Monday, February 24, 2014

The Science Delusion

There is science, and then there is Scientism.

Science is a method. Hypotheses and theories are always provisional, are always approximate, and are always open to change, being refined and even overthrown.

Scientism is the belief that science is the only way to the truth (in fact it is the Truth) and whatever it states is the Truth. Such people are close to being humorless fanatics than anything else, and they certainly cannot handle the slightest bit of cognitive dissonance. Actually, science is their God.

I heard of Rupert Sheldrake many years ago, and have read some of his books. Thank God for the internet, since it gives him and other like him more exposure.


Anonymous said...

Great posting, I hope his book sells millions. When science is captured by dogma, it ceases to be science.

Glen Filthie said...

The old nickel goes - people that believe in nothing will believe in anything.

Back in the day narcissists posed as Bible thumping holy rollers and bilked stupid, unthinking morons out of their life savings. They went on phony moral crusades and waged wars against those that didn't agree with them. The church slowly purged itself of these cretins and their legions of followers - but it took time and effort and cost them dearly.

Stupid people corrupted Christianity to the point that it was no longer viable for them - so they turned to science. Behold, fakes and phonies like Fat Al Gore arise to fleece the dummies and line their pockets.

Our elite, intellectual class has fallen. Our universities are now moral and intellectual wastelands that crank out socialist dummies like they were sausages.

We will live in interesting times.