Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Excuse me? A liar?"

This was a comment on my blog. She claims she is a 14-year-old English girl.

Anonymous Conservative calls what I did to her as "an amygdala hijack." It's easy to do to leftists because they have no self-control and are four-years-old emotionally. Their leftism has been probably the most evil thing ever but they refuse to understand this and instead see it as good.

Do the English use American phrases such as "excuse me" and "dude" and "guys" and "buddy" and "booboo"? I wonder.

She is clearly a leftist, and too stupid to know it. Cis-gendered? Blacks in parliament? Women being forced to marry men twice their age? Privileged?

I'll bet, being a leftist, she is pro-abortion, for open borders, and if she was raped by a Muslim or black imported into England she'd blame it on everything except them. Most probably "the patriarchy" or white people. And leftists are sure they know what others think.

All of them are incredible touchy, easily humiliated, and believe in free speech for themselves but not for others...because they don't want their feelings hurt.

It appears to be all over for England. They've imported so many Third World lowlifes into their midst I do not see how they can get them out without violence.

"Excuse me? A liar?
"I'm not sure you'd be able to tell, dude. Seeing as this is the internet. I don't know why I'd lie about anything I wrote. I could disprove your terrible argument anyway, no matter whether I could run ten miles (Which I can; training for my city's half marathon), Had been published, and debated for my county (In England, we have a national debating competition. I was on a team with two older guys and we spoke about Poverty, and got to the semi-finals and came fifth). Also, you're one to talk about illiteracy - 'You do know *YOU'RE* illiterate'.
"Was that on purpose? Or did baby make a booboo?
"Does it startle you that a fourteen year old girl has a brain in her head, buddy? Is it so hard to believe believe a teenager can form coherent sentences, sweetheart? Do I need to a get a fully grown man to explain it to you, seeing as I'm so 'illiterate'.
"Is that what you're so confused about - have you tried having a vagina? I strongly advise against it. It makes women extremely weak, I don't know how we dumb, hormonal girls have survived without such deeply intelligent men like yourself. In fact, I am outraged that women aren't just slaves to men! How could we have gone BACKWARDS from the time when women married men twice their age and stayed at home to rear children - That's obviously all they're good for. It's outrageous that I can't get away with using demeaning slur and hateful language to a gender, what happened to the good old days when those blacks stayed out of parliament and kept to their maize fields and women stuck to the kitchen? I feel for you, Man. It must be so difficult being a privileged white cisgender american. You must have it so hard."

She also made another post. She obviously enjoys the attention, as all narcissists do. It's called "narcissistic supply." By the way, all leftists are narcissists. Interesting she thinks she can throw insults around left and right but thinks she's being bullied.

"Me again, the fourteen year old.
"I just thought I'd respond to some of the comments left in my wake, although, well, you guys have it mostly covered. I'm not sure if it's okay me responding, seeing as I'm a woman and probably should stay out of these big, scary politicsI'm obviously too overruled by my feelings to contribute. In fact, I've been indoctrinated so deeply into giving a crap about equality that I'm not really good for anything anymore. Sorry, guys. I'll go to secretary school and stick to my expectations.
"And, I'll give up running, too. I don't really know how I can prove that I run - but I do. I can't prove I have brown hair, either. I can't prove I'm a vegan (Oh, another amazing, 'liberal' credential to add to your already fabulous opinions of me). Do you want me to get my coach to ring you up?
"Also, man, economical science. As a vegan (heard of agribusiness, bud? Evil thing) I obviously know nothing about that. Nor have I read books about social psychology because I'm too illiterate for that. "I had to google 'MGTOW'. I applaud you, men of the earth. You show those oppressive women! You become so enraptured with your own existence that you don't care about society!
"And, the next comment was just fabulous. An angry rant by a fourteen year old girl who feels oppressed by stuffy men on the internet just goes and proves that No Women Anywhere, No Not Even Those Educated Ones Should Ever Vote Or Do Anything Independent Ever Again.
"Moving on. I'm not a communist, sweetheart. I haven't been indoctrinated into anything... People, nay, women, can form their own opinions without a man pushing them down our throats. Sorry if that shatters your illusion of society. If you want to look at indoctrination, look at the Christian church. The rest of your comment misses the point completely, so I'll just finish my rant on this note: It's not nice to bully little girls, gentlemen. Especially when they're sending off angry comments that go off on tangents because you're oppressing them."


Anders said...

She sounds exactly like that oh so enlightened Miriam Weeks of Duke University who proudly admitted of her porn star status on XOjane, only after she was outed of course for damage control purposes.

Unknown said...

A self-proclaimed 14-year-old "woman" who suddenly whines she's a bullied "girl," who wins debates but is irrational and has problems with her grammar. I'm calling bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Great Britain is doing so badly, it makes the U.S. look good. They're experiencing a crime wave now. Perhaps they should change their name to Not So Great Britain.