Thursday, February 23, 2017

“The Deep State”

”Without contraries there is no progression.” - William Blake

I’ve been hearing talk recently of “the Deep State.” The talk these days is about the people Obama appointed.

It’s more than that. The Deep State is a combination of unelected government bureaucrats, politicians, the Mainstream Media and the very wealthy people that fund and otherwise support politicians. The Deep State has been around for a long time – thousands of years (it’s why people believe in such non-existent entities such as the Illuminati and the Masons and think they run everything). It’s not just Democratic politicians but also Republican ones.

Politicians come and go but the Deep State survives them.

Trump isn’t part of the Deep State. You’d think he might be because he’s so wealthy. But if he was part of the Deep State he wouldn’t be so viciously attacked – which is going to continue non-stop for the next eight years.

I’ve had people tell me Trump is part of the Deep State and once he was elected President he’d turn into a typical politician. But he hasn’t. He’s the exact opposite.

If he was part of the Deep State he’d be starting wars or escalating the ones the U.S. is in, be for open borders and raising taxes and increasing regulations. But he wants to do the exact opposite. Has been doing it.

The last terrible President we had who was part of the Deep State was Dubya Shrub – a member of the very wealthy Bush Crime Family (who started four wars).

I live in Flyover Land – the Heartland. There are probably people here who are part of the Deep State – both Republicans and Democrats. There are very wealthy people here but I have no idea who they fund or what they believe – they keep these things hidden.

Those in the Deep State see those who are not members of it as people to be exploited. People to be shoveled around like wet concrete. They think they are smarter and more moral than the rest of us – we are just Flyover Land huckleberries.

This has been the history of the world – the Deep State exploiting everyone until they rise up – and then we have revolution, meaning death and destruction and societal collapse.

Unfortunately Americans don’t have revolutions. We have coups, which is happening right now.

The Deep State knows it is under attack. Hence the vicious attacks on Trump, which are not going to stop for the next eight years.

The “Deep State” doesn’t really exist. It’s just a word to describe all the people who try to exploit everyone else by using the government. But is a good word and will be around for a long time.

The people in the Deep State cannot think outside the box. That’s why they never saw what is coming. They never do.

There are really two “parties” – the establishment and those against the establishment. The static and the dynamic.

There is an eternal fight between those two groups. And Trump is far too dynamic – and troublesome - to be a member of the static Deep State. He’s actually a bit of a flawed hero.

Any member of the Deep State is terribly flawed but none of them are heroic in the slightest.

"It is movement and rest." - Jesus, Gospel of Thomas


Eduardo the Magnificent said...

Like Bastiat said, the world is divided into plunderers and producers. It's the only real war in human history.

Chris Mallory said...

Obama was a CIA stooge from even before he was born, so he was Deep State as well.

Glen Filthie said...


Nope. Dubya is no Deep Stater, he was just a man in a job that was over his head. And as far as that goes, in historical context - he did alright. Trump would have done the exact same under those circumstances and rightfully so.

The Deep State is going to turn out to be the deadbeats, the leather elbowed sycophants and the unionized pooch screwers that come to infest any large organization. Getting rid of them is easier said than done - they will oppose him with their cronies in the judiciary as they did with that immigration ban. Even if Trump CAN get rid of them... They'll be back.

It's good to see him shake them up though...

little dynamo said...

"Obama was a CIA stooge from even before he was born, so he was Deep State as well."

That's the rare outrageous statement that happens to be true, fairly high probability anyway. Dunno if CIA or some other entity handled, but he sure appears handled, at least from adolescent years, and likely younger, according to my look-sees. People expect some kind of Manchurian Zombie or something, it isn't like that. Was he prepared pre-birth? In a way, sure. All this is one reason why he didn't p.o. me quite like Junior. Barry never really had a chance, in some ways. What would I have become without a stable and present dad? Dead and early, for starters.

Barry's mother also shows evidence of a Connected life -- and as she was his major 'stable' influence, yeesh. Good luck pulling outta that dive.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"I live in Flyover Land – the Heartland."

Which is the safest place to be, given current political and social realities, unless you enjoy the prospect of "living on the X", so to speak ...

I'm far too close to the X right now, and I'll be solving this problem as you have.

Technically, it will not be "flyover land" where I'll be going, because I've looked at aviation routes and as far as I can tell, nobody flies over it.

Robert What? said...

There have always been parasites, sycophants, hangers on, freeloaders, etc, who use the Deep State for their own personal gain and that of their cronies. That part is nothing new. What may be more recent is that absolutely monstrous mass and number of them. It seems like 50% of the population (including unionized government workers) are living off the hard work and productivity of the other 50%. If Hillary had been elected, within a few years it would be more like 60% living off the other 40%. It will be interesting to see if the Trump years change any of that.