Thursday, February 13, 2014

Loser Nerds Living in Their Parents' Basement

“The devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.” – St. Thomas More

"The explicit opposition to a social phenomenon inevitably manifests as a synthetic form of that which it ostensibly opposes." - Bryce Laliberte

The first time I ran across a "feminist" I was 18 years old and in my first year of college. She was plain, overweight but not obese, and once in class she said, "I'm not going to support any man." I remember thinking, "You can't get any man."

The way she was acting and thinking was clearly a reaction to her unpopularity with men.

Before that, in high school, I ran across guys (fortunately, not all that many) who were all bragging about all the girls they had screwed, when they hadn't screwed any. As far as I'm concerned, the more someone brags about what they are, the less they have to brag about. Bluff and a big mouth to cover up they're as hollow as a balloon.

The way they were acting and thinking was clearly a reaction to their unpopularity with women.

When someone isn't getting what they think they should be getting, sometimes they get grandiose, to cover up their feelings of humiliation. It's a pretty common defense mechanism.

These days, I occasionally read articles (always from people who know nothing about genetics) about "superior Alpha sperm" and "inferior Beta sperm." My first thought is that these guys live in their parents' basement, are probably overweight neckbeards, and don't get laid at all. People who make such comments clearly aren't their idealized "alphas" and are closer to being those despised "omegas."

It's not original with me (in fact it's a quite old philosophical position) that the thoughts in our head are not reality - which to me seems obvious. The closer they are to "reality" the better they work. The better life is.

This means the Alpha-to-Omega hierarchy is not reality. They are thoughts in our heads that we impose on reality. So how well do they work? Not all that well.

For one thing, all of us are narcissistic. It's inborn. Some are a lot more narcissistic than others.

Narcissism, to make it as simple as possible, is when we use feelings of grandiosity to cover up our feelings of shame and humiliation. Everyone does it. In other words, those who think they are "Alphas" with their "superior Alpha sperm" and who think there are "Betas" or "Gammas" or "Omegas" (with their corresponding "inferior sperm") are using grandiosity to cover up their own self-loathing, their own shame, and their own feelings of humiliation. "I am not one of those loathsome, inferior Betas, Gammas, Omegas....I am an Alpha, Sieg Heil!"

None of this mystifying nonsense was around when I was a kid. So how did it happen?


Which is not about equality, but female superiority (grandiosity) and therefore about humiliating and shaming men. So men are reacting with their own grandiosity to cover up their own feelings of shame, humiliation and inadequacy. Hence the belief in grandiose "Alphas," who are apparently supposed to be a combination of such juvenile fantasies as James Bond and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Since none of these guys are "Alphas" they have to project all their own shame and humiliation onto "Betas" and the rest of those "inferiors." It's called scapegoating...and it's a form of human sacrifice.

You know - sacrificing to Moloch. To obtain safety and stability and to be "reborn" (sacrifice is always a fertility rite). And "self-esteem," which I define as the confidence that comes from being competent. Not pretending you're superior with pretty words like "Alpha." (I define an "Alpha" as being the best you can be - excellence in life, which is how the Greeks defined flourishing/well-being over 2500 years ago.)

In other words, the only way the concept of "Alpha" can exist is to project all "badness" onto the Betas, Gammas, Omegas. Hence the "superior Alpha sperm" and the "inferior" non-Alphas.

Projection is the first defense the mass of people engage in -"it's somebody else's fault!" - and with it always goes grandiosity, which is why every tribe in the world has called itself "the People" or "the Human Beings" or claimed God is on its side.

And when a certain class of men claim that the "true nature of women" is that they are conscienceless gold-digging sluts and whores who are so weak they have no ability to resist "Alphas"...what does that say about these men and their insecurity and feelings of humiliation and their attempts to compensate by degrading and devaluing women?

The whole scenario of "alphas" at the top (a priest class, apparently) with everyone below them inferior and disposable, fits the model of a primitive religion...and again, including its version of human sacrifice.

The easiest way to upset these pseudo-Master Race types is to mock them. The best defense against them is to make fun of them. It drives them insane, and all the can do is point-and-sputter and engage in ad hominem attacks.

Laughter will crumple their grandiosity every time.

"All models are wrong, but some are useful; the practical question is how wrong do they have to be to not be useful." - George E.P. Box


Anonymous said...

What does it say about you that you feel such a need to degrade and humiliate people who deny your imagined superiority to them? Why do you write blog posts replying to anonymous drive-bys?

Your characterization of game writers is a ludicrous straw man. You constantly mistake jokes and hyperbole for serious literal claims. You brag about your conquests more than Roissy does.

