Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Women Should Not Be Allowed to Vote, Part II

I don't think women should be allowed to vote. 80% of them are natural fascist/socialists and don't even know it. Instead, they think their beliefs are the right ones.

I found the below as a comment on my blog concerning that article. I found it interesting enough to share.

I'll assume she's telling the truth. What she doesn't realize - and probably can't admit to herself - is that everything she has done has been based on the accomplishments of men. And again, when men establish a field women follow them like dogs into it...and then destroy it. And does she think every woman wants to be like her? And if she's telling the truth...she's one out of twenty million. In other words, a statistical outlier.

And notice she talks about penises. They just can't seem to help themselves. I'm surprised she didn't tell me I have a tiny dick and never get laid.

I'm curious as to why she did not use her full name and give a link to her site so I can worship at the altar of Her Awesomeness.

Apparently I've run across Wonder Woman. Perhaps she can do a comic book about herself?

And believe me, that tree branch up my butt is pretty uncomfortable.

"You suck, Bob!

"My name is Linda. I am a woman. Do you want to know what else I am?

"I'm Ivy League-educated. In Economics. In Political Science. In Mathematics. Triple Major, how about that? I've also received post-graduate degrees in the same fields and earned my Ph.D. Wowzah!

"I gotta tell you, I'm not sure how I did it without having a penis. It was rough, doing this thing called research and field study and writing theses the length of novels. I must have, by plain dumb luck, vomited out the right sequences of words in both my papers and my oral defense to impress the men-folk just enough that they took pity on poor ol' me, a broad who wanted to play in their sandbox. What were those women doing on my juries anyway? They must've been free with the BJs to their male colleagues, amirite?

"I can explain supply and demand. I can parse out the differences between Communism and Socialism (parse, verb, to break down into component parts; now you don't have to look it up!). I can do the same for supply-side versus Keynesian economics. Ditto on detailing the advantages (and disadvantages!) of a constitutional monarchy. I can also explain 'marginal' utility, which shows that I can also spell and, at the very least, proofread what I write.

"More things I can explain: the Laffer curve, Black-Scholes, the Gini coefficient, asymmetrical federalism, neo-Gramscianism, and Godel's theorem, to name only a few.

"I can also squat nearly three times my bodyweight, bench nearly the same, and I'm willing to wager I can triple the number of one-handed pull-ups you can perform. Did I mention I'm a decorated Bosnian and Iraq war veteran? Oh yeah, I'm that, too.

"Change the tire on my car? Please. I've repaired eight-ton military vehicles, too. I earned Expert Marksman rank in weapons qualifications. I've run--not walked--through mine fields under a barrage of enemy fire. I can drive stick.

"How did I get this way? Parents who loved and supported me, informed me that I was in no way inferior to men, and that I could master any skill, any theory, any challenge put before me. Amazing, isn't it, how far and fast one can go when one doesn't have to fight their conditioning?

"It's gauche (gauche, adj., to be trendy or in fashion--saved you more time, buddy!) for men who say similar things as you to read a background like mine and snidely comment that I must be a lesbian, what with my very obvious penis-envy. But no, I'm married, and to an equally decorated, intelligent, and fit man who isn't the least bit insecure or intimidated by my success or education. You and some of your readers might want to try it sometime, right after you see a proctologist for that unfortunate tree branch lodged in your rectum.

"Here's a thought: Until YOU can match MY level of education, experience, and skill, why don't you sit on those pretty little hands of yours and let the grown-ups do the voting from now on, eh, tough guy?"


Robert What? said...

Interesting, you would think that someone so accomplished would not be so thin skinned. She may very well be the real deal but my money is on major fabrication.

Unknown said...

Honest to God, she sounds like a superhero. Running across minefields? Repairing military vehicles? Ph.D.s? I've never met anyone so accomplished in my life. And if she is, why no full name and a link to her site?

I am dubious.

Anders said...

I call complete bullshit on this woman here, Bob. Her comment reeks of attention whore desperation.

Anonymous said...

She's above it all yet she has to beg and plead for the approval of Bob Wallace (and simultaneously spit at him) in a dinky little corner of the internet

Anonymous said...

She also developed a time machine, gave Newton the principals of physics, gave Einstein the theory of relativity, gave Schrödinger the underpinnings of quantum mechanics, gave Hobbs, Locke, Mills et all every manuscript, did the first draft of the declaration of inpendance, single handedlywon every western war since the crusades and took the .time to personally tell you, you were wrong...Nawalt

Anonymous said...

Many officers in the USA military bureaucracy have Ph.D.s.

Those Ph.D.s are often not worth the paper on which they are printed.

They give these officers a certain cachet in the bureaucracy.

The tough part of a Ph.D. is getting the respect of independent critics. The USA military is good at propaganda exercises but bad at handling honest criticism.

Political science publications in the USA war machine just have to wrap themselves in the flag - no real criticism of sacred cows is allowed.

John Craig said...

She's lying guaranteed. No one who had time to get those Ph.D's would have time to work out enough to do squat three times their body weight. Think about that -- let's say she weighs 120, that would mean she could do squats with 360 pounds on her back? I know strong guys who weight 200 and are fi who have to struggle to do stats with 330 pounds. And one-armed pull-ups? How many women do you know who can do any real (all the way down) pull-ups, let alone one armed pull-ups.

I'm surprised she didn't claim to have four children, all of whom are Rhodes Scholars. If a woman with those accomplishments existed, believe me, we'd have heard of her.

Unknown said...

