Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fighting With My Sister, Her Friends and My Cousins

I have a sister 13 months younger than me. We fought all the all time growing up. Nothing serious, but I used to hold her down and tickle her until she was ready to pee her pants, then let her up and see if she could make it to the bathroom. She got me back my hitting me in the head with a large aluminum can, and once put on her roller skates and came into my room and stomped on me while I was lying on the floor. She also tore open all the Christmas presents "hidden" in the closet and blamed it on me. Our parents believed her, and she didn't come clean for 20 years.

It was from these things that I learned the power of teasing women. What is called "negging," which is light teasing, for fun, and has nothing to do with insulting women to wreck their self-esteem. That's just going to make them not like you.

I also had a large extended family with a lot of female cousins, and I teased them a lot, too. One told me, years later, "I used to dread it when I saw you."

The adults in my large extended family thought I was hysterical, and I can clearly remember being the favorite of some of them.

Do these things even exist anymore? Brothers and sisters fighting? Large extended families where you're the favorite of some of them? If not, kids are missing out on a lot of fun - and a lot of education on how life works.

My sister used to have slumber parties (do they exist anymore?) and of course I used to wreak havoc on her friends. They, too, thought I was amusing, and one of them, who I saw a few months ago after many years, told me, "You were just a terror, and I remember you tormenting me all the time."

And all her friends liked me.

What we were doing is playing.

Do kids even play anymore, except for video games? They're missing out on a lot of fun. And can a child even grow up normally as a single kid, with no brothers and sisters, babysat for 12 years at school, while both the parents have to work?

It was because of all this experiences growing up is why I ended up being cocky/funny. One woman I know recently told a friend of mine about me, "He really is quite charming."

Again, it was all about playing and having fun. And if you don't play as a kid and a teenager and an adult, you're going to be hopeless. Especially if you never learned as a kid and instead had helicopter parents who tried to fill your every waking moment with what they wanted...not the kid.

Another thing I found out is that some people have no sense of humor, and God save the world from these awful people. As Michael J. Fox once said, "I think the scariest person in the world is the person with no sense of humor."

People with no sense of humor have never liked me. It took me until college to figure that out. And that is why some of the women I encountered have tried to do me in.

Apparently some people have forgotten how to play. That's not only their loss, it's the world's loss, because of all the trouble they cause.

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