I've known men who claim that "everybody's faking it". Only the worst fakes believe that, in my experience. You write as if you're intimately familiar with the vulnerabilities you assume everybody else has.

Don't look in a mirror and imagine you're studying mankind. People differ, deeply, in many important ways.

Even women vary in the degree to which the same few variations on the same few themes turn them on. And there are pathological cases, of course. But not all that many.

Unknown said...

You just proved my point.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Bob. Keep telling yourself that if anybody disagrees, that proves they're ashamed of being wrong. And if they ignore you that proves the same thing, right?

Has it not crossed your mind that you've finally been reduced to the standard feminist playground taunt about basement dwelling nerds?

Think about what I said about projection. You paint one hell of a detailed picture of the inside of a frightened fraud's head. I can't say if it's accurate, but you seem to think you're an authority on the subject. Guys like you never notice they're the only one in the room bragging all the time (and always so defensively) and trying so hard to cut other men down, but to the rest of us it really sticks out. Losers are hard to miss. Some men feel sorry for you. Some of us feel only contempt. You can be weak without malice, Bob. In fact, getting past the malice will make you stronger.Ever notice you're one of the few around these parts who hates the idea of self-improvement? Why's that?

You've become Lindy West. Except she apparently gets laid.

James said...

Anonymous above me bob does believe in self improvement and confidence. Just he prefers self esteem be grounded in reality rather than this alpha beta idol we have here. Feminism instituted a flawed hierarchy and game responded with a flawed hierarchy. Both are far from reality.

Also in your last sentence do you not use the common shaming tactic by implying he cannot get laid? Your post attacks bob as a person but can't really touch his argument. Perhaps the reason why you keep coming back to his blog to post lengthy rebuttals which aren't rebuttals but bursts of shaming
anger is because bob, a random person on the internet has affected you so much. Perhaps because you sense what he writes is right and it tears down your world view? Just a thought.

Unknown said...


I am used to this. They always engage in ad hominem attacks, they never address the issues - yet they keep coming back to read what I write.

Anonymous said...

There is a stratified hierarchy in almost every grouping..why deny this one.

Unknown said...

There is a difference between real hierarchies and fantasy ones with almost no basis in reality. And since you did not address the artice, I assume it is because you cannot do so.

Chris said...

You're right. The more a man rails against feminism and the doofuses around him, the bigger his insecurities. Thank you for proving your own point against yourself!

If you had any shred of an ability to address with respect those who are different from you, you'd have many more people willing to engage your arguments. As it is, you have zero credibility, so why the hell bother?

Your Lord and Master BDawg #1, Playa Extraordinaire said...

You don't know me, Bob. How dare you. U never get laid. My neckbeard is SEXY, dammit! Now I'm crying. You made me cry, you little nothing! I hate you! Everything is your fault.

Unknown said...

Okay, my Lord and Master,

That was funny. The rest will never answer my articles they cannot do so, only engage in ad hominem attacks. I see it all the time.

Tim Waters said...

It's both amusing and sad that you resort to ad hominem in your own article yet tag Anonymous 10:49 for the same. Post after post, you reveal just how blindly ironic and inconsistent you really are.

You don't back up your statements with facts or citations, but instead you craft anecdotes selectively culled from your own experience. To wit, feminism has been around for well over 100 years, but you act like it's brand-spanking new and its effects are only newly felt. Just one example of how much shoddily-cobbled crap you sling from your own brain void of solid research, study, and history.

Unknown said...

You might want to read my older posts....I know all about the history of feminism. Which was not in the slightest about helping the average woman, just the upper classes. Just like today.

H. Kendricks, PsyD said...

I can’t cover every hole in your blog post, but these stick out:

"The way she was acting and thinking was clearly a reaction to her unpopularity with men."

Rape. Abuse by male relatives. Either could explain her distrust of men. Your "clearly" is unproveable and one of many possibilities.

"The way they were acting and thinking was clearly a reaction to their unpopularity with women."


"My first thought is that these guys live in their parents' basement, are probably overweight neckbeards, and don't get laid at all."

You use ad hominem and later tsk-tsk people on theirs. What makes it okay for you?

"(T)he thoughts in our head are not reality--which to me seems obvious."

Your thoughts about people somehow ARE reality?

" when we use feelings of grandiosity to cover up our feelings of shame and humiliation."

I work in the field, and you’re wrong. Psychology Today explains it well: "Narcissists tend to have high self-esteem. However, narcissism is not the same thing as self-esteem; people who have high self-esteem are often humble, whereas narcissists rarely are. It was once thought that narcissists have high self-esteem on the surface, but deep down they are insecure. However, the latest evidence indicates that narcissists are actually secure or grandiose at both levels. Onlookers may infer that insecurity is there because narcissists tend to be defensive when their self-esteem is threatened (e.g., being ridiculed)."

