Thursday, February 5, 2015

“The cheaper the punk, the gaudier the patter”

Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) said that in The Maltese Falcon, to Wilmer the Gunsel. "Gunsel" doesn't mean "gun man": it means passive homosexual, the one who gets it in the ass. Somehow it made it past the censors, who apparently didn't know what it meant.

I have seen this "big mouth on top with nothing to back it up" many times in my life, even before I was 12 years old. I see it a lot of this in the Manosphere, especially on certain sites, with guys bragging about how "alpha" they are. They're nothing of sort. They're pussies.

I ran whores out of my taxi for a year, many years ago. Many of the "alphas" they saw liked to be dominated and sometimes beaten by the women. I saw it with some of my PUA friends. Once some woman got their claws into them they were putty.

Years ago I figured out the problem. Everyone is imperfect. In Christianity it's called Original Sin. I consider it more narcissism than anything else, which is a grandiose self on top covering a devalued self. The more bragging and braggadocio on top, the more weakness is being covered up. It applies to everyone, no matter how much they claim it isn't true.

So the more bragging I hear about self-proclaimed "alphas" and their success with women, the less I believe it.

For that matter, the concept of "alpha" is the grandiose self and the concept of "beta" is the devalued self, onto which all weakness is projected. That's why, in the long run, those concepts will utterly collapse. They're adolescent, even childish.


Black Poison Soul said...

Superficial and childish, yes, like the first baby-steps we all take in learning. As we get older, more experienced, we start to learn the flaws with the beginnings and pick up nuances and more information.

A lot of what gets put up on the internet is nothing more than beginner's information. Like Wikipedia, only the barest surface of the topics that it covers. Dig through that surface and into the depths, a wealth of information appears.

So Alpha/Beta is a convenient label for babies making their first steps. Eventually the baby learns more and it becomes strength and weakness, or whatever other more-appropriate label there might be for it. With the associated finer nuances.

Cheers Bob, always good to read things which make me think.

Unknown said...

The older I get the more I realize why Christ said the tax collector was justified in asking God for mercy because he is a sinner over the Pharisee who tried to convince God how good he was through his acts.

Robert What? said...

Sidney Greenstreet gives one of the great performances in cinema history in that movie. You just have look past the nearly 40-year-old Mary Astor playing a young, fetching woman.

Unknown said...

Greenstreet didn't start movies until has in his 60s.