Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh My God! They Do Envy My Penis!

When I was in college I learned about Freud's concept of "penis envy." I thought, that certainly sounds retarded.

Years later, I found he had a point. Feminists, for example, are forever bringing up, "Just because you have a penis..." They don't seem realize there's a lot more than having what my niece used to refer to as "a doodle." There's a different brain, and hormones, and everything else involved in being male. But for certain goofy-brained females, it's just the doodle.

And why is it that whatever men create, women want to follow and try to change it to suit themselves, which means destroy it? I use as an example the skank Adria Richards, who fortunately got fired for taking a picture of two computer nerds talking about "dongles" and "forking." (Apparently she is so dumb it never occurred to her that the only thing that would happen is men trying to keep women out of their computer club, to avoid such harassment from imbeciles).

Wouldn't women following men around into every field be a form of penis envy? "Golly, those guys must have it so good in there...mommy, daddy, I want in! Make them let me in!"

Men don't follow women around, pounding on their doors and yelling, "Let me in! Let me in! I want in the girls' playhouse!"

I'm impressed by the power of my doodle. It's a literal Magic Wand, to have such power over women.


totenhenchen said...

What has a dog ever done to you to deserve being compared to Adria Richards?

Unknown said...

You have a point, so I changed it.