I hope you were attempting some vague tie-in to Adler. Even then, you’re wrong.

"None of this mystifying nonsense was around when I was a kid. So how did it happen? Feminism."

Do you expect us to believe feminism popped up since you’ve come of age? References, please.

“It's called scapegoating...and it's a form of human sacrifice. You know - sacrificing to Moloch. To obtain safety and stability and to be "reborn" (sacrifice is always a fertility rite).”

Hyperbole much? It’s called the inferiority complex, ala Adler. ALWAYS a fertility rite? An entire Jewish history begs to differ. Key word: forgiveness.

“(W)hich is why every tribe in the world has called itself "the People" or "the Human Beings" or claimed God is on its side.”


I agree with the next paragraph, but then you say this: “The whole scenario of ‘alphas’ at the top (a priest class, apparently) with everyone below them inferior and disposable, fits the model of a primitive religion….”

And yet you don’t think women should vote, or they’re innate socialists, find guns icky, feminists hate men, men making the “Alphas” argument are basement-dwelling neckbeards, every argument against you is an ad hominem--you may not slot yourself with an envisioned “Master Race” but you sure believe you’re better than a lot of people. How is trumpeting your supposed intelligence and the vacuousness of others not the same laughably hyperbolic “human sacrifice” you posit? Do you not understand how contradictory and foolish you sound? I suppose you don’t or you would have stopped with this nonsense a long time ago.

Am I quibbling here? I doubt it, but this diatribe of yours was not an “article.” It’s a blog post. A blog post. A. Blog. Post. I’d recommend not flattering yourself any more than you already have.

Robert What? said...

I think beta, alpha etc do exist but are a continuum rather than a delineation. You see it in other primates, so why not people? One thing is for certain, though: if someone says "I'm an alpha" then you can safely bet they are far from it. As for me, I'm firmly in the beta camp. In my younger days I did quite well with "nice guy" game, which unfortunately doesn't work in this day and age.

I'm 22 years old and I know everything said...

If it's a only a blog post, then why does it get your gym shorts in a twist? Shouldn't you be studying? Your community college courses ain't going to pass themselves.

Let's see if you can refrain from talking back with 200 words along the lines of: "You claim to be smart, but how do you explain the hypocritical contradiction of your using 'ain't'? Huh? Huh? Huh? According to the National Enquirer's New English Dictionary, which explains it very well, the word 'ain't' is..." etc.

Love to know how it's as likely that feminists are rape/abuse victims as that they are pissed about being unpopular. Are up to 50% of women raped? Abused? Getting your stats from MacKinnon?

Go shave your neckbeard, boy. You are rapidly becoming the favorite new laughing stock.

Will S. said...

My, my, you sure hit a nerve.

Most amusing, these ticked-off idiots who know they're the sort about whom you're talking.

H. Kendricks, PsyD said...

@I'm 22 years old and I know everything

Very intelligent response. Please, do entertain us with more.

Unknown said...

Normally your articles are entertaining and smart, but when you start criticizing pick up artists, the hierarchy of men, Game and the like you start arguing like women, devoid of facts and reasoning. Just to refute your assertions,

1. No one is equal. There are some who are born into nobility, some are born in abject poverty, some are born disfigured, some are born dead already. Men are not equal. Each man has his own unique capabilities and weaknesses.

2. Throughout ALL of history up to recently in our declining civilization, women were held in a lower standing, not out of hatred or contempt but simply because they didn´t have a set of masculine virtues (loyalty, commitment, patriotism etc., command over their emotions), which made them unfit for public affairs.

3. Women are Hypergamous, however hypergamy can be "softened" by certain factors (culture, upbringing, mores), however in most cases if an objectively and/or seemingly superior man appears and is interested in your girl, in todays world devoid of norms there is not much you can do to alter the outcome, either she cheats or leaves you for example.

Based on these assertions, number 1 explains perfectly that since men are unequal, THERE WILL always be hierarchies. For pick up artists "alpha" men are men who ARE attractive to most girls, "beta" are average (almost invisible to most women, neither ugly but not outstanding either in physique or in charms or wit) and "omega" are just the archetypes of the reject. Those hierarchies are visible for any person, so I don't know why you have such a trouble accepting that simple fact of life? I guess you agree with assertion number 2 and assertion number 3 is just the way women are. The only woman loyal to a man is his mother and sometimes even her is bent on his destruction.

Unknown said...

You do know "Vox Day" is short and bald and that "Roissy" goes from one long-term relationship to another, just like his "feminist" counterpart, Gloria Steinem?

People wonder why I don't take these fools and their masturbatory, comic-book hierarchies seriously.

Anonymous said...

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