Friday, February 7, 2014

Women Are More Envious Than Men

"The truly envious person will delight as much or more in your inability to have and enjoy something as in his or her ability to have and enjoy it." - Steven Riddle

I know a woman who is 61 years old. She looks like she's in her 40s. She's had some plastic surgery, but not much. She was also a gymnast in high school and is still quite athletic.

She says she has been the object of envy from other women her entire life. Not from other attractive women...but from the chunky plain kind. As an aside, my experience has been it's not the attractive women who are hostile to men. It's the chunky unattractive ones who show that hostility.

I know another women who is 58 and still very attractive. Same thing. Hostility and envy from pudgy plain women.

I decided a long time ago women are far more envious than men. Some men can be envious, too - and they tend to be unattractive and unpopular. I found that out in college, when I noticed that I was the object of envy since I was more popular with women than they were.

Mythology, which I pay quite a bit of attention to, supports the belief that women are more envious than men.

Look at the story of the Garden of Eden. The serpent (actually nachash) is a symbol of envy, because he wants to bring down Adam and Eve. That, I believe, is why it targeted Eve - she was more weak and prone to envy than Adam.

And what does the moron Adam do? He listens to Eve! The moral of that story is to never listen to a woman who is motivated by envy and hate - and I have seen that more than once. And don't listen to any man who listens to what women say.

Ask yourself this: why did the nachash not target Adam?

And when people are motivated by hate and envy, what do they do? Blame their problems on other people. And that is why Eve blames the nachash and Adam blames Eve. It's called projection, or scapegoating. I consider it that source of human sacrifice.

Feminism is based on the hate and envy of men and wants to bring them down. That's just about all you need to know about it. And it would have never gotten off the ground is men - the dopes! - had not listened to these envious, hate-filled women.

Feminists, most of whom are rather ugly, also want to bring other women down. Think the hideous Betty Friedan. You think she wanted to help women who were more attractive than her, which was just about every woman in the world?

"Women were more envious of same-sex rivals who were beautiful and young," writes Gad Saad, a professor of marketing who has studied what triggers envy.

The easiest way to identify envy is when that person is put down and doesn't deserve it. Envy always wants to drag the other person down. But this requires the ability to analyze - discernment. To be able to tell good from bad, the weak from the strong, God from the Devil (and it's amazing the number of people who cannot do these things).

Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins ("sin" actually means "missing the mark"). They are also called the Capital Vices or Cardinal Sins.

It was the Greeks who started to identify them, but it was Christianity which truly defined them: wrath (anger), greed, sloth, pride (hubris), lust, envy, and gluttony. I see them all the time, and they destabilize and can destroy society. Especially when they are politicized.

For the truth is that envy, the green-eyed monster, wants to destroy what it cannot have. - Joseph Burgo

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