Saturday, February 1, 2014

Omegas Killing Alphas and Alphas Killing Omegas

"Those who begin worshiping power soon worship evil." - C.S. Lewis

(For those who do not know it, putting quotes around a word is the same as "sic." I keep forgetting how bad our schools are.)

I came to the conclusion years ago that only monogamy works to keep society from falling back into chaos.

Example: polygamous Saudi Arabia exports all its young, troublesome unmarried men to the rest of the world to wage jihad - to murder and destroy. And is the world paying for it! Saudi Arabia is such a weak country these men could easily overthrow it. It's an example of "Alphas" (tyrants) killing their competing "Omegas."

In the U.S., in one Mormon community the (YFZ Ranch,) when the boys reached 16 or 17 they were thrown out on their own so they wouldn't be competition for young women.

What these communities have in common is that they are totalitarian. They have to be, because that's the only way to enforce polygamy. Only a miniscule number of women would choose to be part of a harem, contrary to the delusions of Paper Alphas ("Betas" pretending to be "Alphas") such as Roissy ("Five minutes of Alpha is worth five years of Beta").

In fact, in all polygamous communities there will be an enormous excess of young unmarried men and young boys, so they must be gotten rid of, somehow. That includes killing them. And there is no way around this surplus.

Now for the other side of this coin, these "Omegas" will try to kill the "Alphas," which is why they must be gotten rid of. Three well-know examples in the U.S. are Charles J. Guiteau, who only killed one man (President James A. Garfield) and Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others. There was also George Sodini, who didn't kill other men, but three women, then himself (Cho also killed himself and Guiteau was executed). What they are have in common is hate and unbearable feelings of humiliation. It's revenge.

I'd had people tell me polygamy is coming to the U.S. (which it is not) or that it is Christian (which it is not). In fact, it was Christianity which got rid of it.In fact, polygamy is pagan.

What is one of the main problems here is our own narcissism, that is, seeing people are things to be exploited. You might call it the Dark Triad. Those who are afflicted with this disease are incapable of love and are only interested in power, domination and control.

I do not see how anyone with a harem of women can love even one of them. I also don't see how any woman who is a member of that harem can love any man. This is what happens when narcissism and the lust for power and control reigns over all.

Any society that isn't monogamous is going to be at war with itself. There will be more murder, more rape, more kidnapping, more homosexuality, more child molestation, more gangs, more drug abuse, hell, probably more bestiality. And certainly more poverty and chaos. Based on its history, I don't see any way around that.

“You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness.” - C.S. Lewis

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ― Rudyard Kipling


Anonymous said...

Is that not what we do here with our Military. Ship Omegas overseas for years in there 20's in false wars only to killed, seriously wounded or drained of emotion.

Bob Wallace said...

I never thought about it that way but you do have a point.

Anonymous said...

Not that old 1960s draft dodger mantra of "everyone in the military is a tool". Even in WWII with the D-day landings, they already knew less than 2% of the American forces would die in battle.

Likewise the notion "some mythological cabal is sending the poor off to die" is nonsense when you realize even in WWII less than 0.32% of the US population was a causality.

And nothing gives success in politics like a successful military career. Starting wars to eliminate your enemies would actually be stupid, since on their return they will win office and take control from you. Not to mention there's a hell of a lot cheaper ways of eliminating your political enemies than building nuclear powered aircraft carriers filled with 100 million dollar jets to send them off in.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

I think the government ships all our best warriors overseas because otherwise they might start asking why they're not being deployed on the borders.

Bob Wallace said...

In the past the Legions have always overthrown the government when the government attempts to destroy the military. I expect this to happen someday. Soon, I hope.

Glen Filthie said...

I agree, Anonymous, and this crap about useless wars designed to kill kids is just that. JFC, Bob, you're smarter than that.

What do YOU propose to do about moslem terrorists that kill innocents in sky scrapers 3500 at a time? I'm sorry, but that is an act of war - and we have to look seriously at the perps, the people that supported them and their motivations - and WE HAVE TO REACT.

You claim to be a manly man - you should know that if you cave in to bullies once, you will be doing it forever. If you let stuff like that pass they will only come back with bigger and bloodier atrocities. If you show weakness to those animals they will either kill you or enslave you.

That is one mistake the hippy/peacenik types are making when they think about all this. The other is this concept of nation building. Third world people live in third world countries because if somebody builds a skyscraper, some mudflap with a chip on his shoulder will blow it up or fly a plane into it. The way to handle curs like that is to kill them and walk away. Bomb them FORWARD into the Stone Age and then let them fend for themselves.

Politics is not a zero sum game, boys. There is evil shit happening in the middle east and in the moslem cesspools of the world. Being nice to them will not make them go away.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

The Muslims are what they are. A healthy nation with a patriotic military keeps them out. A healthy nation doesn't have to send B-1 bombers to the other side of the globe because it never even lets the Muslims in.

Cugel said...

Absolutely. Domestic terrorism is an problem caused by our preposterous immigrations policy. We don't need to be enmeshed in the Middle East, no matter how much Israel likes us to be there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to McCain, Zuckerberg, and the rest of the treason lobby the existing immense male surplus caused by Third World illegals will be expanded by tens of millions. Get ready for China-like conditions.