Friday, February 28, 2014

My Scary Career-Criminal "Friend"

My father was a general contractor and I started working for him when I was 12. I saw some interesting things.

My father hired a lot of men as carpenters. One of them was an ex-con and a career criminal named Bobby Joe Jackson, who I figure is dead now (another was a graduate of the University of Illinois but spent his life as a carpenter). He was of those guys who did not mind being in prison, and he was in and out two or three times.

Bobby Joe was only about 5'6" but he had that prison build - huge on top, skinny legs. His biceps were the size of my head. (I was able to find something online about him: "Jackson was being held in jail on a hold order from the U.S. marshal's office and was to be questioned by authorities here in the murder case.")

I wasn't afraid of Bobby Joe but let's just say I did not consider him my friend. He once told my father, "I wouldn't do anything to you 'cause I like you."

Bobby Joe once got into a fight with his own brother in some dive bar. His brother hit him with a pool cue and Bobby Joe popped his own brother's eyeball out of its socket. The doctor in the ER popped it back in.

Bobby Joe also told me some guy had done something to him - I don't remember what - so Bobby Joe broke in the guy's house and threw his TV down the stairs.

So, then, at the age of 12, I realized there were career criminals, and nothing can be done with them except to lock them up. They cannot be rehabilitated.

I also ran across these same kinds of guys in middle school. I was raised in a not-good area. I remember two brothers who terrorized the younger boys. Both ended up in prison at 19. Career criminals.

I also remember when a friend and I were beaten up by six guys and another time when I was attacked by two guys - which ended up as a draw.

I have written before how I was in the basement of a bar playing pool when a gunfight broke out around me. I went under the pool table in a nanosecond. One guy had been paid to kill another guy. The supposed killee turned the tables and plugged the wannabe killer - and killed him. The survivor got a .38 in the temple, which spun around the back of his skull. I know about these things because my mother helped treat them at the ER.

The survivor was the same guy who broke the jaw of a friend of mine with one sucker punch because he walked on my friend with Killer's girlfriend - and my friend did not know she was his girlfriend.

That's when I realized there is a very small number women of who like Bad Boys - and they are trash themselves. Birds of a feather flock together. Trash hangs with trash.

I have zero respect for the concept of "Alpha" or "Beta" or how "Chicks dig the Dark Triad." People who believe in these things have comic book minds. They are naive fools with little understanding of human nature. Reality trumps theory every time.

I am reminded of a scene in the movie Wait Until Dark (which everyone should see because of Alan Arkin's portrayal of Harry Roat, Jr., who is the scariest villain ever). I have met people like Harry Roat Jr.

Roat: "Did you know they wanted to kill me? I did. I knew even before they did. They were awful amateurs, and that's why you saw through them."

Susy Hendrix: "I saw through you too."

Roat: "No, not all the way, Suzy. Even now, not all the way. The lovely thing was the way I let them set it all up. All that silliness of meeting in the parking lot, the whole thing, they had comic book minds. So, I let them do it their way, right up to the very end. And then, topsy-turvy. Me topsy and them turvy."

I have written before about this, about a serial killer who murdered a woman I worked with, killed a pregnant woman, and murdered a 19-year-old girl and threw her body on the side of the road. I had a strong idea where she was (and it turned out I was correct) but did not look for her because I knew I would find her. And when the police came to interview him as a suspect he hid behind his wife.

I've also have two relatives in prison - one for shooting a cop (who in turn shot my relative several times and blew his pinkie finger off), and another for murder (he's still in). The one still in got into a fight in prison and got his back broken when he was got down on the floor and kicked until his spine broke. He is now permanently in a wheelchair.

Every woman I've known who was a slut, and every guy I've known who has been a popular-with-women "Alpha" cad have been cowards. And if you think these kinds of guys will support you and back you up, you have a another think coming. It's what is meant by the phrase, "Fair weather friend."

Men who think, "If I act like a narcissist or psychopath and the chicks will dig me" because some blustering wimp like Roissy tells you so (or a special snowflake like Vox Day comes up with his own classification of "Sigma") don't know what a narcissist or psychopath is. And you don't even want to act like one. It will have nothing but bad effects on your life.

If you don't believe me, act like one for the rest of you life and watch what happens.


Glen Filthie said...

I like Vox - despite the fact he hates my guts. I particularly like him for his crusade against 'pink' science fiction and the faggotification of the genre and others.

Never seen pictures of him but his tone is reminiscent of that I see of smaller men. The wife calls it 'little man' syndrome where smaller men get more aggressive than necessary to compensate for their smaller stature. Captain Capitalism is prone to it on occasion lately too.

I am sure their tactics will work just fine for the tire biters and the skanks they are out to bed - but I will bet those behaviours will take them out of 'the Game' if they are every confronted by a woman of worth.

Feminism is not only turning our young women into sluts - it is turning our young men into poseurs, poltroons and bullies.

We know better because we were raised in better times by better people Bob.

Unknown said...

Vox should stick to science fiction and stay away from advising guys on the socio-sexual hierarchy. He's giving bad advice.

Anonymous said...

So the name is Bob? Nice cigar "Bob."
And...Man-up seems to be the message.
I'll admit, you're good "Bob."

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what you mean.

Anonymous said...

@ Glen: Vox is married and has been for a long time. His wife occasionally comments under the name SpaceBunny. He has at least one kid he has mentioned in his football practice posts, Ender. And yes, he is short.

Anders said...

@ Glen: It's called Napoleon Syndrome.

@ Bob: I agree with you in general that most people in PUA don't know that psychopathy/dark triad traits are of the criminal mind, and that sort of behavior would indeed get them killed.

However I must say that in my experience back in middle school and high school, all the girls that I was attracted to, the ones I perceived as most attractive, were attracted to guys I would consider to be egotistical maniacal jerk offs/assholes, bullies and thugs. Most men were raised to be compliant non-aggressive, get along to go along/don't rock the boat types as I have been. So my conclusion is that the most attractive women are attracted to violent men whether they be good or bad.

Unknown said...

Many are attracted to guys who can use violence to defend themselves. The bigmouths are the first to collapse, though. I've seen it more than once.