Monday, June 27, 2016

The Emperor Trump

Mythologically a king can be good or bad, a prince can be good or bad, a princess is always good, and a queen is always evil - unless she's kept under control by the king. And, not surprisingly, the queen sometimes tries to kill the king so she can rule - cruelly and sadistically, of course.

Think of the political mess in "Game of Thrones."

I sometimes think of chess - the purpose is to kill the king. And what is the second most powerful piece? The queen.

Trump clearly has the attitude he should be King. And clearly Hillary has the attitude of an Evil Queen who should rule all her peons, and their purpose is to serve her, including, if necessary, with their lives.

The coming election is the most bizarre I have ever seen. A man who thinks he should be King, and an utterly corrupt drunken lesbian who thinks she should be Queen.

Look at the way people went crazy over Princess Diana - even Americans! I remember I was in college and all the girls in the house watched her wedding. I didn't bother to tell them there's no such thing as royalty - because it wouldn't have dented their adulation of her.

There is something in people that wants a King and Queen. I was a little kid, but I remember how John and Jackie Kennedy were portrayed as American royalty - Camelot.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn has argued the best political arraignment is a constitutional monarchy. I have been inclined for years to think he's right.

That means a King first - not a Queen.


Glen Filthie said...

Diana was a commoner and to be honest, a bit of a slut and an airhead. As a Canadian there's lots of Royalists around and even they were ultimately disgusted with her and with Chuck.

Now, Prince Harry, mind you - that boy... er, MAN, is something special. As a boy he nearly killed the entire royal family during a photo op - with a cabbage fart! Later - defying the orders of the Queen he slipped his handlers and went out to Afghanistan to serve a tour of duty as a grunt. He was incensed at being trained as a tank commander and watching his unit deploy without him. When he got back and finished getting reamed out by the family - he turned around and went right back for a second tour! He distinguished himself in combat too. Upon coming home from that one, the paparazzi cornered him and his unit and were shocked when he referred to one of his squaddies as 'My little packie buddy...'. When the press went ape he just laughed at them. THAT is a monarch. His father and older brother are pansies and manginas - and aren't worth the time of day.

Unknown said...

Young American women went nuts over her because they knew nothing of her history, just want the media told them.

Shaun F said...

The TV mini Series "I Claudius" confirmed what you observed in today's post.

Unknown said...

I saw it decades ago. Seems like such programs are always about corrupt politics - like this is any other kind.