I am so intimated by her I will never get over it. I'm just devastated, crushed, collapsed! I'll never be the same!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the point in all her achievements(if assumed to be true) because she is a biological dead end with no progeny. She also makes a pathetic attempt to show us that she can out man any man and as most of us are aware of, women make horrible men and vice versa. I hope she has invented something or come up with some groundbreaking discoveries to move mathematics to the next frontier and she has signed up for special forces. Whats sad is that all this has been done on the backs of men and as you say what men have created. After all, a talented man was displaced to accomadate her education and military ambitions.

Anonymous said...

She's so full of shit it's squirting out here ears.

Glen Filthie said...

Good stuff Linda. What are your measurements though? HAR HAR HAR! It sounds to me like our warrior princess just needs to get laid!

A note about cultivating good sexual relationships, boys! Life with women has to be good in the sack too and sometimes women can be tempted by their worse natures not to 'put out' as they should. Such attitudes can spread from her duties in the bedroom beyond - to her duties round the house!

I find the good ol' reward/punishment paradigm works every time! Given the choice between some bedroom aerobics - or the hellish anaerobics of the dutch oven - most women can be easily and permanently attitudinally adjusted.

Thanks to this training method MY wife now cleans the guns, changes the oil AND makes the sammiches. She fetches beer on command now too!

Women that vote have too much time on their hands and should leave such matters to their men.

Linda W. said...

Yes, I'm posting without a link to identifying information thereby making me anonymous, and as we all know, people who post anonymously do so because they are desperate attention whores. Makes tons of sense!

I'm not surprised you haven't met anyone as accomplished, Bob. After all, like attracts like.

Seems my profile got a bunch of knickers in a twist. What was Bob saying on Thursday about losers in their basements?

Combat personnel are trained in the art of breaching fundamentals. Surprised? Ivy League-educated means I went to an Ivy League school independent of (and after the conclusion of my service in) the U.S. military.

Get doxed once (because you've upset the macho apple cart in the past), and you become stingy with personal links on the interwebz. But tell you what, manly men, there are enough details in what you've read thus far that an exceptional sleuth can find me. If anyone does it, I'll send you a copy of Kittel's Quantum Theory of Solids (valued at over $100!) along with a slap on the rear. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Such often seen among dykes. I'm still waiting for your name and a link.

It ain't gonna happen.

By the way, my name really is Bob Wallace.

I've also found some people, as hostile as they are, cannot stay away from my site. I wonder why?

And quit making fun of my dick. It hurts my feelings.

Unknown said...

I enjoy needling the pompous and humorless. I picked this up from a site:

"I'm an active duty physician assistant in an infantry combat brigade at one of the 'big two' bases. Let me tell you the unadulterated truth firsthand. Most female soldiers are so fat that they face chapter under the Army Weight Control Program. To avoid this, they often become pregnant so they can get out on a chapter 8 and keep their benefits or no longer meet the AWCP requirements due to being pregnant. My unit is deploying. There are two female PAs in our BDE (out of 7). One came up pregnant a week prior to deployment training and the other is getting medically boarded out for a variety of nonspecific issues. It is a fucking joke. Everyone knows it but no one can speak it. God help us if someone ever invades our country. Without air superiority, our only offense will be throwing psych meds at the enemy in an attempt to blind them by hitting them in the eyes, dumping our sleep meds into their water supply, or getting them hooked on narcotic pain meds."

"This came in response to the news that Britain's women warriors in Afghanistan have proven 33 times more likely to get pregnant than killed in action."

Ouch, baby...very ouch.

Keep them one arm pull-ups going.

Anonymous said...

I have also studied from Kittel(Solid State Physics but Ashcroft& Mermin is more rigorous),Jackson(Classical Electrodynamics),Bjorken and Drell(Rleativisitc Quantum Mechanics),Mertzbacher(Quantum Mechanics,very terse and tough),Rudin(Real and Complex Analysis but there are much tougher books though),Hungerford(Abstract Algebra/Module Theory),Arfken and
Webber(Mathematical Physics but Byrum and Fuller much better),Ahlfors(Complex Analysis classic) whats your point?

Unknown said...

Such bragging is to cover up feelings of insecurity..that's my point.

Anonymous said...

I did not refer this question to you Bob, it was meant for Linda. Does she think that most of us reading your blog are ignorant dumbasses?

Unknown said...

Oops, my bad. Well, as incredibly brilliant as she is, I guess she assumes all of us are dumbasses, including me...but I wonder why she reads this blog and wants to comment?

Anonymous said...

Btw,I found a used "Quantum Theory Solids" by Charles Kittel for $20.23 + 3.99 shipping. Why buy the new one!!!

RJ said...

There isn't a woman on the planet who can bench 3 times her body weight...someone's trolling...

Unknown said...

I can't bench-press three times my body weight! 600 pounds? I can't even pick that up!

PT said...

The female WR in bench pressing is in the order of 2.2-2.3x bw if I remember correctly. A "normal" female bench presser at advanced level (many years of focused training) doesn't even do 1x bw.

A man who does 1x bw bench press isn't particularly impressive though.

As for pull ups... It is rare that it's even possible for a woman to achieve sufficient upper body strength to be able to do a single normal pull up.

Unknown said...

If the woman is going to lie she should have done a better job, especially the bit about running though minefields.

Glengarry said...

Extraordinary educational accomplishments as well as extraordinary upper body strength. Perhaps she's an aging transsexual? One can only speculate.

Unknown said...

Brains and brawn. I'm intimidated to the point I'd stutter in her Presence.

BlackJack said...

I'm interested to hear more about Linda's involvement in the Bosnian war. Did she fly a bomber for NATO?

By the way, that's not the definition of "gauche".

Anonymous said...

The only thing Linda has convinced me of is that she has a head full of busted wiring.

Ran through a minefield. Read -ran through a field of wildflowers to escape a bee. And failed.