Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Animal Nature is to be Transcended

One of my posters, DeNihilist, left this comment:

"Bob, though the research on wolves was ultimately proven to be wrong within a wolf pack, it was/is true about wolves/dogs brought together from different packs. As was observed in the zoo setting or my own home, or even the neighbourhood before all dogs had to be contained, there were/are always fights amongst the dominant males/females to find order."

"As I observed in my childhood, within my pigeon coop, there was one dominant cock, who bred with the most fertile hen. Eventually age caught up with him, and his son beat the hell out of him one spring, then took over his mother as his mate, as she was still the most fertile hen."

He's right. When strange dogs are bought together, they'll jockey for position. How does this apply to humans? Think that left-wing monstrosity know as multiculturalism. For that matter, open borders. Strangers from different countries and societies will never, ultimately, get along with each other.

I've raised dogs. The puppies fit right in my family instantly and I never had a problem with them. The abused adults I'd had never quite fit in and were never normal. It took me up a year to get them to stop biting me, to the point they laid my skin open. That's the difference between humans raised together and those who weren't.

As for the pigeons....we have an animal nature. The purpose of civilized society is to transcend or repress the bad part. Animals don't operate by our morality. To them, murder, mutilation, and theft is normal (chimpanzees will rip out eyes and testicles). To uncivilized humans, murder, theft and disloyalty are normal. For us, we can have no civilization under those circumstances. We end up having to kill or imprison our most disorderly citizens.

Civilization sits on top of our animal nature. It's supposed to be about the minimum order to assure we have maximum freedom - and that comes, ultimately, not from government but from society. Yet, government always ends up destroying society. That's the rub, as always.

People, unfortunately, have contrary tendencies - they want to be free, and at the same time want to be a slave. You can't have it both ways.


Anonymous said...

"It's supposed to be about the minimum order to assure we have maximum freedom"

What happens is subsequent generations, as well as immigrants who don't understand the COST of freedom. Although we have freedom, it is good we have voluntary social contracts that the majority of the people uphold.

For example, the old social contract was the woman would do work at home, a lot of raising children, and feeding the entire family, as well as keeping it comfortable with things inc. laundry, etc. She would marry as a virgin and her sex would be for her husband.

The man as a result would bring home the bacon, he would deal with soul crushing work, under terrible hierarchies, he would give the wife a respectable man to be married to, and not abandon her even in her old age.

Slowly women and men have gradually taken out certain conditions from the old social contract, until people feel scared to even do it anymore.

Oh, you are monogamy focused? You have no idea if that girl or guy has the same values as you. Oh you value community integrity and loyalty? Sorry that that immigrant from another country only has loyalty to HIS country men not to you.

In essence we go from minimum order (HIGH TRUST) to assure maximum freedom (HIGH CHOICE) to a system where

maximum freedom (HIGH CHOICE) leads to disorder first then maximum order (LOW TRUST) by government. The government today tries to micromanage our life, and we vote for it as human beings, because we don't even trust out fellow countrymen.

Give a highly Islamic society freedom of choice and they will insist on sharia and their values to be there. Give a westernized nation freedom of choice and they will include things like freedom of speech. Freedom to do what we want includes liberating ourselves or enslaving ourselves.

DeNihilist said...

According to The Bonecrckr, the pua's, who have been trying to abscond the Alpha term, are more or less omega's.

These men in bygone times, would generally have short lives, as the real Alpha's and Beta's would not put up with their non-social ways and hang em.

It has been the women who when allowed to vote, who have moved the society from min order and max freedom (hat tip to anonymous) to the opposite.

As for the pigeons, let's just say I learned a lot about societal order from spending hours sitting on the feed barrel just watching.

Unknown said...

It's amazing what one can learn by just watching without any preconceived notions running around in one's head.

Mindstorm said...

What about honoring voluntary obligations, like contracts?

Unknown said...

There are big consequences when people don't honor contracts.