Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Magic Washing Machine

"All machines are amplifiers" - Cooper's Law

This video is by Hans Rosling. In it he points out what machines are done for us and how they make life easier for us.

In fact, feminism could not have existed except for machines - almost all of which were invented by men. They freed women from a life of drudgery. And freed men, too.

And yet so few people are the slightest bit grateful that they don't have to spend their lives anymore eking out a living.


Anonymous said...

you want to look up nikola tesla and what he done and what was suppressed

Rilian the Disenchanted said...

A salient point, Bob.

One wonders how much of modern society's disconnect would be possible without the direct intervention of technology.

A valid enough point with things like washing machines which makes domestic chores, normally a full-time occupation, into something one can cram in between work and bed, but the point is even more important with regards to sex.

Would nihilistic, purposeless and promiscuous sex with strangers be possible on a societal scale without condoms, the Pill, and antibiotics? In a state of nature, modern sexual activity, PUA or slut, would result in ridiculous amounts of disease, bastard children, etc. Consequences, in short. It is only our technology that allows us to pretend that such things could ever be considered normal.

And, over the last century, the more our technology developed, the more it allowed us to disconnect from, and thus distort and ignore, Reality.

Anonymous said...

"They freed women from a life of drudgery."

And idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Bored, rich, upper class, spoiled rotten women with nothing better to do and lots of free time gave us Feminism.