigan (and her two sisters) were the goddesses of war and slaughter - and God help us if the drunken lesbian monster Hillary Clinton is ever elected.

Give up trying to tell me what women are like today. I know what they are like.

Ultimately, you know why? I have more experience than you. A lot more.


Anonymous said...

This is why female political leaders worry me:

"Women have no sympathy and my experience of women is almost as large as Europe." - Florence Nightingale.

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

"Read what the Greeks wrote. The Romans. Tolkien and Schopenhauer. Their views about men and women concur with each other."

Tolkien? The guy that wrote the "Lord of the Rings?" I need to look this up.

DeNihilist said...

Bob, I think the difference is not in action, but in attitude. The sluts of today do not fear being known as sluts.

Whilst in my younger years I knew maybe 2 girls who were proud of their slutty stature. The other sluts tried to hide it.

Earl Thomas said...

'Women are not ruled by their reason but their feelings - and they think their feelings are always right (that's why they shouldn't be allowed to vote)'

Put it this way...when a woman acts like this, she acts more like a child...when a man acts like this he acts more like a woman.

Bob Wallace said...

Women are big children.

By the way, women were proud of sluts starting in college. I've seen it all.

Anonymous said...

"If a woman had a good relationship with her father she seeks a man like him."

Heh. When my wife and I first started dating and her sister asked what I was like, her exact response was "It's like dating Dad". He and I even had a lot of the same books on our respective shelves. Conversely, I knew that the break-up was imminent between a good buddy of mine and his girlfriend when she casually remarked to me "[NAME] is nothing like my Dad".

Earl Thomas said...

Feminists or the destructive side of their psyche are big children, or if you will...childish.

Women have the ability to show some maturity. Not to the extent of a man...but certainly much more than a child.

Anonymous said...

Women cannot function properly without destroying themselves and survive alone without men.

The "strong and independent" woman is an absolute fiction, a myth, a fantasy - it exists only in hollywood films, the imaginations of the delusional, leftists and feminists. There is no "Lora Croft," "wonder woman superhero," or "Amazonian warrior woman."

Women on their own are notoriously bad at choosing mates, husbands - hence all of the instances you hear about many young women becoming infatuated and running of with the local bad boy or village idiot. Women need the guidance of their fathers, families, the local village in forming familial relationships. Left on their own (or given more power than they should have - as can be seen in the divorce courts in the West), women will destroy themselves and take anyone else around them down with them.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly,before the risr of the Nazis, like 30% of Austrian women were giving birth to babies that weren't related to their husbands.

Meaning sluts gonna slut.

Glen Filthie said...

Perhaps women have not changed - but the social pressures and motivators most certainly have and they are producing behaviour patterns never seen before.

Years ago, my militant homosexual lesbian daughter informed me that her refusing to grow up wasn't a bad thing - she was "extending her youth". Apparently a lot of women are doing it these days.

It is incorrect to say women are merely big children because so many clearly are not. The problem comes from the fact that any kind of judgement is now seen as bigotry, sexism, or homophobia...and we are forced to treat marginal, stupid and disturbed people the same as responsible, respectable adults. Or - we are at least expected to. I personally do not - which is why I no longer speak with my batshit crazy daughter. I can hold my nose around queers, stupid women and racist ethnics and vibrants - but I will not respect them or deal with them.

Bob Wallace said...

"If I recall correctly,before the rise of the Nazis, like 30% of Austrian women were giving birth to babies that weren't related to their husbands."

Women put Hitler into office. The men voted against him. If women didn't have the vote then Hitler could not have done the things he did.