Saturday, February 11, 2017

Breeding People

The reason we can breed dogs into such wildly different breeds is because they have a lot more genes that humans do.

I know quite a few people who have been in prison. Most have been drug addicts.

None have been raised all the badly – but not great, either. Their parents have mostly been lower-class. Mostly nice people but lower-class. Not all that bright.

But I’ve always wondered about their genetics.

By the way I’m not advocating some sort of government eugenics program – it’s been tried in the past, including sterilization (the Nazis got their eugenics program from the U.S. – and we know to where that led).

But doesn’t every parent want their children to marry the best they can, including genetically? Don’t we judge people on their genes even we don’t consciously know it? How many men have any interest in ugly women? Aren’t men really saying, “Their genes – ugh!”

I’ve occasionally wondered how much our genetics influence us. I keep reading 40% to 50%. That sounds about right to me. This of course means the environment has a huge influence.

I once read a very influential novel, written over a hundred years ago, called The Shepherd of the Hills. The author suggested people spent more time and effort breeding dogs than people. I saw the same suggestions in Gone with the Wind.

I do know Donald Trump’s father told him the family was what it was because of their genetic ancestry – German and Scottish (which is a very common combination in the U.S., including me).

I do know of one well-known writer (whose name I cannot remember) who said he decided to not have children because his father was a psychopath, and he was afraid it was inherited and his children might inherit it (some of the more ignorant in the Manosphere refer to these conscienceless, loveless, guilt-free, crime-prone psychopaths as “Dark Triad Alphas”).

The best-known movie about the genetically stupid taking over the world is “Idiocracy,” which is funny. It appears to be based on a famous science-fiction story called “The Marching Morons,” which is not funny at all.

In that story, 90% of the people breed themselves into being morons, 10% of the people have all the brains and have to support the other 90%, whom they decide to kill all by shooting them into space in spaceships.

All of this raises the question of letting the genetically stupid emigrate from the catastrophic countries they have created to the United States.

Leftists, who have no sense whatsoever, believe everyone is created just by the environment and therefore humanity is completely plastic. Everyone else, even if they don’t articulate it, knows that genetics plays a great part (as, of course, does environment).

Africa is pretty much a basket-case because the average IQ over there is below 70 (the U.S. and Europe have to support the continent with massive amounts of aid).

Donald Trump, while campaigning, said he wanted to cut off all Muslim immigration (by the way, cutting it off completely is not unconstitutional). I wonder to what extent he thinks – after what his father told him - these people are so genetically different from Americans that they shouldn’t be here because they’ll never fit in and become Americans.

There is an argument (and I think it is a good one) that culture and religion are greatly influenced by our genetics. If this really is true we need more Europeans over here (I know quite a quite a few Europeans who want to immigrate to the U.S. but can’t get in).

On the other hand if you are a Mexican (the mean average IQ in Mexico is 89) you can walk over the border) or climb over a fence (I heard a joke many years ago that the reason Mexico doesn’t send anyone to the Olympics is because all the Mexicans who can run, jump or swim are here).

Since wealthier countries have for thousands of years failed to reproduce themselves they have imported foreigners, who have then destroyed the culture.

If this keeps us in the U.S. we’re going to end up with ten percent of the people who have all brains and money and power – and everyone else will be a Marching Moron.

No one in their right mind wants this. And it can all be avoided by some simple changes in the law.


Anonymous White Male said...

I've seen it that genetics is 50% of our nature. Now, when you consider that society is based on innate genetic characteristics, it looks like our nature is closer to 100% genetic. Chicken or the egg?

A Texan said...

Well, what do you know?

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

Leftists, who have no sense whatsoever, believe everyone is created just by the environment and therefore humanity is completely plastic.

But when leftist couples (including lesbians!) find themselves infertile and seek sperm banks, what type of sperm do they seek? Do they look for sperm donated by homeless men or janitors with no education and low IQs? Or do they seek sperm from intelligent, successful Ivy League men?

The answer is, of course, the latter. So, as with everything else, the left is hypocritical about this issue. They themselves will PAY to get good genetics. But they expect the rest of us to believe we're "blank slates."

In other words, "Bad genes for thee, but not for me."

Anonymous said...

"Leftists, who have no sense whatsoever, believe everyone is created just by the environment and therefore humanity is completely plastic."

