Friday, March 14, 2014

Be Extremely Selective of Kindergartens

I have no idea who wrote this because I picked it up from Reddit, since many of my blog posts get posted there.

I graduated from a large university in a very large state. It was also the largest producers of teachers in that state. They were all female except one man (who is still my friend) and he left the field in disgust. And I never met a smart female teacher in that university.

I have written about this before, but once as I was standing outside a public school, I watched a scene in which an overwrought, obese female teacher was berating a young mother and her six-year-old boy because the boy had told the teacher he didn't want any black kids attending his birthday party. The "teacher" was almost hysterical, blaming his attitude on the boy instead of the black kids. And did she think she going to change his mind by assaulting him?

I don't agree in the slightest with multicultural schools.

Many years ago I used to own a taxi. One day my ride, a boy about 11, did not come out. I found him with a sullen look on his fact standing in the middle of the room. The overweight female teachers were fluttering around waving their hands in the heads, sputtering they had to call the police because the boy would not leave the room.

I walked up to him, put my arm around his shoulders, and whispered in his ear that the teachers were driving me crazy fluttering around like birds, and that I had to get away from them. Then I walked him out.

The teachers stood there with open mouths, looking like they were waiting for worms to be dropped in them.

I also once saw an overweight (why are all these teachers overweight??) female drag a 10-year-old boy to the "timeout" room while he was screaming, "Get your hands off of me!" Great way to make him like women when he grows up.

"I have been working as a full-time substitute-kindergarten teacher for a year, and it is easily the most fulfilling job I have ever had, despite it being regarded as a very feminine business. Considering how extremely dominated it is by women, I feel like I am positively influencing these kids weekdays by being a good, male friend and role model. In my year of doing this, I have been to a huge selection of kindergartens. Some are private kindergartens, some are governmental kindergartens, some are family kindergartens. By now, I have seen it all.

"However, there is something that needs to be said, and it needs to be said clearly. Some of these kindergartens can break your kids, and that is no understatement. And the reason I am posting this in TRP instead of someplace else, is that the main factor in all of this is women.

"Kindergartens are seething with feminists, and in some instances, female psychopaths. That is no understatement. All kindergartens will appear ideal from an outsider's perspective, but behind the curtains there is a lot of depressing stuff happening. Out of the (at least) forty kindergartens I have been to, I think I might be able to recall perhaps one or two female employees who actually took time to be with the children. In 80% of cases, all they will do is drop some toys on the floor and then proceed to chat with their colleagues for an hour, and the only true interaction that is taking place are the interactions that are mandatory for them to do.

"Not only do the children feel isolated from the adults, but I there have been several incidents were children have been injured, and the women will literally just drag them along the ground while the child is screaming in tears. Some may interpret this as simple discipline, but in reality, it is contempt for their own job and even children in general.

"Now, on the other side of the table, we have men. In the extreme majority of cases, men in kindergartens are simply beautiful fucking people. They will exhaust themselves daily just to make the kids fulfilled and entertained, and believe me when I say that I have zero confirmation bias in any of this.

"Now that you know, allow me to point out the red flags that you should be aware of when selecting a kindergarten for your kids:

"No men

"This is the most dangerous one. The ones with an exclusively female staff are outright terrifying and potentially traumatic. This is the express motorway to a dumbed-down and feminized son.

"Many women between the age of 40-50

"These women are very often completely devoid of sympathy and do not have a shred of enthusiasm. The majority of women in this age group fucking hate their own job and radiate a bitter negativity onto your children. Militant feminism runs thick here.

Women between the age of 55-70

"Although some of these women can be quite kind and gentle, the majority of them are extremely aloof and absent-minded. They've been stuck in this occupation for as long as they can remember, and they are essentially just drones on autopilot.

Young, beautiful women

"Are you touring a kindergarten and starting to become more drawn towards the female staff than the interior? Leave. In literally every instance, the young (19-24), gorgeous woman will be more absent-minded, apathetic and aloof than even the 60 year old woman. Constantly checking their iPhones, strutting around like self-entitled beauty pageants; if there is one type of person to turn her back while your kid is playing with a dangerous object, it's the young, beautiful woman. Keep in mind, this only goes for 9/10's or 10/10's.

