Monday, February 23, 2015

How I Always Picked Up Girls

Short post.

The word "recognize" means "to look twice."

Whenever a woman looked at me twice I almost always approached her. My success rate was quite good - like 80%.

However, I almost always had something witty to say.

The last time, she was far too young. But I leaned toward her and said, "Women always look at me, but that was 30 years ago." And she burst out laughing. She was about 19.

Another time I told her, "Whenever women get involved with me their lives always get better." Another laugh.

If you can make her laugh, you're in.

Not "Dread Game, not "insanely confident Alphas," none of that silliness.

That's how you do it.


Robert What? said...

Depends where you meet them I guess. In the sterile, artificial environment of a Club, nice and witty probably doesn't work.

Unknown said...

Didn't even try at a bar. Stores, yes. Coffee shops, yes. One on one in a quiet place.