Except for homosexuality which is allegedly written in stone and something you are born with. Conversely however, when you suddenly perceive your gender to be something different then it is, that is also written in stone and genetics obviously just made a mistake. Wait...don't ever try to reason this stuff out. It will just make you crazy.

Glen Filthie said...

What next, Bob? Environmentalism? Warble Gloaming...? Those idiots have all the scientists and then some in their back pocket - so they just HAVE to be right, dontchya know! A-HYUK! A-HYUK! A-HYUK!

Please. Shit house science doesn't work for them and it won't work for you either. Genetic science is by no means settled (except in the minds of low IQ individuals putting on airs of intellectual and academic sophistication as with the warble gloaming crowd). We can pretty much predict inherited PHYSICAL quantifiable traits. Eg. I know that if I breed a pug with another pug I will PROBABLY get a small, happy drooling mutt with standard outward physical traits, and it will PROBABLY be full of shits n giggles.

What if I cross it with another breed?

We can take an educated guess at its physical traits, but how the behavioural and psychological ones will manifest themselves is up for grabs.

Likewise - IQ. When you were a small gaffer Bob your school teachers probly put you through a standard test, and you probly came out around 100 ~ 105 (American average, your mileage may vary) and that was that for that. Ten years later me and my friends took that same test and my generation blew the doors off yours. We were coming out around 130 ~ 150. What gives? Welp - we all were born with TV's. And from infanthood, we had Kermit and Sesame Street and educational TV going to work on us. It wasn't uncommon in my neighbourhood for kids to hit kindergarten already knowing how to read at a rudimentary level. We weren't smarter than you - we were just exposed to better, earlier childhood learning. IQ? Fah! I know men that can't read that can buy and sell you and all your fans out of pocket change!

Your nigger with the 85 IQ is trumped with a good work ethic. Instill that and he won't be a problem - ever. Shoot, he will be a net asset. Genetics in the mating game? Welp, there again - my wife is rather plain, and I am rather dumpy and unremarkable - but we have been married 30+ years now. Small house, two good cars, two dogs, all the bills paid... we're doing alright. IQ-wise I come in around 117ish on the tests I've taken, wife is in the high 120's. Whatever. My brother in law is a tall man women find handsome. He's smart and is a quick wit. Don't debate him - you'll lose. He became a liberal school teacher, then a principal, and married a good looking woman with super tits who was a public educator herself. She was a feminist. Today they're divorced, and their kids are train wrecks with diagnosed learning problems. (I would laugh but my own daughter is a fuggin militant lesbian gay hipster and something of a disappointment herself). All our kids have at least passable genetics, they all grew up in loving homes and wanted for nothing - and they all ended up moral and intellectual write-offs. We have to understand the limits of genetic and IQ science.

Making our countries great again is not simply a matter of putting the niggers in jail and booting the beaners back to their own side of the border. Even if you could do that there's any number of high IQ white people with great genetics that will oppose you and do their best to undermine you. Think Bill and Hillary Clinton and their ilk. To make our countries great, WE have to BE great. We need to re-introduce morals, ethics, and standards. Stupid and marginal people SHOULD be shamed and their behaviours punished and discouraged. Winning should be encouraged and rewarded as are the behaviours that lead to it.

Shaun F said...

I will say this. As I get older, and spend more time with my parents and family members on both sides - I see more and more clearly the genetics traits that I inherited. I couldn't see them when I was young as I didn't have the knowledge. It might be described as the confusion of "Why am I this way?" So I am less inclined to believe that "nurture" is really so significant.

Matt Harris said...

Actually, while dogs have more chromosomes, the number of genes they have is fewer than humans.

Unknown said...

I was under the impression it was the other way around. My bad.

Bruce said...

“some of the more ignorant in the Manosphere refer to these conscienceless, loveless, guilt-free, crime-prone psychopaths as “Dark Triad Alphas”).”

Just curious what you mean by this. My impression is that narcissistic, conscienceless cads aren’t necessarily dominant males e.g. what I think of as “alphas.” I know (in my family) of male cads who aren’t dominant men (i.e. manly, intimidating, where other men tend to defer to them) and very dominant men who aren’t cads. Is this what you mean?

Anonymous said...

America is becoming a third-world country due to changing demographics: