Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Charles Manson’s fiancée wanted to marry him for his corpse"

When I read that Charles Manson was going to marry a 26-year-old woman I figured she was a hybristophiliac who wanted to marry a famous criminal.

I knew that those in the Manosphere would twist it to fit their narrative: a "hypergamous" woman getting "tingles" for a "Dark Triad Alpha."

As usual, it turned out I was closer to the truth than they were. In point of fact, they were about as far from the truth as they could get.

I have for years thought Manson was a naive psychotic. He said he doesn't understand why he's in prison because he never killed anyone.

Manson is no "Alpha." He came from an incredibly dysfunctional family, as did all his followers. That was the problem. They formed some bizarre murderous "family."

Now it turns out Manson got played by this greedy, lazy woman (that's what "hypergamy" is - greed and laziness).

This is from the New York Post and was written by by Bill Sanderson.

This plot was too crazy even for Charles Manson.

Manson’s engagement to a woman 53 years his junior was part of a wild scheme of hers to profit by putting his body on public display after his death, says the author of an upcoming book.

Manson’s fiancée, 27-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, known as Star, sought to wed the convicted mastermind of the Sharon Tate murder and eight other slayings so that she could gain possession of his corpse, according to journalist Daniel Simone.

Burton and a pal, Craig Hammond, planned to lay out Manson’s remains in a glass crypt, Simone says. The pair figured their bizarre California version of Lenin’s Tomb would draw huge crowds and make big money.

But Manson, 80, does not want to marry Burton and has no interest in spending eternity displayed in a glass coffin, Simone told The Post. “He’s finally realized that he’s been played for a fool,” Simone said.

Another reason the madman balked at the plan is because he believes he is immortal. “He feels he will never die,” Simone said. “Therefore, he feels it’s a stupid idea to begin with.”

Manson’s and Burton’s marriage license expired Thursday. “They plan on renewing the license, and things will move forward in the coming months,” says a statement posted on Burton’s and Hammond’s website.

Burton and Hammond — who uses the nickname Gray Wolf — could not be reached for comment.

The wedding was postponed “due to an unexpected interruption in logistics,” the site says. Manson entered a prison medical facility for treatment of an infection about two months ago and cannot receive visitors, Simone said.

California prison officials would not comment on either Manson’s medical condition or his whereabouts.

Simone and a collaborator, Heidi Jordan Ley, are seeking a publisher for their book, “The Retrial of Charles Manson.” Manson and other inmates at Corcoran State Prison in California are helping the project. The authors say they spoke with Manson regularly before his phone privileges were suspended two years ago. They also corresponded with Manson and his inmate friends by mail.

According to the authors, Burton and Hammond hatched their plan to display Manson’s corpse about two years ago.

Initially, the duo asked Manson to sign a document that would let them take his body when he dies.

“He didn’t give them a yes, he didn’t give them a no. He sort of strung them along,” Simone said. Burton and Hammond regularly brought Manson toiletries and other items. Stringing them along kept the goodies coming, Simone said.

When it became clear last year that the purportedly death-proof Manson would not green-light the plan, Burton and Hammond switched to the marriage idea, Simone says.

If Burton married Manson, the pair realized, California law would give her possession of Manson’s remains upon his death, Simone said.

Simone believes Manson never intended to marry Burton. “Manson never consented to the wedding in the first place and never will,” he said.

Another Simone book, “The Lufthansa Heist,” about a $6 million armed robbery at Kennedy Airport in 1978, is due out next month. He co-authored it with “Good­Fellas” mobster Henry Hill, who died in 2012.


Anonymous said...

"Now it turns out Manson got played by this greedy, lazy woman (that's what "hypergamy" is - greed and laziness)."

What is stated here about what is hypergamy is interesting. Women are known to desire to "marry-up" in terms of finding a husband who is of higher status, education, wealth, etc., then they are and of other men around them (the highest status man among all men that they can get). Do women have an instinctive natural behavior to be attracted to a man who can provide resources (to help take care of kids so the logic goes)? Or is this behavior just learned behavior, just plain-old greed and parasitic behavior by women to be supported by and get stuff from men? Women can marry a man just because of his status and wealth, even though they are not even physically attracted to him. Women have admitted bluntly to me that looks don't matter in a man, but maybe they were lying - if true, women are more mercenary than I thought and that is a sorry way to live. I can't see marriages like this lasting long.

Keef said...

Forget about it Anon, it's just Bobtown

Unknown said...

Actually he has a point - how do you tell the difference between a woman who wants to "marry up" and a greedy, lazy, manipulative woman?

Anonymous said...

"Actually he has a point - how do you tell the difference between a woman who wants to "marry up" and a greedy, lazy, manipulative woman?"

Maybe they're the same thing.

I was wondering if this "hypergamy" behavior is a cultural thing or do all women all over the world do this in general? I suppose women look for security in a man for marriage and may be instinctive.

Ra's al Ghul said...

How exactly did he get played?

He strung them along for goodies for two years.

When they realized that wouldn't work, they came up with the marriage idea and he's been using that to get goodies . . .


So he's known what Star wanted from the get go, and has been using it to get benefits and stringing her along, that con behavior, or dark triad behavior, it ain't naïve.

Unknown said...

Also further proving that the women attracted to these type of men aren't exactly the cream of the crop.

little dynamo said...

Charles rarely gets out-played. I doubt he did this time, either.

Quartermain said...

I've heard of marrying someone for their body but frankly this is getting ridiculous.