Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dingbat Girl Brains

A lot of women have what I call "dingbat girl brains." Not all women have them, but enough to make me realize it's why they traditionally have not been allowed to vote.

I met one several days ago, who was pontificating on why Hillary Clinton should be President and not the horrible Donald Trump.

I didn't give her a hard time, but I teased her a few times. She just looked at me and didn't respond.

"Are you talking about our next President?" I asked her. Looked at me, but no response.

"Trump is a liar? And Hillary Clinton's not?" Again, a look but no response.

This woman is not stupid..sort of. She's about 45, has an MS in Geography, and owes $70,000 in student loans which she will never pay off. And just wait until the government starts taking it our of her social security, which it will . I have seen it.

I know a man who is losing $200 a month out of his $750 to pay off his students loans - which he will never do.

I sometimes tell women purpose of women is to make sandwiches and babies. It'd be a better world than them getting involved in politics.

By the way, this woman is a single mother with a 19-year-old son. The son dropped out of high school, doesn't have job or a driver's license, and is on psychiatric medication. No surprise there.

I tell people that if Trump chooses the right Vice President, say Jim Webb (whom I would vote for over Trump), we'll have 16 years to be this country back on track. That's plenty of time.

And it will be 16 years of driving leftists crazy. And that will be the best fun of all.


Glen Filthie said...

Absolutely. And as you have noted before - women are the heart and soul of both fascism and socialism.

If you want to see feminist fascism at play turn on an episode of The View. I dunno if they still run it - but my mother and mother in law took those cunned stunts seriously and agreed with everything they heard - without even thinking about it. The studio audience was also made up of largely cunned stunts, most of whom dressed the same and had the same hair styles. I remember laughing at one episode and the fury it induced in my Mom. She called me an ignorant red neck, and she damned near died when I called HER a stunned cunt! HAR HAR HAR! You could have heard a pin drop! Even Pop was smiling! She told me to watch my mouth and I told her to watch hers; I'm 51 years old, I'm not a kid anymore and I don't have to take her chit anymore either! By then she was livid! I was on her chit list for months afterward but lord - it felt GOOD to tell her off! Were it possible I would take away her right to vote in a heartbeat.

My wife, however - is very level headed, very practical and as smart as any man and smarter than some.

ray said...

"I tell people that if Trump chooses the right Vice President, say Jim Webb (whom I would vote for over Trump), we'll have 16 years to be this country back on track. That's plenty of time."

You do not have sixteen years. That single-mother dingbat 45 y.o. woman with the hopeless son? It's her country, not yours. There are many millions just like her, and their policies are long institutionalized, across the board. Billionaires did not become billionaires by going against the American Woman and her purse.

Sixteen years. Oh yeah, just wait! Heh.

Earl Thomas said...

Degreed hugely in debt single mothers with nutty sons is quickly becoming one of the larger groups in this nation. It wouldn't surprise me if the only reason she likes Hillary and not Trump is because she hates men in general. It's the fruits of the sexual revoultion.

dienw said...

This is Off topic but your post on the alpha/Beta/Gamma too far back.

1. the Alpha/Beta/Gamma categorizing is straight out of Monarch mind control programming:

• General personality-accessible under the code name ALPHA, with possible Alpha-DOl, Alpha-009, etc. "persons" with distinct task orientations.
• Sex programs, accessible through code name BETA; particular programs (and thus commands) are for pornography, acting, oral sex, etc.
• Assassination programs, utilizing very specific modes, and espionage, accessible through code DELTA. • OMEGA, self-destruction programs, ranging from self-mutilation to suicide by many different specific possible acts.
• GAMMA, system deception, amnesia and disinformation programs. Under this or other codes are track-covering false origins for the structure, giving the child memories of torment-ers dressed as space aliens or Mickey Mouse or in Wizard of Oz costumes.
-There are said to be such other personality levels as Master Programmer, Black Master, and different mental levels of backup programs. There are reported to be personnel who have large numbers of child-victims' assignments and triggers neatly filed in their little computers.

This lines up with the PUA portion of the mens' movement; Vox Day is the prime instigator of this system. And look at how so-called intelligent people line up underneath him; even to the point of becoming numbered "vile minions." Day talks about "Magic Dirt"; yet, we have a case here of "Magic Blog": Day's high IQ is partaken of by his followers.

2. Artist and writer Miles Mathis has demonstrated repeatedly how to spot Intelligence minder plants through discovering that they have suspicious backgrounds and very sparse available documentation on themselves and on their parents.
Vox Day has sparse online documentation: Wikipedia and Google do not provide much information on him other that his writing and blog; his father, allegedly in prison has little information same with his mother; he makes ancestral claims that are not available via a quick search. In depth investigation might reveal more.

3. I've come to the conclusion that Day is an Intelligence minder based on Mathis' general portrait of such a person's history, on his use and propagation of those terms listed above.

The manner in which Day responded to a post of mine triggered a hunch. Too bad, because I really enjoyed following him and reading him every day is a hard habit to break.

ray said...

Dunno about aliens dressed as Mickey Mouse, but it is a 100 percent guarantee that some men's-movement guys are government hires. Of course Bob doesn't believe this; there are no conspiracies, only nutty conspiracy theorists! :O)

However, the history of intelligence and counter-intelligence in America is fairly well-documented . . . COINTELPRO is a good place for Randian Realists to start their education into Hateful Reality.

Even back in the Nineties, when the only 'movement' was small groups of men on bulletin boards, there was govt. oversight (and limited participation) of activities. Seven or eight years ago the PUAs and Gamers showed up, rather en-masse, and quickly began announcing that they had 'invented' the manosphere etc. Most of these were just skanky con-men, looking to rip-off sexually and psychologically immature Western men. But certainly some of them were, and are, govt. plants, and not the sole (or group) actors they pretend.

Modern western nation are all matriarchies, have been for many decades, and the 'men's movement' is the only entity on the planet that truly opposes this; therefore, it is certain that the govt. monitors, and in some cases interferes with, such activities. To say the least lol.