Sunday, February 8, 2015

"A God Among MGTOW - Nikola Tesla"

Women either nurture or destroy.


AAB said...

He was a smart cookie no mistake, but un-fortunately he didn't understand the fairer sex because he believed that women would 'be the boss' when the world became high tech and urbanised. In some respects his view is little different to the view of other utopians believers who think that the world will turn into some uber-efficient behive with humans living like communal drones. Humans are of course not drones. They are not insects but primates and can't survive in high population density environments like bee hives or ant colonies, Calhoun's famous 'mouse utopia' experiment proved that.

I s'pose that this shows us that even the most ingenious of men can occasionaly be deluded/mistaken in some regards, and that no-one is infallible.

Anyhoo, here's the relevant text about Nikola Tesla's view on women:

An interview with Nikola Tesla by John B. Kennedy

The life of the bee will be the life of our race, says Nikola Tesla, world-famed scientist.


Tesla's Auntie Says... said...

Human beings either nurture or destroy. Get it right the first time.

Unknown said...

Might want to learn your mythology before you lecture me on anything. Women are the real destroyers, not men.

little dynamo said...

"Get it right the first time"

He had it right the first time. Obviously you are an example of the latter.

Pray for some humility (yes, there's a first time for everything) and get off the rebellion-go-round. It'll destroy you.

Tesla's Auntie Says... said...

"Women are the real destroyers, not men."

[Laughs] men take credit for building it, they can take credit for destroying it.

Questor said...

Tesla Auntie:

So in your first comment it's "human beings." In your second comment, it's men.

What your two disparate comments have in common is that women must not criticized or blamed, is that right?

Bob: if I am feeding a troll, apologies. But calling out the rhetorical tactic seemed worthwhile.

The Obvious said...

Why are you a man hater, Tesla's Auntie?

Tesla's Auntie Says... said...

Questor, Bob took the rhetorical left turn when he stated "women are the real destroyers". I had to remind him that it is absolutely obvious that men created the world and work to ruin it as well.

Obvious, why do you hate human beings?

Unknown said...

Me a leftist? Har har! I'm a conservative - a real one.

When you look at mythology and folk tales - which is age-old wisdom with the dross burned off - women are the envious, greedy, murderous backstabbing ones.

Men are the stupid, weak ones who listen to these women, let them get out of control and destroy society.

Look around at what's happening today. That's all you have to do.

Anonymous said...

"Women either nurture or destroy."

Men are capable of doing both creating, inventing, building, civilizing, etc. or destroying. Men have an overwhelming inclination to do the former rather than the latter fortunately, if not, our modern world, and everything within it, would not exist. Even when man destroys, he tends to reform and create anew.

Women can nurture or destroy. Nurture can be defined as the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something - it's not the same as creating, inventing, etc., independently like what men do, but means something more of a complement for men, and being supportive of man and his endeavors.

Women need men and civilization for guidance and to keep their worst innate behavior in check. Man created civilization and 99.99 % of everything (meaning art, technology, etc.) within it for women.

Women in general don't seem to have the ego drive like men to strive and persist to create, build, etc. (Is there a female Einstein, Copernicus, Aristotle, Plato, Galileo, Davinci, Michelangelo, etc.? The answer is no - and it's not because they were enslaved or oppressed by males throughout history - this has been debunked). Some women may have the intellectual ability to think, create and invent, etc., like men, but most don't have the incredibly strong and powerful ego drive and desire like men to perform. Real female geniuses, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists that perform at the same high level of their male counterparts tend to be outliers and not common.

Anonymous said...

"women are the envious, greedy, murderous backstabbing ones.

Men are the stupid, weak ones who listen to these women, let them get out of control and destroy society."


Since women were physically weaker than men, women evolved to be more shrewd psychologically and manipulative to men. An ordinary man is dangerous and can be lethal to an ordinary woman. Women evolved to be this way in order to survive with men.

Mens' brains evolved (fortunately or unfortunately) to be receptive to womens' manipulation. The women and their children and descendants that survived were the ones that manipulated and cooperated successfully with men. Similar, the men and their descendents that survived were the ones that loved and provided for women and their biological children.

Men gave women the power that they have over them in the modern world. Unfortunately, most men today don't no the true nature of women and what they are capable of.

Man manipulates the world. And women manipulate men.

Anonymous said...

"Obvious, why do you hate human beings?"

Cheechy boy, your sockpuppet is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Man also has a drive to create, invent, build, etc., for the intellectual pursuit and interest, and just for the sake of it - not necessarily for wealth and providing for women, but just because its neat to do and learn about interesting stuff. Women do not seem to have this drive to achieve and curiosity to discover like men do.

I doubt that there was any wealth, fame or commercial interest for Copernicus in studying astronomy, but I could be wrong. Astronomy was just really neat to him. Was he doing it to impress pretty women?

Similarly, was Darwin studying finches and lizards on remote pacific islands for wealth and fame?

Did man create civilization and technology for women? Or were women just along for the ride? Are women the motivation for men? Did man create civilization and its technology for women or to get attention from women?

Perhaps women are a proverbial millstone around mens' necks so to speak. Man created civilization and its technology, and continues to do so (hopefully), in spite of women, rather than because of women. Then think about what man could achieve if man did not have this overwhelming concern with and attention to women.

Mindstorm said...

Well, without next generations mankind's achievements come to naught.

Monks are good at cataloguing and preserving knowledge, not so good at advancing it.