Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Sluts I've Known

My experience has been very few women are sluts, in the sense of having sex with many guys. Again I repeat these women were not attracted to "Alphas." They slept with any guy they found half-way attractive.

In the cases I was familiar with, they had problems with their fathers, and often broken families.

I've mentioned this before. When I was 21 and in college, a friend bought a girl to my house. He fell asleep on the couch and she immediately hit on me. I declined, since my friend was there.

Later, he mentioned she had told him her father had taken her on "fishing trips" that apparently included handjobs. And she was promiscuous as could be.

Before that, when I was 18 and sharing a three-bedroom apartment, a 19-year-old divorced girl came over and though the night went from room to room. Divorced at 19? I sometimes wonder about her family life.

I've also had three naked women jump in my bed. I know for a fact all of them had family problems, especially with their fathers. The last one turned out to be a drug addict and part-time blowjob whore. She told me the last time she saw her father he opened the door, threw some money at her and slammed the door shut.

Those are extreme examples, of course, but sometimes those extreme examples are indicative of widespread societal problems. I've mentioned before the word "monster" means "demonstration."

A "monster" is a demonstration and a warning of problems to come.

The same applies to PUAs. The ones I've known had problems with their families. Big problems. And all of them had drug problems.

So I conclude the more families fail to form, or break up, the more sluts and PUAs we are going to have.


Unknown said...

First off the type of guys these women go for are actually the 'gammas' Vox likes to talk about. Some gammas are good at getting promiscous women to sleep with them and some are just spergs.

And yes the promiscous women you can paint back to 'daddy issues's somewhere. Which is why I ask them quickly about their relationship with their father. You can get your red flag buffet out of the way by digging in that relationship. Same with PUAs and their mothers. Their mothers were the dictator-dominatrix type. Which is passed on to these charming gentlemen.

Ra's al Ghul said...

Any girl with a notch count over one is a slut. They're less happy in marriage and more likely to get divorced (just one prior partner drops the success rate of marriage over ten years from 80 percent to just over 50% and it goes down from there)

Almost all women have a notch count over one.

Anonymous said...

I used to think women were the most important thing in the world. It was then that I learned I couldn't have the one I wanted unless I made something of myself.

I used to think that if I made something of myself that I'd be loved, family and a best friend to a woman.

Finally, I matured. I realized that women would only bring pain, emasculation and tragedy to my life.

It took a lot of time, but I finally understand women, which is why I like the MGTOW folk so much.

The Voice Of Reason said...

"Finally, I matured. I realized that women would only bring pain, emasculation and tragedy to my life."

Thanks for contributing to the decline of western civilization. You ought to be married and have white babies.

Mindstorm said...

'Ought' from whose perspective? I think too that women are not worth the trouble they bring along.

Unknown said...

What good are white babies going to be if they live in a house that could be destroyed by divorce? Western civilization is going to crumble no matter which race is the superior one because it is a moral issue...not a race issue.

Anonymous said...

For a man, the reality of women and their nature, and marriage and divorce laws, can be very difficult to come to terms with (also read the book: The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar). I think instinctively both men and women are not designed for long term monogamy. Does civilization require monogamy and marriage? What alternatives to traditional marriage are there, especially if one desires children?