Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jim Webb as Trump's VP

I think Trump should choose Jim Webb as his V.P.

If he chooses a woman leftists will say, "He's still a woman-hater! And trying to con people he's not!" And of he chooses a man they'll howl, "Why didn't he choose a woman!" So Trump can't win with a woman.

Here is Webb's lengthy Wikipedia entry:


ray said...

'Galveston' 'Wichita Lineman' -- classics.

Songwriter in the White House would be a nice change. He'd be huddled up in the basement, trying to write songs. That's pretty inexpensive. Instead of going on perpetual vacation with endless security costs, AF One, etc.

Jimmy Webb for VP. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

I am a lineman for the country.

Sean Carnegie said...

Still hope/wish for James Mattis.

ray said...

"I am a lineman for the country."


Seriously, tho -- does the U.S. really need another career politician/lawyer/etc. in leadership? Isn't fifty years of these tired interchangeable parts enough? The nation has not been sufficiently sold-out by bloviating traitors? How much worse could a country songwriter do than Barry and Bill and the Bushes?

Shit put him in and, whatever, how bout Glen Campbell for President. If he just sat around and played guitar it'd be a vast improvement.

Bob Wallace said...

Jim Webb is not a career politician and has a chestful of military. His son is also a Marine. No one can attack him successfully.

Anonymous said...

What was the controversy about Jim Webb?