Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Scientists Discover Why Animals Love Being Petted"

I've had several dogs put their heads under my hand. "Pet me!"

This article is from the site Buzzfeed Community. (There are many great photos there,)

I have for a long time thought we must share brain structures with animals, especially dogs. They know what he mean by the tone of our voices, which means they had to be born with that ability. We have to share the same emotional part of our brain with them for this to happen.

"We can tell it feels good… scientists now think they know why.
"Scientists Discover Why Animals Love Being Petted
"Gentle stroking activates a type of neuron: the MRGPRB4+ neuron.
"Researchers have confirmed that this neuron is found in all mammals.
"Its activation is related to lower stress-responses.
"The nerve endings of these neurons are widely spaced on skin…
"Wwhich is why only gentle stroking activates these neurons.
"Birds may also have these neurons…
"…creating evolutionary connections across many species thought to be unrelated.
"The reason why these neurons evolved is unclear.
"Consider it nature’s gift.
"So, pet and be petted!!"

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