Sunday, March 2, 2014

"yoU DON'T KNow whAT YOur TALKing about"

I get some interesting comments on my blog. I wrote an article about why women shouldn't be allowed to vote because so many of them are natural socialist/fascists, and below is the latest comment I got.

"This is literally the most hilarious article I've ever come across. You can't be serious, right? I mean, which tenth-century village did they pull you out of? Man, you can't just re[eat the same BS of 'yoU DON'T KNow whAT YOur TALKing about' It makes your already weak argument even weaker if that were possible - women don't understand politics or economical science? Are you kidding me? Have you ever spoken to a woman before?
"Okay, let me give you some background to this. I am a woman. I am fourteen. I have been published, have the highest grades in my YEAR group at school, debated for my county and WON, can run ten miles and you mean to tell me that there's something inherently wrong with me because of my gender? What are you suggesting I do, buddy? Give up my aspirations to make a difference and allow you and your fascist opinions lord over everyone?
"It's quite funny that you've written this on a blog, because I guarantee you that if you voiced your 'opinions' to any women over the age of thirteen you'd see that perhaps we're not all as quiet as that poor woman you first oppressed. You, my backwards friend, are the epitome of misogyny and oppression. I hope you don't ever have children, because you're surely going to infiltrate their heads with your ridiculous propaganda and actually hurt people, instead of sitting on your ass at home behind a screen.
"I'm sure once you take a look outside the country club you'll see that we, the women, do not want your white privileged ideals anywhere near us
Good day."

As you can see she is marginally literate and ruled by her feelings. And I'm sure she understands "economical science." And can run ten miles, too. And, of course, she really is 14.

Clearly, another budding Wonder Woman. A rational, literate Wonder Woman who has no problems staying on target about articles she reads.


Anders said...

I would say that women are naturally communist, not socialist/fascist. Saying socialist/fascist like they're synonymous is inaccurate as they are two different systems. But I might be just nitpicking.

Anonymous said...

Just another future crop of cunts pissing all over society.

Anders said...

This girl sounds like she has a definite future in riding the carousel and then later being resigned to collecting cats.

Anonymous said...

Bob, with an ego this big from a fourteen year old girl, I can understand why boys are going MGTOW before graduating. There's no living with someone like this.

Robert What? said...

I think her reply pretty much supports your premise that woman should not be allowed to vote. Furthermore they shouldn't be permitted to be in a position of responsibility over other people .

Roy said...

Keep up the good work Bob.

TroperA said...

Wow. Only 14 and already subject to a high level of leftist indoctrination. When I was a kid, girls didn't have that kind of propaganda pushed on them until their first year of college.

While I might have agreed that a female born 100-150 years ago could qualify as a woman (as far as ability and what society expected of her was concerned,) I would certainly not slap the woman label onto today's crop of 14 year olds. Hell, there are plenty of 40 year olds who've still failed to grow up in our society.

Why does she think that you believe that there is something inherently wrong with her because of her gender? There's nothing wrong with BEING a woman, only something wrong in trying to ignore one's own nature and biological limitations in order to fit into a narrow, "benefits only the elites" conception of human gender roles. Me personally? I think a woman should be allowed to vote, but only if she runs a business and/or contributes to the net growth of society (in a tangible "add REAL value" way, not as a paper pusher in a make-work government job that relies on taxpayer money to exist.) Same goes for men. If they're business and property owners, farmers and soldiers, they get a vote. If they're politicians, criminals or government workers (or all three) then they don't.

totenhenchen said...

Here's an idea I had for a constitutional amendment regarding voter eligability:

Any person who derives more than 10% of their gross income from public sources shall be ineligible to vote. Any person who is employes by a private business, for-profit organization, or non-profit organization that derives more than 10% of its gross revenue from public sources shall be ineligible to vote.

Anonymous said...

Me again, the fourteen year old.
I just thought I'd respond to some of the comments left in my wake, although, well, you guys have it mostly covered. I'm not sure if it's okay me responding, seeing as I'm a woman and probably should stay out of these big, scary politicsI'm obviously too overruled by my feelings to contribute. In fact, I've been indoctrinated so deeply into giving a crap about equality that I'm not really good for anything anymore. Sorry, guys. I'll go to secretary school and stick to my expectations.
And, I'll give up running, too. I don't really know how I can prove that I run - but I do. I can't prove I have brown hair, either. I can't prove I'm a vegan (Oh, another amazing, 'liberal' credential to add to
your already fabulous opinions of me). Do you want me to get my coach to ring you up?
Also, man, economical science. As a vegan (heard of agribusiness, bud? Evil thing) I obviously know nothing about that. Nor have I read books about social psychology because I'm too illiterate for that.
I had to google 'MGTOW'. I applaud you, men of the earth. You show those oppressive women! You become so enraptured with your own existence that you don't care about society!
And, the next comment was just fabulous. An angry rant by a fourteen year old girl who feels oppressed by stuffy men on the internet just goes and proves that No Women Anywhere, No Not Even Those Educated Ones Should Ever Vote Or Do Anything Independent Ever Again.
Moving on. I'm not a communist, sweetheart. I haven't been indoctrinated into anything... People, nay, women, can form their own opinions without a man pushing them down our throats. Sorry if that shatters your illusion of society. If you want to look at indoctrination, look at the Christian church. The rest of your comment misses the point completely, so I'll just finish my rant on this note:
It's not nice to bully little girls, gentlemen. Especially when they're sending off angry comments that go off on tangents because you're oppressing them.

Unknown said...

You are indoctrinated. If you really are 14, you know nothing. Vegan? Indoctrinated. Leftist? Silly little girl. Equality? Leftist nonsense. Social psychology? Worthless. Anti-Christian? Indoctrinated. Bully little girls? I thought you said you were a woman.

If you can't play with the big dogs get back up on the porch.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to go ahead and wash my hands of this whole affair. Not that I'm backing out - but sweetheart, your arguments simply don't have any validity. It's like debating with a wall.
I wish you the best of luck with whatever siily website you're running.

Unknown said...

You got your ass handed to you, can't handle it (typical of silly little girls) so you flee.

Hurt feelings, little girl...makes you a little girl.