Friday, February 7, 2014

There is Nothing Good About Psychopaths

I occasionally read articles about the wonders of the Dark Triad. The supporters are clueless. I was raised with such people and know what they are.

Stupid psychopaths end up in prison. The smarter ones become politicians.

There are those who understand psychopaths and narcissists enjoy pain and sadness in other people.

By the way, no psychopath gives a shit about you, and they don't care if you live or die. And if you die in agony, they find that amusing.


Anonymous said...

Look, Bob, you're really missing the point here.

No one in the Manosphere, not Heartiste, not Vox, not Krauser, not Roosh, NO ONE is saying that we need to become sociopaths or psychopaths to become successful with women.

What CH and others are saying is that there are certain things we can learn from those types of men that can help in bedding women.

That's it.

You get way too wound up about this shit.

And if what they're arguing doesn't work with women, that will become apparent.

So just relax and let reality take its course.

Anonymous said...

Agree Bob gets way to worked up about the PUA community. He gets way to bent out of shape about this topic. Like much of what he writes but he needs to go talk to his therapist about this.

Unknown said...


By the way, Roissy is a wimp pretending to be a man. And if you read what he writes he extolls the wonders of the psychopath. He apparently has no idea what they are, or else he's lying.

Roosh? He's five things: liar, fat girls, ugly girls, fat ugly girls, and whores.

Rumk Lopongio said...

Poor dumb Bob. If you say women like men taller than average, he thinks you're saying they only like men eight feet tall -- AND he thinks you're claiming that only 8' men are healthy. He refuses to listen.

Quantity matters, Bob. A little garlic, or a little dissonance, is nice. Only a maniac eats a head of raw garlic or listens to Einsturzende Neubaten. All women are attracted to a moderate dose of sociopathy. Some go for balls-out maniacs, but not most. All Rossy says is that all women are attracted to varying degrees of psychopathy. This is as controversial as gravity, which is why Bob has to lie about what Roissy's saying to pretend to disagree with it.

Roosh has posted photos of genuine stunners draped over him. Show me the fatties, Bob. Show me any reason to believe he's only banging fatties, Bob -- other than your own desperate need to believe it.

Show me a man who swears nobody bangs anything but fatties, and I'll show you a man who needs to believe nobody's doing better than he is.

Glen Filthie said...

Bob remember the 'Generation Gap' and how we complained about that gulf that yawned between us and our parents? As a border line Gen X/baby boomer I remember the era that the hippies complained about their straight laced parents, and how hard it was for them to 'find themselves' and relate to their elders.

Well the cultural chasm that yawns between us and these young men here is light years wider than that. They don't get it. We don't get it. To them, 'success with women' is defined as a Pump N' Dump. Their women are sluts, and they treat them accordingly. Their women are every bit as narcissistic as they are, and it is probably better for everyone if they don't have children or breed. We are three generations deep into the hippy-dippy gender wars and sexual revolution and the old rules of dating and courtship don't apply. These fellas couldn't care less if their women flip them off after a quick roll in the hay. They belong to the '4F' Club: Find 'em, Finger 'em, F*** 'em and Forget 'em!

As for you what ya gotta do I guess. Just know this - women have A LOT more to offer than what you're getting out of them. You have more to give them too. A good classical marriage IS still possible - and that is what success with women truly is.

Gwen said...

"...all women are attracted to varying degrees of psychopathy."

No. Psychopathy merely mimics various facets of true strength. It's all illusion, however - a psychopath is all weakness once you probe beneath the surface. Women are confused by the illusion, much the same way that you can confuse fireflies with a flashlight.

I grew up around psychopaths, too - it runs in the family. The women who get involved with them are fundamentally flawed, unable to detect the warning signs that indicate an unreliable mate. Of course, if all a man wants is a one night stand I guess that doesn't matter.

Unknown said...

Yes, Glen and Gwen, you are exactly right.

In some ways I feel sorry for some of these guys. What in the world happened to them that they ended up so clueless? Too much taking Roissy and Roosh and Vox Day seriously?

Anonymous said...


"By the way, Roissy is a wimp pretending to be a man. And if you read what he writes he extolls the wonders of the psychopath. He apparently has no idea what they are, or else he's lying.

Roosh? He's five things: liar, fat girls, ugly girls, fat ugly girls, and whores."

Ad Hominem Fallacy, meet Bob Wallace. Bob Wallace, meet Ad Hominem Fallacy.

If the PUA's advice on women didn't work, then they wouldn't have the following that they do.

The fact is, their advice does work. I've seen it with my own eyes. And many other men have said the same.

And all the name-calling and insults in the world won't change that.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but you didn't rebut a single thing I said.

I pointed out that none of the PUA argue that we should become psychopaths.

Did you rebut this? No.

I pointed out that the PUA's argue we should learn specific things from psychopaths.

Did you rebut this? No.

The reason you didn't rebut the above two statements is obvious: you can't.

The problem is, you don't have the integrity to admit defeat, so instead you attempt to redirect the conversation with a bunch of ad hominems on Roissy and Roosh. It's not going to work, because I've seen that tactic too many times.

You've lost this argument. Enjoy living with that.

Anonymous said...

I take one thing back:

you did rebut what I said Roissy and psychopaths.

So, I'll counter-argue: Roissy states that there are things about psychopaths from which we can learn.

NOWHERE does he state that we should become actual psychopaths. If you say otherwise, you are just straight-up wrong.

You are creating a strawman to justify your self-righteousness.

Unknown said...

You've never met a psychopath in your life. And you're wrong about the wimp Roissy, who doesn't know what he's talking about. Ever heard of a false prophet? Why do you think that phrase exists?