Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Coming Euthanasia

I've had some interesting jobs. When I was in college I worked in a nursing home for a year, and was that an enlightening experience.

The reason I bring that up is because in the coming years we are going to experience a tidal wave of retirees. It will be an economic catastrophe, one this country will not be able to handle.

And it's not like these people are going to be healthy and go on Alaskan cruises. Just the opposite, for a lot of them.

So when it comes to certain people...I guess they'll just have to be euthanized. A shot is a lot cheaper than warehousing and feeding these people. Or maybe we can just Soylent Green them. Or encourage them to kill themselves, the way Edgar G. Robinson was encouraged to off himself in the aforementioned movie. Go to a nice, relaxing center with peaceful music, take a drink...and away you go.

When I say warehouse, I do mean warehouse. Go visit your basic warehouse/nursing home sometime. You'd be horrified. Dante's Inferno might be better.

Especially when it comes to Alzheimers and other forms of dementia. Some of these people are in a completely vegetative state, which means they can't walk, can't talk, don't respond to anything, and just lie in bed and have to be fed by hand. Most of them can't even chew anymore, and are fed liquids or have a feeding tube in their stomach. They can stay like this for several years before they die.

So the day will come when their feeding tubes are disconnected, and then they'll be given water until they kick the bucket. Or they'll get that shot. It's not like they know what's going on anyway.

As for the ones who are conscious but not in such good shape, they'll be housed three to a room. I've seen that. (Four is a bit too difficult for the workers to deal with.)

Of course, you can't pay the workers anything worthwhile, although the owners (the vast of whom are greedy scum) will rake in the big bucks. And with the aides being paid essentially nothing, you're going to see abuse, especially from Third World lowlifes, a noticeable number of whom are sexual perverts. Just the kind you want around helpless old people.

These places underpay their aides because they can get on welfare, Aid to Dependent Children, Section 8 housing, food cards. It's called "privatizing the benefits and socializing the costs."

And of course the residents will be fed gruel, which was a staple in orphanages in Charles Dickens' novels.

I suspect that someday, to save money (except for the greedy scum owners) there will be some sort of "voluntary" service (maybe for high school kids) where they are forced to work in nursing homes. Who knows? Got to keep those labor costs down.

Strangely, some people are paid astronomical salaries. I knew a woman who was an "occupational therapist," which is a nothing job that anyone can do, and she made over $100,000 a year driving from one nursing home to another, all over the state.

It's the same with "physical therapy," which can be taught in about two hours.

Actually, we are going to end up with a shortage of certain workers for these places. It used to be it took about eight months to become a nurse. Now it's a four year degree. These are filters to reduce supply so the money will go up.

The same thing with nurse's aides. They used to be college students, as I was. Now they're CNAs - Certified Nurses Aides, which is often a three-month course that means absolutely nothing. I've seen it filter out excellent workers because they didn't have the intellectual capacity to pass the course.

What next? An MS to be a nurse? And a BA to be an aide?

There is also a problem with the management these days. When I was in college they were men (one was retired military). Now they are women, who are overpaid and don't do anything. Management is also top-heavy. Top-heavy, don't do anything except sit around and have meetings, and are overpaid.

The two biggest problems are I see today are "education" and certifications that mean nothing (it's supposed to make us "safe," which is one of those deluded female things) and women in management. As usual, women screw up everything when there are too many of them in certain fields. They can make fine nurses but as for managing things - not a good thing.

The quality of the workers has gone down - aides, nurses, management. And it's directly proportional to requiring more "education" and the influx of women into positions for which they are not suited.

I've met people from other countries who visited here, saw these places and said, "What the hell? We don't do this in my home country! They stay at home until they die!" I guess we don't want to/can't, not with everyone having to work to make ends met. Or are maybe just don't want to deal with Mom and Dad.

Both my parents stayed at home until they died. Goddamn if I was going to put them in a nursing home.

We're going to have to start seeing old, sick people as non-human. Dehumanize them, See them as disgusting, perhaps evil. Then it will be easier to croak them. Call it human sacrifice to save society.

Nursing homes shouldn't be called nursing homes. Perhaps Torture Death Warehouses would be a better name.


Velvet said...

Both my parents stayed at home until they died. Goddamn if I was going to put them in a nursing home.

I don't speak to my father, and he doesn't speak to me, but if he becomes incapable of caring for himself at home, we will not speak here in my home together.

My in-laws speak of nursing homes as if they're a given. Not while I'm alive will anyone I am responsible for loving, including me, every reside in one, nor will I take my children to "visit" any of their beloved relatives in one of those death camps.

Velvet said...

Does it ever occur to people why government assistance is available to those wretched places, but is only partially and begrudgingly paid to willing caregiving family members, on behalf of people who have done a lot of taxpaying over their lives, so the elderly could stay in the comfort and relative safety of their own homes? There is an alarming parallel there, how we warehouse our children and our elderly, with the government all too frothy to get their hands on both groups. All the conspiracy theorizing on FEMA camps, etc, is really unnecessary if you just open your eyes to the public institutional culture - schools, prisons, nursing homes - the trifecta of decline.

RobertW said...

Personally when my time comes I am taking the man's way out with the Smith & Wesson "insurance policy".

The Anti-Gnostic said...

the conspiracy theorizing on FEMA camps, etc, is really unnecessary if you just open your eyes to the public institutional culture - schools, prisons, nursing homes - the trifecta of decline

Holy shit that's a depressing thought: book-ending your life in government institutions.

My old dad actually works in a nursing home. He's still remarkably healthy but I am sure we'll have a talk one day. He says the Third World attendants are horrible--crass, impersonal, mercenary.

I'll just take a long walk out into the woods in winter if I have to.

Bob Wallace said...

"He says the Third World attendants are horrible--crass, impersonal, mercenary."

And they steal.

Kent McManigal said...

I remember the Star Trek: TNG episode where those facilities were called "death watch facilities".

Take The Red Pill said...

When the time comes that the Baby Boomers (who screwed our society up) have to go take their turn in these places, I like to think of it as "poetic justice".

Anonymous said...

My parents were the quintessential baby boomers who basically forced their kids to raise themselves. I said "Someday..."

Now they can go take care of their own problems as well.

Anonymous said...

With 7 billion people and counting on this shrinking earth, Mother Nature is gonna do something and it won't be pretty. Watch old Prof. Al Bartlett on youtube telling it like it is.

Why did WW1 start? You can analyze the beejesus out of it, but at the end of the day, the realization sets in: it was stupid. Whole populations went cheerfully to the slaughter, hot about pseudo-issues that don't even look paper-thin to our eyes.

Sigmund Fraud spoke of the "death-wish" in those years. Maybe he had a point. Maybe a WW3 will be Nature's device for thinning the herd again - say, by 70% this time. The participants, of course, will have perfectly reasonable justifications for their madness. We must make the world safe for transexualism! Eggs should be broken at the pointy end, not the broad end! The insult to Justin Bieber shall not stand!

In any case, I fear a massive die-off is coming, for old and young alike.

Anonymous said...

Right now you need to go to community college to earn minimum wage as a poop-wiping nursing aide. I only wish there was some way I could take revenge against this evil crap society.