Heavily overweight women

"This is my most oblique point, but every obese female I have worked with haven't had the energy to even talk to the kids. If you're under the impression that she's actually very sweet, ignore this point. If she seems lazy, move on to the next.

Extremely high-budget, high-tech, private corporation "Although there could be exceptions, I have not encountered any so far. All of these fancy and expensive kindergartens have a brutally stressful environment. The most nervous and hyperactive kids I have ever met have all been in these types of facilities.

"Now, with that being said, what should you be on the look-out for?


"This goes without saying, but the most positive influence on your kids will be men. As already mentioned, the high majority of men working in kindergartens are good, trust-worthy people. Age does not even play a role here. If there is a 50% male presence or above, you'll be good. Keep in mind that different employees serve different roles, so the more educated the male staff is, the better. If the male staff are almost exclusively assistants, while the women have higher positions, that can in some instances serve as a red flag. Find out what position the men have.

Outdoor kindergartens

"Although I haven't been to many, these are fantastic. Outdoor kindergartens are usually located in or near a local forest, and your kid will be out all day, carving wood, making fires, getting fresh air, and going on adventures. The employees are often fantastic folks too. Keep in mind, these establishments sometimes lack an actual kindergarten, so everyday logistics may be an issue for some.

Family kindergartens

"Family kindergartens are privately owned kindergartens located within a residential house. This type is almost always very down-to-earth and stress free, though they rarely accommodate kids over the age of 3.

Choose lower budget over higher budget

"Although you would perhaps expect the opposite, the best kindergartens I have worked in have usually been the ones with the lowest budgets and least features. If the books are missing pages and the staff fits the check list, this should be a good sign. Once again, stay away from the overtly fancy ones.

Multicultural kindergartens

"At first, this might seem illogical to some, but there has always been a strong correlation between multicultural kindergartens and supercool children. The ones who are almost exclusively white tend to be worse. I cannot really give any particular reason for this, but a majority of the very multicultural ones (40% white/60% other) have been nothing short of lovely. I don't really know why, but the children seem to be way more open-minded, more respectful and actually smarter, both intellectually and socially. Would recommend.

"I hope this will serve as a good guide for any prospective parents out there, because trust me when I say that the wrong choice can be catastrophic. That is not to say that if a kindergarten does not match each criteria, your child is in grave danger, but there is an astounding difference in the children of each type of kindergarten. One may house the kindest, most intelligent kids you will ever meet, while the one across the street may house the most restless, impolite and anxious children you will ever have the misfortune of meeting. It may sound cruel, but it's the unfortunate truth."


salsa shark said...

Reading this makes me realize that, compared to the rest of my schooling, I had a mostly good experience at kindergarten.

The teachers, two women, were quite lovely and had strong maternal instincts. All of the children were from two parent Australian families, most with working dads and stay at home mums.

I attended during the late 80s/early 90s, which was before the joys of the modern western world - divorce, single/working mothers, multiculturalism - took root in Australia.

It was when I was in primary school during the mid 90s that I first learned about "step dads". Then I got to high school, where kids would arrive by train from the outer suburbs 55 minutes away from the school, only to then return home to an empty house until their mothers would return when it was dark. Is it any wonder most of these kids were truly insufferable and would disrupt every class they were in.

Fact is, kids are happiest and healthiest when they are around other children from similar cultures and backgrounds, including intact traditional families. If I ever have kids, they will not be taking part in the Great Social Experiment concocted by the overpaid Social Sciences Major lunatics running these child warehouses.

Robert What? said...

My son had a pretty good KG experience, but in early elementary school the lovely, elderly old-school principal (right out of central casting: never married, kind, classy, loved little boys) was replaced by a witch who exuded distain for little boys from every pore. We took him out of the school after we caught her in a lie about our son attacking another kid. Unfortunately, she represents the future of elementary education in this country.

One question I had was: are men even going into elementary education anymore? Aren't men considered guilty until proven innocent around little kids?