Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"College Girl Debt Bubble"

The only thing I have to say is that he's right about women being short-term thinkers. That's what happens when you are ruled by your feelings, as most women are.

Perhaps I should also point out they look at the surface of things and can't see what's underneath. That's a lack of analytical ability.


Black Poison Soul said...

Which when you think about it, is exceptionally strange for a sex that seems to try and analyze social interactions out the wazoo. To the point where one woman actually apologized to me for overthinking about things.

Dusty Meckelford said...

Here is the message. Low supply for college educated people is “good”. Harvesting berries is like earning a college degree, which is bad for women. Short-term opportunistic thinkers are women, which is more bad. The rapid development of technology is because men sought to isolated themselves from women, which was good, but women invaded these spaces, which was bad. Women not cooking and cleaning and raising kids because they sought careers lead men have to play mother and father, which is bad. Women are in debt, which is extremely bad, because they cannot pay off their student loans in time, so the college bubble crashes, resulting in women revolting and taking over the government apparatus, and creating a socialist country, with MGTOW in the end. Thanks for the lesson, Sandman, I learned alot!

Anonymous said...

Would a rational man marry a woman with $50,000 to $100,000 or even more in school loan debt for a degree with little to no job prospects and earning potential? Guess who gets to pay it if he does? Most women go to school just to find a husband anyway. Their education is just for a "fun" or optional job that they can quit at a whim once they get married.

This debt is just another reason that men will decide to not get married.