Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Can Ignore Court Rulings About Immigration

All laws are just suggestions unless backed by force, i.e. violence.

Since courts can’t enforce their rulings you might has well consider them suggestions. In Australia the courts stupidly ruled against the wishes of the people – so the rulers ignored the courts and started deporting Muslims and refusing them entry (which is why the now-gone Barak Obama said the U.S. would take 1500 Muslims refugees that Australia refused to admit). Then the Australian courts backtracked and basically said, “Well, we made a mistake.”

Same here. Trump can ignore the courts. Again, courts can’t enforce their rulings. If Trump ignores them the courts are helpless to do anything.

Trump does appear to respect the rule of law. And I think he knows in the long-run he’s going to win, anyway, once the right person gets on the Supreme Court.

I am surprised how dumb the Democrats are for opposing this. They’ve been crushed in recent elections. What do they think is going to happen in the coming elections? More Democratic defeats?

Thank God America has bloodless coups like this, although the Leftists here – like everywhere – want to see bloodshed and destruction and revolution.

If Trump does ignore court rulings most people will be fine with it. The Left of course is going to be marching in protest – which they’re going to be doing for the next eight years while desperately and futilely hoping Trump will resign or be impeached or be assassinated.

Contrary to the lies of Leftists, anti-American Jews and Muslims the United States was founded by Christians of European ancestry, specifically the English.

This country doesn’t need any more Muslims or Africans or Mexicans – none of whom have the ability to found – or maintain – such a country as this. If they did have the ability the places they’re from wouldn’t be shitholes and they wouldn’t be following Americans and Europeans like dogs begging for our scraps.


APL said...

"Trump can ignore the courts."

Who comes into the country isn't in the remit of the courts, it's ultimately up to the military and the head of the military, ... is the President.

Once the critters have legally entered the country, that's a different matter.

Since most of the US code isn't enforced anyway, what's the problem with disregarding some more of it?

Glen Filthie said...

Fuggoff Bob!!!!!!

Ya know where those fuggin moslem turdies are gonna go if they can't get into the USA?

Straight to effin CANADA. We have enough of those shit skinned SOB's here as it is! You can't do this to us - our Swine Minister is a mangina!!!

Maybe we can work out a deal? Maybe they could all be on a bus when it drives over a cliff? Make it look like an accident...?

A Texan said...

And people forget we already have enough of our own ghetto people who won't assimilate properly and were born her. Funny that these leftist will never move to a 'duh-verse' place like Liberia for example or Haiti. But hey, we desperately need more 'turd worlders' while millions of Americans are unemployed.

Twarog said...

"This country doesn’t need any more Muslims or Africans or Mexicans – none of whom have the ability to found – or maintain – such a country as this."

But how else will Democrats continue to get themselves elected and implement their holy agenda?

Seriously, people gripe about how "divided" the country has become since the '50s, but it's not really true. the historic American population hasn't moved terribly far politically since the Eisenhower administration; what's happened since 1965 is that an ultra-liberal clique has used naturalized immigrants as electoral cannon fodder to push the country far to the left of anything the old electorate would have tolerated. (They use judicial activism and convoluted court rulings to the same purpose). If you adjust the 2012 election results to reflect America's 1960 demographics, Mitt Romney crushes President Obama by an overwhelming landslide.